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10 reasons to visit Marmaris

Turkey is definitely one of the most interesting European countries. Its natural wealth makes it a paradise for travelers and a frequent destination for tourists. Marmaris is one of the more popular destinations. There are many reasons why so many people visit this resort every year. Below are the top 10 that you can consider when choosing a holiday resort.

1. Friendly atmosphere.

11Friendly atmosphere

The local people of Marmaris are open-minded and very friendly towards visitors. There is a nice atmosphere in the town, the Turks are eager to boast about their treasures, such as beautiful natural places or magnificent monuments.
That is why they are eager to talk, quickly make new friends and many of them try to learn at least a few words in different languages ​​to be more communicative.

2. Shining hot sun.

11Shining hot sun

Yes, you have plenty of sunshine here, when the summer starts to kick in for good, the sun will burn you – both literally and figuratively.

The Turkish sun makes Marmaris even more beautiful and the inhabitants smile more. The whole town, beautifully situated in the heart of greenery, shines with sunshine, makes you want to go out for a walk, swim in the sea, play sports. Sun, wind, movement and joy are what Marmaris is associated with in summer.

3. Sightseeing


Marmaris itself does not have many monuments, nor a great, long history, but it has its charm and a nice atmosphere.

Those who like to visit, photograph, walk, feel the atmosphere of a given place will surely be tempted by a small castle in the marina, with winding streets, a beautiful port, where you can admire luxurious yachts swinging in the sea. And for a larger dose of Turkish attractions, you can go to the magnificent ruins of Ephesus, to the beautiful Pamukkale National Park, or sail the winding Dalyan River.

4. Promenade and beautiful views

11Promenade and beautiful views

A walk along the promenade gives us the opportunity to admire the beautiful views of the Marmaris coast. Although the beach is quite narrow, it is a pleasure to walk along the promenade along this beach, you can not only walk or ride a bike, but also exercise on sports equipment, right on the seashore, or simply lie down on a sunbed or in one of the numerous restaurants, taking a little breath and admiring the beauty of the hills growing from the sea water, covered with trees and creating an unforgettable picture. In the height of summer, the multitude of colorful, inviting restaurants, umbrellas and a whole gallery of interesting-looking people from all over the world create a typical holiday atmosphere.

5.Maybe the Mediterranean Sea or the Aegean Sea?

11Maybe the Mediterranean Sea or the Aegean Sea

The Marmaris resort prides itself on actually having two seas. You can go on different cruises, each in a different direction. We will see various islands, various bays, and everywhere it is beautiful, green and sunny. So, get to know Marmaris and from the land side, walking along the promenade and from the sea, swaying gently on the waves of clear, turquoise water that covers the coast of southern Turkey. So … maybe to the sea?

6.Great nature and beautiful surroundings

11Great nature and beautiful surroundings

Mountains and sea, mountains in the sea, beaches, bays, caves, islets, peninsulas, forests, clean air, natural delicacies.
Marmaris is known for its various species of pines and cedars. One of the most appreciated trees here is Pinus Pine – the pine from which the Marmaris specialty – honey is obtained.

7. Affordable price

11Affordable price

Marmaris as a resort is within the fair price range. It is not cheap, it is known that where a tourist goes, prices go up there, but also staying here is not as expensive as in other holiday resorts in Turkey. It is also quite a good destination for backpackers with backpacks on their backs who try to spend on vacation relatively economically.

8. Kitchen


Marmaris is currently a resort geared to different tastes of tourists, but let’s not forget that there are still real residents who do not eat European food. Turkish cuisine is varied and tasty. Turks eat spicy food, and after spicy, very sweet. Near the castle there are some restaurants serving good food. Many of them offer cuisines from around the world, including Turkish. These are certainly not the delicacies of a Turkish mum, but at least you can taste a bit.

9. Shopping


Shopping madmen will surely find places and opportunities to spend their hard-earned money. In each store, in each stall, there is a smiling Turkish man who will be happy to help us choose the goods that will be returned with us in … a suitcase that is much heavier than before. In the very center of Marmaris you will find a tourist market open all day and until late at night, chain stores where we serve ourselves properly, ice cream parlors, cafes, stalls with jewelry and handmade products.

10. Fun


Those willing to play will not be disappointed. The walk from the bar to the bar itself will take two weeks, and you probably wouldn’t visit all the entertainment venues. And not only bars offer their services. The resort offers two Water Parks, Go-cards, water sports points, Dolphinarium, various Safari, Paint Ball, and there’s probably something else. Maybe even get into a Turkish wedding!