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Excursions in Kekova

Would you like to spice up your summer vacation with activities instead of staying at your hotel? If you would like to go out from your hotel, there are lots of Excursions in Kekova on our website.

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You can find activities that appeal to all age groups and suit everyone’s sense of entertainment.
Antalya has a different reputation and beauty in the summer season. Kekova is one of the towns that got the most from this reputation. Kekova is one of the most well-equipped holiday resorts in order to provide its guests with an unforgettable holiday experience, both with its nature and with its beautiful activities. Vacationers who do not want to take advantage of this well-equipped structure of Kekova and spend their holidays only in hotels choose Kekova Daily Excursions programs.

Our Daily Excursions is a very comprehensive service with a variety of tour programs that can meet the holiday concept that its participants want. Bringing together the unique beauty of Kekova, its deep blue sea and its guests, Kekova Activities are a very good opportunity for a colorful holiday.

Every year, thousands of people make the mistake of going on vacation to hotels miles away from their homes and not leaving the hotels during their vacations. In fact, while there are real beauties, discoveries, adventures and entertainments in the nature outside the hotel, in the sea, it should not be forgotten that you can spend your holiday only in a hotel close to your home. For this reason, if you are on a holiday in Kekova, which contains the unique beauties of Antalya, our advice to you is to color your holiday and join the Kekova Daily Excursions programs that are most suitable for you.

Our daily Excursions appeal to many different segments. Kekova, which includes tour programs that you can join with your family and friends, is waiting for all its guests from 7 to 70.

If there is an important tip for a good holiday that you have planned for a long time, it is to be included in the holiday plan that suits you. For this reason , it will be very good for you to choose the tour that will best meet your expectations among Kekova Excursions . In the continuation of our article, you can reach the questions about Kekova Excursions. We wish you pleasant reading.


This holiday center is quite comprehensive and includes Excursions that can appeal to many holiday understandings. For example, if you are planning a calm, peaceful day with the sea, our best offer will be Kekova Boat Excursions. If you want an Excursion that is intertwined with the sea but where entertainment and music are at the highest level, we invite you to the Kekova Pirate Boat Excursions program with its different concept and pirate-looking boat. If you want to experience the feelings of adventure and adrenaline excitement together; Kekova Buggy Safari, Kekova ATV Excursions,Kekova Jeep Safari.

We invite you to adventure-filled days together. If you want to experience a new experience and explore a completely different world, Kekova Diving Tour will be just for you. Exploring the underwater world with professional instructors and equipped equipment will be a very enjoyable and exciting experience for you. In addition, no experience or training is required for these tours. All the training you will need will be given to you by our trainers. If you want to go on a beautiful journey with our noble and smart friends in Kekova, the Kekova Horse Safari tour will be the perfect choice.

There are dozens of other activities to do in Kekova. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you and contact us. We are waiting!

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Kekova excursion and activity prices 2024

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What are the best day trips and activities in Kekova?

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How much does it cost to Kaş Boat Rental in Kekova?

The daily cost of a middle class yacht and boat in Kekova varies according to the type of boat and its contents. Call us to hear the options. Phone – Whatsapp: +90 536 503 0 533

Which are the best family friendly boats in Kekova?

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Cheapest boat trip in Kekova

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