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Adrasan Private Boat Trip

If you are planning to spend an isolated and crowded holiday by renting a private boat for yourself and your loved ones in Adrasan, which has the most beautiful natural beauties in our country, we recommend you to take a look at our Adrasan Private Boat Tour options.

Suluada Private Boat Trip

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Suluada Private Boat Trip

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We continue to offer you the best boats, the best price guarantee and opportunities for a healthy boat tour.
Holidays are periods of time when you have fun and relax with your family or friend groups. Of course, it can be an excuse for holidays on some special days. Groups of friends and families sometimes don’t like being tied to tours and a set schedule. They may want to enjoy the pleasant moments for a long time, spread them throughout the day, and sometimes even be there for a day! Are you this fond of your pleasure too? Do you want to spend your holidays special and unique to you? Then we invite you to Adrasan! This is an amazing pitch for a boat! With our Adrasan Private Boat Trip service, we respond to your demands with the most affordable price advantages.

Adrasan, less known as Çavuşköy, is a charming town in the Kumluca district of Antalya. A hidden paradise of Antalya can be defined for this charming safe, where words will not be enough to describe its beauty with its deep blue sea, lush citrus and orange groves. The surroundings of Adrasan, where you will feel alive with its enchanting beauty, are quite inviting.

Adrasan, whose roads are quite bad due to being a protected area, does not have much to offer tourists in the town center, perhaps for this reason. The real beauty of the town is on the beach. We invite you to Adrasan, which is a frequent destination for those who want to spend a quiet holiday away from the noise and enjoy the sea and the sun to the fullest. With the Adrasan Private Boat trip application that you will make here, you can rent your boat with accommodation, weekly or daily, and you can find the most suitable boat for your budget in the number of cabins, capacity and price you want. In this way, it is possible to spend a holiday by yourself, giving importance to privacy.


With your friends, family, and loved ones, you can have the chance to have a private and secluded holiday. Only you and your loved ones will be accompanied by our captain and crew on the boat. You can take breaks, anchor and enjoy the sea to the fullest, regardless of a certain route. Kargicak Bay, which is a small bay 300 meters from the Adrasan coast by sea, and Kapıarası Bay, which is 1.5 km away from the Adrasan coast by sea, and consists of collapsed rocks, are among the wonderful bays you should stop by when you rent a boat.

Ayideresi Bay, which is 3 km away from Adrasan Bay, which does not have a land route, is a small cove that does not have a beach, but the color of the sea is deep dark blue. Akseki Bay, which is the largest bay in Adrasan Bay, is 4 km from Adrasan Bay by sea. It has a very cute little beach! If you wish, you can go down to the beach from your boat or put your towels and enjoy. For our customers who are passionate about fishing, Leek Island Direction is a famous spot for fishing and this is how it is named. It is one of the bays that lasts 6 km by sea and is mostly visited for fishing. Leek Island, which is located on two islets, is a great opportunity for boat lovers as well as fish lovers!


If you are ready for a blue voyage full of memories, join the colorful holiday.With our clean and meticulous crew and our boat, you can travel with peace of mind and continue this unique experience very easily without worry. Provided that all of our employees are experienced and professional, they will make your holiday more enjoyable with a smiling face. You can determine the route if you wish, you can leave it to the captain if you wish, and stop wherever you want for the time you set. Pinpoint for our fun-loving customers!

You will be able to set off from the port of Adrasan and set foot on the treasure coves on the coastline. Each of our boats can appeal to each of our customers, provided that they have different cabin numbers, different person capacities and different prices. We use every service available for your comfort and a perfect holiday. Our teams will contact you in advance for your transportation and meal needs and move on.

You can specify the menu you want to eat to your team in advance, our employees can provide all the menu materials for you and present them to you on the boat at any time.

Are you ready to integrate with this uniquely beautiful nature with us, listen to yourself and spend peaceful and fun moments with your loved ones? Please do not forget to bring your towel, swimsuit, spare items, sunscreen, sunglasses and cameras with you for this wonderful boat rental application where we offer all the possibilities!

The number of cabins, person capacity, length (meters) and price of all of our boats can vary. You can get information by looking at our website or by contacting us via our contact information!


Which are the bays where swimming breaks are given in Adrasan Private Boat Trip?

Swimming Stopover places on Adrasan Private Boat Trip

  • Route 1: √Akseki Bay √Sazak Bay √Geneviz Bay √Pirate Bay 
  • Route 2: √American Bay √Hurma Bay √Maldives Beach √Tatlı Su Bay

What is included in the price of Adrasan Private Boat Trip?

You can get all the information about Adrasan Private Boat Trip, which are included in the price, by calling us. In terms of content, a net price is determined in line with the wishes of our guests.

Which Adrasan Private Boat Trip is the most suitable?

Our most affordable Adrasan Private Boat Trip is 500 TL for a two-person boat.

How long does the Adrasan Private Boat Trip take?

Adrasan Private Boat Trip takes 7 hours. It is organized between 10:00 and 17:00 in the morning.

Where does the Adrasan Private Boat Trip depart from?

We will send you the Adrasan Private Boat Trip departure port and location via whatsapp after booking.

How much are Bodrum Private Boat Trips?

Adrasan Private Boat Trip prices vary between 500 TL and 10,000 TL depending on the type of boat. Please call us for more information.