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Marmaris Private Boat Trip

Marmaris Private Boat Trip and rental services are preferred by local and foreign guests who do not want crowded daily boat tours. Our boat is not built for this type of daily boat service, it is designed for private tour service. Our boat tour is 2.500 TL for our 1-6 guests and 3.000 TL for our 7-10 guests.

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Marmaris private boat trip capacity is maximum 12 people. The tour fee is a daily tour fee for minimum 2 people, maximum 12 people and lunch is included. It also includes hotel pick-up for Icmeler and Marmaris region and return to the hotel after the tour. Lunch is different from other crowded daily tour boats and it is magnificent. Chicken stew, rice or spaghetti, salad and fruit are served. Drinks are extra.

There is a captain and an assistant captain on the boat. Since they are locals of Marmaris, they have information about the region. All pandemic measures have been taken on the boat. All guests are taken to the boat by taking with  temperature measurement. There is disinfectant and hygiene equipment on the boat.

marmaris private boat trip  marmaris private boat trip  marmaris private boat trip

Marmaris Private Boat Trip

Our boat leaves at 10:00 in the morning and returns to the port where she wakes up at 17:00 after a nice tour. There are swimming breaks in 4 or 5 different bays, the order of which varies according to weather and sea conditions. Lunch is served on the boat in one of these bays, accompanied by a magnificent view. The mentioned bays; Phosphorous cave (just for taking pictures), Kadırga Bay, Turunç, Kumlubük, Amos and Yeşil Deniz.

Marmaris region is defined as the place where the blue of the sea meets the green of the forests. You will witness the magnificent visuality created by this hug with your own eyes.

Marmaris boat tour is at the top of the list of things to do during the Marmaris holiday. While local and foreign guests both enjoy the sea, they also enjoy watching the magnificent nature of Marmaris from the sea.

What should I bring with me?

  • Suntan cream
  • Sunglasses
  • Charger for your phone
  • Sea goggles
  • Your own personal towel

REMINDER: Before making an online reservation on our site, we ask you to ask whether the boat is available or not. You can call us on 0 536 503 0 533.

If you want a higher class boat tour, we recommend you the Blue Tour boats. You can click the links below for floating hotels that you can rent on a weekly basis.

Click for Marmaris Blue Cruise Tour

Location : Marmaris
Tour Days : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Hour : 10:00
Dönüş Saati : 17:00
Time : 7 HOURS

Marmaris Boat Trip Bays:

It is a calm bay with cool water. It has amazing water to explore underwater. It has clear and clean water. You should definitely have sunglasses with you. It is more peaceful and enchanting than underwater. You will see the lighthouse on the cliffs in the bay. Enjoy this beautiful sheep.

Marmaris tekne Turu


This magnificent bay is home to a historical ancient city. To Amos Ancient City. Although the ancient city is covered with lush pine forests, it is on a steep ridge. The dense pine forest of the ancient city goes down to the sea shore. As we always say; Green embraces blue in Marmaris. There are temple ruins and a theater in this ancient city. There is no place to go up the bay, but you can come to visit this place with your private car.

Marmaris Tekne Turu


It has a wonderful 2-kilometer beach. You will really be amazed by the natural beauty here. The place where you enter the sea is in shades of blue, and when you look forward, you will see different shades of green. Also, the sound of the cicadas coming from dense pine forests will be added. Since it is not crowded on private boat tours, guests find another peace when they sunbathe with this sound. We have heard this many times from our guests who went on tour. If you have a private car, the magnificent view of Kumlubük will be waiting for you below when you go to Amos Ancient City, which we mentioned above.

Marmaris Tekne Turu


Turunç is located after İçmeler. It is a small and cute holiday town. It is one of the must-see places during your Marmaris holiday. Prior to tourism, this town was a fishing town. When tourism started, it still did not lose its natural beauty. There is a blue flag beach here. It is a frequent destination for daily boats and blue tour boats.

Marmaris Tekne Turu


The color of the water will surprise you in this bay. In this bay you will see shades of green, not shades of blue. It got its name from the greenish color of water. The water is very clear and you will enjoy seeing underwater with your goggles.

Marmaris Tekne Turu

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