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Adrasan Boat Rental

Holidays are periods of time when you have fun and relax with your family or friend groups. Of course, it can be an excuse for holidays on some special days. Groups of friends and families sometimes don’t like being tied to tours and a set schedule. They may want to enjoy the pleasant moments for a long time, spread them throughout the day, and sometimes even be there for a day! Are you this fond of your pleasure too? At this point, we direct you to Adrasan Boat Rental, an old fishing town of Antalya!

Suluada Private Boat Trip

Boat Code: SULU-01

Every Day
7 Hours

Suluada Private Boat Trip

Boat Code: SULU-02

Every Day
7 Hours


There are crews of our boats for you in every design, suitable for every budget, with a person capacity. It is enough to contact our team in order to mediate the happy moments you will spend with your lover, spouse or friends.

We look forward to hosting you on our magnificent boats, which we have arranged and arranged for your birthdays, private parties, anniversaries, completely according to your wishes.

You can order a delicious menu according to your wishes and our crew can serve you the most delicious meals at the most convenient time for you! You may be overwhelmed by the tiredness, weight and gloom of the entire city. Don’t you want to bring peace and calmness instead of all your tiredness?

The magnificent nature of Adrasan, the relaxing scent of pine trees, a quiet environment where you are only with your loved ones, away from the crowds, the unique blue of the sea and an activity where you will be completely discharged with the energy of the sun!

You can determine the route according to the recommendation of the boat captain or according to your wishes and reach the hidden coves such as the treasure you want to see. You can anchor in the bays you want, sunbathe on the deck, and cool off in the deep waters of Adrasan.

In addition to the tours we offer for your comfort and convenience by designing all the facilities according to your wishes, Adrasan Boat Rental will bring a new dimension to our customers. We are sure that this holiday, where you will enjoy the sea in nature, away from most things that will overshadow your holiday pleasure with the conditions you prefer, will relax you!

While you feel like a dream in this old fishing town, you will be even happier with the freedom of sailing!


Our boats are kept in sheltered ports for you. In case of chartering, although the departure points of the boats are different, their routes are almost the same.
You don’t have to stick to a different situation and route with the route you make according to your preference, your request or in consultation with your captain! That day the boat is at your disposal!
You can contact our team at points that require organization such as birthdays, private parties, anniversaries, surprises, and you can ensure that your activity is perfect!
You can pre-determine your meals with the menu you choose according to your wishes and you can eat the most delicious meals with the magnificent view of Adrasan on time by our crew!
You can choose your boat according to the number of people you come to and your taste, and as a result, we promise prices that are suitable for all pockets with price changes. Our prices, which vary according to the number of people, are very reasonable so that each of our customers can enjoy the holiday!
The point where the boat will depart and the port will be communicated to you by our teams and information flow will be provided.
Our Adrasan Boat Rental service, where you will have a very different experience than other tours, will make you relieve stress and fill you with peace and serenity! Your holiday with your private and private boat will be independent from other people and will make you feel alive with the clarity of the sea!
We do not want your experience to be overshadowed by this wonderful experience, and we remind you not to forget some points. For this reason, as you will spend a long time on your boat tour, please do not forget to take more than one swimsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, etc. in your bag.
We recommend that you do not forget to bring your camera and camera with you to immortalize the perfect moments and special frames with your loved ones!


If you are ready for a blue voyage full of memories, join the colorful holiday. Prices may vary depending on the number and size of our boats. However, most of our boats are at reasonable prices for you to have a more convenient, more affordable and enjoyable holiday. By looking at the boat details from the options on our site, you will be able to see the number of people, the points included in their contents, their sizes, images, the number of crew and their equipment. After everything is completed, you are ready for your dream holiday, just like us!


Which are the bays where swimming breaks are given in Adrasan Rental Boat?

Swimming Stopover places on Adrasan Rental Boat;

  • Route 1: √Akseki Bay √Sazak Bay √Geneviz Bay √Pirate Bay 
  • Route 2: √American Bay √Hurma Bay √Maldives Beach √Tatlı Su Bay

How many hours does Adrasan Boat Rental take?

Adrasan Boat Rental takes 7 hours. It is organized between 10:00 and 17:00 in the morning.

What is included in Adrasan Boat Rental prices?

You can get all the information about Adrasan Boat Rental prices by calling us. In terms of content, a net price is determined in line with the wishes of our guests.

Which is the most suitable Adrasan Rental Boat?

For the most suitable Adrasan Rental Boat, our price for a two-person boat is 300 €

Where do Adrasan Rental Boats depart from?

For Adrasan Boat Rentals, we will send you the departure ports and location of our boats via whatsapp after booking.

How much are Adrasan Boat Rentals?

Adrasan Boat Rental prices vary between 300 € and 1,000 € depending on the type of boat. Please call us for more information.