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Antalya Private Boat Trip

This tour is the most popular Antalya tour of recent times where you can relax with a Antalya Private Boat Trip. And social distance is maintained without crowds. Especially with the pandemic, our guests started to prefer a more personalized tour. There are tours in the style of private Antalya boat rental, such as this most prominent tour. As an agency, we offer you options from many boat portfolios that we have. With these options, we serve you on your special days, marriage proposal or anniversary celebrations and many more colorful events.

Antalya Private Boat Trip Prices 2022

Antalya private boat trip prices vary according to boat types and models in 2022. For this reason, we cannot write a single price on our site. Our guests usually determine the content. We serve you not only as a daily tour, but also on your special days. For all these options, you will have a pleasant time with your loved ones in our tour, the content of which is completely created by our guests. Hotel transfer is not included in the tour fees. We share the location and boat name information with our guests via whatsapp during the booking process. Our boat captains will meet you at the location we have sent and transport you to the boat. You can choose lunch and beverage alternatives as you wish. If you wish, you can even bring your own drinks and lunch by paying the boat fee.

However, we should point out that this alternative is not valid for all our boats. When you call us for reservation, we share with you the boats that are suitable for your number of people and also suitable for your requests. In other words, we will be sharing with you the boats that you can bring your own food and drink.

Antalya Private Boat Trip Program

Antalya private boat tour program starts from the moment our boat leaves the port. The boats that follow the normal schedule leave at 10:00 in the morning and our boats that finish their tour return to the port at around 17:00 in the afternoon. The departure ports of our boats may differ from boat to boat. Some of our boats depart from Antalya Setur Marina, some from Antalya Fisherman’s Shelter, which is east from Setur Marina to Kemer. Others depart from Kemer G-Marina. Each tour program may be different. For example, our boat departing from Kemer follows the route for the bays where swimming breaks are given in Kemer boat tours. On this route, swimming breaks are given in 3 different bays.

Phaselis Ancient City bay follows the route of Kiriş Island and Cennet Island. If you wish, you can visit the ancient city by paying the entrance fee. There will be no entrance fee for guests with a museum card.

On the other hand, boats departing from Antalya Setur Marina and Fisherman’s Shelter ports, you can follow the Kemer route or take swimming breaks in the open sea. This choice is entirely up to you. If you ask which is more fun, Kemer Route is a more fun route.

Covid – 19 Precautions

Covid – 19 Precautions are taken on all our boats in our portfolio. The disinfection process begins on our boats that have finished their tour and approached the port. Disinfection is carried out from general areas to open and closed areas. Our guests who take a private boat tour in Antalya are not required to wear a mask on the boat during the tour. You can remove your masks in open areas. Our staff use masks and gloves while serving food. Our guests can spend their time comfortably on our boat.


Which are the bays where swimming breaks are given in Antalya Private Boat Trip?

Swimming Stopover places on Antalya Private Boat Trip;

  • Kiris Island
  • Phaselis Ancient City  (If you wish, you can visit the ancient city, the entrance fee belongs to the guests)
  • Paradise Island

What is included in the price of Antalya Private Boat Trip?

You can get all the information about Antalya Private Boat Trip, which are included in the price, by calling us. In terms of content, a net price is determined in line with the wishes of our guests.

Which Antalya Private Boat Trip is the most suitable?

Our most affordable Antalya Private Boat Trip is 500 TL for a two-person boat.

How long does the Antalya Private Boat Trip take?

Antalya Private Boat Trip takes 7 hours. It is organized between 10:00 and 17:00 in the morning.

Where does the Antalya Private Boat Trip depart from?

We will send you the Antalya Private Boat Trip departure port and location via whatsapp after booking.

How much are Antalya Private Boat Trips?

Antalya Private Boat Trip prices vary between 500 TL and 10,000 TL depending on the type of boat. Please call us for more information.