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Excursions in Pamukkale 2022

Watch the ancient city of Hierapolis from the height of a steam plane, swim in the famous healing pool of Cleopatra and flutter in zero gravity in a balloon basket over the snow-white travertines of Pamukkale … Find your favorite pastime and spend an unforgettable vacation in Pamukkale!

All excursions in Pamukkale can be booked without prepayment!

Excursions in Pamukkale from popular tourist destinations in Turkey

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Ride

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Ride


Every Day
1 Hour Flight

Sunrise photo shoot in Pamukkale

Sunrise photo shoot in Pamukkale


Every Day
2 Hours

Day Trip to Salda Lake from Pamukkale

Day Trip to Salda Lake From Pamukkale


Every Day
6 Hours

Pamukkale Day Tour


Every Day
6 Hours

Day Trip to Istanbul from Pamukkale

Day Trip to Istanbul From Pamukkale


Every Day
1 Day

Pamukkale Paragliding


Every Day
2 Hours

Cable Car to Denizli from Pamukkale


Every Day
3 Hours

Pamukkale Balloon Tour

Pamukkale Balloon Tour


Every Day
2 Hours

Hot air balloon flight in Pamukkale since 2015 is one of the brightest, most magical and memorable excursions in the area. Climbing to the height of a bird’s eye view and seeing the beauties included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list, seeing the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis is the dream of many tourists. And not just like that, because the spectacle is truly magical. From the mesmerizing beauties of thermal turquoise waters you will be distracted only by dozens of bright, passing by, other balls.

Hot air balloon flight in Pamukkale – carried out at dawn. Tourists are informed of the exact transfer time the day before departure. Usually it is 06:00 – 07:00 in the morning. The flight lasts an average of 1 hour, depending on the wind parameters.

Paragliding is an entertainment for the most daring.

The duration of the free flight is approximately 20 minutes. Paragliding takes place in tandem with an instructor.

Flights are carried out daily – in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening. The best time for paragliding is the first half of the day. Until 12:00 the most favorable conditions for flights are created, after this hour cancellations are possible due to unsuitable wind parameters.

Even if you have not had such experience before, you have absolutely nothing to fear. You will feel safe and comfortable thanks to modern equipment and co-pilot. Incredibly beautiful landscapes of the “cotton castle”, a feeling of lightness and freedom during the flight will give only warm memories and vivid impressions.

Private Tours in Pamukkale

Individual excursions are perhaps the most comfortable and convenient type of excursions. Especially if you are traveling with a large group or family. An individual approach and the ability to adjust the route depending on personal preferences are one of the main features of such chamber tours.

You will have a wonderful opportunity to fly in a balloon, which will be only at your disposal, admire the fabulous Istanbul, go on a sightseeing tour or swim in the turquoise waters of the azure Salda Lake. In this case, the guide’s attention will be focused only on you.

Especially for you and only in accordance with your individual requests, accommodation, meals and transfers will be selected, whether by plane or ground transport.

The most popular tours in Pamukkale

  • Hot air balloon flight in Pamukkale
  • Paragliding
  • Lake Salda
  • Sightseeing tour in Pamukkale
  • Excursion to Istanbul
  • Excursion to Cappadocia
  • Cableway “Denizli Teleferik”
  • Excursion to Ephesus

Interesting sights in Pamukkale

Pamukkale travertines – Snow-white travertines are otherwise called “cotton castle”. These are magnificent natural thermal springs, which were formed in ancient times. Calcium-rich thermal water flows over a high rock, forming terraced pools. The attraction is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis – It was built back in 190 BC and was very popular among the noble Romans, who loved to visit it because of the healing thermal waters.

Cleopatra’s Pool – Legend has it that the Egyptian queen herself loved to take baths in these places. Mineral water in the pool has an amazing variety of useful substances that can rejuvenate and heal the body.

Karahayit springs or red springs – Hot relative of Pamukkale. The temperature reaches 67 degrees Celsius. And the red and burgundy color is obtained as a result of the combination of iron oxide with oxygen.

Caravan – a shed near Pamukkale – An inn where merchants stayed along the trade route to central Anatolia, will remind you of the distant past and allow you to enjoy the incredible atmosphere of the east.

Hierapolis Museum – Housed in an ancient Roman bathhouse, this is a small but very interesting museum. It houses many artifacts found in the city, sarcophagi and sculptures. The museum will reveal to you the veil of culture and art of ancient Hierapolis.

Amphitheater – The majestic and incredibly beautiful Roman theater, which is perfectly preserved and even today is used for concerts and public events.

Top 7 interesting facts about Pamukkale

Pammukale means “cotton castle” in Turkish. And, indeed, from a distance, the high rock seemed to be covered with cotton wool.
As a result of the release of mineral-rich water to the surface, peculiar sagging is formed, which became the basis for cascading pools. Turquoise water combined with snow-white bowls looks truly fantastic.
The region is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and millions of tourists flock here every year to enjoy this amazing natural wonder.
The travertines of Pamukkale have been twice used as scenery for films. In 1997 for Andrey Mikhalkov’s Odyssey and in 2012 in the action movie Ghost Rider 2 starring Nicolas Cage.
The springs of Pamukkale pour out about 280 liters of water in 1 second.
Previously, medicinal water was used not only for rejuvenation, but also to give sheep’s wool a more noble look.
In total, there are about 17 springs with thermal water in Pammukale and its environs, but travertines are formed from only one.

Fun for kids in Pamukkale

I would like to note right away that very young children, most likely, will not be attracted by such an active holiday, but older children will already be interested. Moreover, in Pamukkale there really is something to surprise little tourists.

A walk along the snow-white calcium travertines – After all, this is really a miracle of nature and an extremely interesting process, since nature itself created these amazing pools.

Swimming in the Cleopatra pool – All children love to frolic in the pool, and when relaxation is combined with healing and prevention of various diseases, it is doubly pleasant.

A visit to the park at the foot – It is equipped with a playground where your children will happily spend time. You can also feed the birds, ducks and take a boat ride.

Descent into the cave – Will be a real adventure for the child. If you are lucky, you can see real bats, this is just a dream for wildlife lovers.

Ballooning – Floating through the sky in a large hot air balloon among other colorful balloons, watching small houses from above, like a bird, is a truly exciting adventure that will appeal to both children and adults.

Sunrise tours in Pamukkale

Hot air balloon flight – To meet the sunrise in a hot air balloon over a snow-white cotton castle is a truly fantastic experience. Watching the sunrise from a bird’s eye view and, at the same time, seeing the surreal landscapes of Pammukale from a completely different angle is something that you will remember forever and cause a storm of bright, incomparable emotions.

Sunrise Photoshoot – Dawn is the most amazing time of the day. And to meet the pink dawn among the unique landscapes world-protected by UNESCO, among dozens of fabulous multi-colored balls soaring in the sky is a truly exceptional event that is worth leaving not only in memory, but also in vivid photographs and videos.

You can create aerial shots in the turquoise tanks of snow-white travertines, with balloons rising against the background, as well as in the bowl of the Greco-Roman amphitheater or near the pool of Cleopatra.

Paragliding – For lovers of adrenaline and breathtaking scenery, paragliding in Pamukkale is the best pastime. At dawn, snow-white travertines look especially magical, and suitable air currents will allow you to enjoy the flight over unique landscapes to your heart’s content.

Pamukkale airports. How to get to Pamukkale?

Denizli Airport (Denizli Çardak Havaalanı / Airport (DNZ)) is located near the town of Chardak. Pamukkale region 69 km, 52 min. on vehicles.

From Denizli Airport to Denizli Bus Station (Denizli Otogarı) – 63 km, it’s about 48 minutes. roads.

From the bus station Denizli (Denizli otogarı) to Pamukkale (Pamukkale) – 17 km, 16 min. on the way by car.

There are several ways you can get to Pamukkale from Denizli Airport:

1) Shuttle bus (Denizli Çardak Havaalanı – Denizli Otogarı) – modern buses with a separate place for luggage. They will take you from the airport to the Denizli bus station, from where you will need to take another bus or taxi and get to Pamukkale.
The timetable depends on the aircraft arriving at the airport. The price is 25 Turkish liras, children from 0 to 6 years old are free of charge. Cash payment. Travel time – 1 hour.

Transportation is carried out by Bay-Tur and Hava Ulaşım companies. You will see buses with these emblems near the entrance to the airport. There are large buses for 54 people, 27 and 18 people. Also, these companies perform vip transfers on Vito cars with a capacity of up to 8 people, the fare in this case is 50 lire.

There are 2 bus routes:

From the airport to the bus station (Denizli Çardak Havaalanı – Denizli Otogarı) – will take you to the bus station, from where you will continue to Pamukkale.

From the airport to the central Chinar Square (Denizli Çardak Havaalanı – Çınar) – takes you to the city center and shopping avenue.

You can go shopping in the city center and then book a private transfer or taxi in Pamukkale.

2) Private transfer and shuttle from Denizli Airport to Pamukkale:
Shuttle transfer is carried out on Mercedes Benz Vito cars, with a capacity of up to 18 people. The driver will meet you with a sign with your name. You will be helped to carry your luggage to the car and delivered to the door of your hotel.

An individual transfer is the most comfortable type of transfer if you come with your family or prefer a luxury service. You will be met at the airport, your luggage will be carried and loaded into the car. The transfer is carried out on Mercedes Benz Vito and Mercedes Sprinter cars. On request, transfer by any other car or vehicle is possible. The driver will be informed in advance about the route of the trip and the address of your hotel.

3) Taxi
Taxi is not the most profitable way to travel around an unfamiliar city, but always “at hand”. Prices vary and near the airport they often say inflated prices.

From Denizli Airport to Pamukkale you can get at least 200 liras, from Denizli bus station to Pamukkale – 80 liras, from the airport to Denizli bus station – 170 Turkish liras.

Cheapest Daily Excursion Prices in Pamukkale 2022

Pamukkale excursion and activity prices 2022

Pamukkale Paragliding
45 €
Pamukkale Balloon Tour
85 €
Pamukkale Day Tour
30 €
Day Trip to Salda Lake From Pamukkale
60 €
Day Trip to Istanbul From Pamukkale
200 €
Cable Car to Denizli from Pamukkale
150 €
Sunrise photo shoot in Pamukkale
300 €
Proposal in a hot air balloon in Pamukkale
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