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Turkey Sightseeing Travel Guide. Ancient civilizations have inhabited Turkey for millennia, attracted by its rich natural landscape, which provided settlers with an abundance of resources. From ancient Anatolia to the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans, all left their mark and produced the rich cultural heritage of Turkey that we see today. From the unique, continent-spanning city of Istanbul steeped in history, to the eastern treasures and natural beauty of Trabzon and the Black Sea region, to its historically diverse artefacts in Ephesus, Pamukkale and Cappadocia, or pristine coastlines that stretch endlessly, there is something for everyone here in Turkey. With multiple offices across the country, our travel agency offers you a comprehensive guide to experience great heritage on your travels around Turkey. Visit our Turkey Tourism blog page for more information on the various highlight activities as well as expert advice and reliable boutique travel in Turkey.

All of our Turkey itineraries are carefully designed to combine affordable top prices with unique, tailor-made itineraries that comprehensively explore a wide range of key regions and points of interest across the map. If you are wondering how much it costs to visit Turkey, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that food, drink, tickets and holiday expenses are quite affordable but also cater for all types of travel. We cater to every budget, from economical to luxurious, and offer tours for different lengths of stay. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of tourism in Turkey and offering new tailor-made Turkey tours to sought-after destinations.

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General information about Turkey

Geographically, the Republic of Turkey is a bridge between Europe and Asia. Due to its location, surrounded by the sea on three sides, Turkey has always been the center of major trade, silk and spice routes. Today, even in the most inaccessible or isolated corners, one can easily feel and see the traces of different cultures.

The republic was founded by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1923, marking the end of the long reign of the Ottoman Empire. Since then, Turkey has evolved into a modern, democratic state, but at the same time careful measures have ensured that culture and traditions live on and develop. Turkey is currently a candidate for membership of the European Union.

Turkey is a country of diverse cultures, beliefs, ideas, nature and history. This diversity is reflected in the landscape, which serves as a life support and habitat for 82 million people. Turkey’s landscape includes a variety of geographic zones. This landscape has the combined characteristics of three continents of the world: Europe, Africa and Asia. Between 2000 B.C. and by 1500, Anatolia was the center of world civilization, manifested in the ruins and monuments that adorn the landscape today. Turkey is also known for an abundance and diversity of handicrafts, cuisine, music, customs and traditions due to its rich flora, fauna and regional differentiation, as well as its imperial heritage.

Turkey’s focal points are the three largest cities: Istanbul , Ankara and Izmir , which have become important urban centers due to their historical heritage and modern design. Mythology and history mingle in Antalya on the Mediterranean coast with its beautiful beaches and seaside resorts. Saint Nicholas is buried in Myra (now Demre) near Antalya . ” Cappadocia “, named during the Roman Empire, was a prominent religious center during the Byzantine Empire. Even today, cave dwellings in rock cones and village houses made of volcanic tuff blend harmoniously into the landscape. theBlack Sea region is known for its mountainous green landscape. The 14th-century “Sumela Monastery” (Virgin Mary) is located on a cliff 270 meters above a deep gorge. Two thousand years ago, on Mount Nemrut in Adıyaman , the tomb of King Antiokhos I was built, surrounded by huge stone heads of gods. To the east, Mount Ararat , where Noah’s Ark is believed to be buried,risesOn the ancient Silk Road near Kars lie the ruins of the medieval city of Ani.

These are just some of Turkey’s features and excitements. In general, Turkey fascinates, surprises and informs. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of visiting Turkey is being an active participant in this landscape.