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If you are making your holiday plans for Kaş, as in every summer holiday, you should take a look at our Excursions in Kas.

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From the beginning of the summer season, especially the main points of Turkey begin to host their guests intensively. One of these points is undoubtedly Antalya, the pearl of the summer months. Although the beautiful holiday resorts of Antalya are beautiful every time of the year, they take on a completely different beauty, especially in the summer season. One of the points where Antalya hosts domestic and foreign guests intensively is Kaş. First of all, we can show the unique nature and sea at the beginning of the reasons why Kaş is so intensely preferred for holiday. In the row under the nature and the sea, you can list various events and activities organized in order to give your guests an unforgettable holiday. Kaş Activities are available.

Kaş Daily Tours allows its participating guests to spend their vacation days, each more valuable than the next, in the most unforgettable and beautiful way. These activities, which include many new experience opportunities and excursions, include many alternatives and options according to every holiday understanding.

You can join our tours where you can have fun with your family or friends. Our Kaş Daily Tours programs , which can be preferred especially by people with limited vacation time, are an excellent opportunity for you to get the most out of your limited vacation days.

Kas is very rich in activities and offers different options. In the rest of our article, we will share with you our programs that include daily tours that will appeal to every desire and desire. We wish you pleasant reading!


Kas Activities include many different categories in its content. If you are one of our guests who come to Kaş and say that it is impossible not to spend a day with the sea, we will offer you enjoyable tours on our private and comfortable boats. Kekova Boat Trip , stretching from Kaş to Kekova , is a very good opportunity for you, our valued guests, to have a perfect day.

If you are among our guests who expect new experiences and adventure from the holiday, Kaş Diving Tour offers you a completely different experience. Even if you have no experience, the Kaş Diving Tour , which you can participate in with the trainings that our instructors will give you, is among the most beautiful tours you can do during your holiday.

For our guests who are looking for a little adventure and adrenaline and want a change, Kaş Jeep Safari tours are waiting for you with excitement to welcome you as the address of entertainment and adventure. In addition , Kas Jeep Safari is one of the perfect ways to meet the completely different beauties of Antalya. An unforgettable adventure awaits you in our 4*4 Jeeps with our professional smiling drivers who will accompany you throughout our tour.

We also have a wonderful tour for our adrenaline-loving guests. Kaş Paragliding , which will allow you to be as free as the birds in the sky , is ready to host you on wonderful flights with our professional pilots with T2 certificate!

Cheapest Daily Excursion Prices in Kaş 2024

Kaş excursion and activity prices 2024

Kas Boat Trip
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What are the most recommended day excursions and activities in Kas?

The most recommended day trips and activities in Kas;

Where are the Most popular tourist places in Kaş?

Places to visit in Kaş;

  • Kekova
  • Simena Castle

What is the cheapest boat rental options in Kaş?

As, we work directly with local boat owners in Kaş. For this reason, we have boat options in Kaş that are suitable for many different budgets. Check out our page for alternatives;

What are the best day trips and activities in Kaş?

List of the best day trips and activities in Kaş;

How much does it cost to Kaş Boat Rental in Kaş?

The daily cost of a middle class yacht and boat in Kaş varies according to the type of boat and its contents. Call us to hear the options. Phone – Whatsapp: +90 536 503 0 533

Which are the best family friendly boats in Kaş?

Kaş is a popular holiday destination for families. We have many family friendly boat rental options for Kaş in our Boat Tour portfolio;

How much are boat trips in Kaş?

Boat trip prices in Kaş 2024;


Cheapest boat trip in Kaş

Here is the cheapest boat trip prices in Kaş 2024;