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Boat Tours in Antalya

11Boat tour in Antalya

Antalya is the most important holiday center of Turkey. Boat Tours in Antalya  is one of the activitiesthat  they want to join first for all domestic and foreign guests.  Antalya hosts many boat tours. Some of these boat tours are made in tourism resorts near Antalya.

Below we have listed the list and prices of boat tours we have organized both in and around Antalya for you. Afterwards, you will find brief descriptions of each boat tour. When you click on the link under these short descriptions, you will be directed to the main page of the tour you have chosen. In this way, you will be able to book much more comfortably with the explanation of the boat tour you are wondering about. We wish you a good time in advance.

Antalya Boat Trip Price 2022

Antalya Boat Trips Adult Price Child Price Infant Price
Antalya Boat Trip 25 € 15 € Free
Antalya Pirate Boat Trip 25 € 15 € Free
Antalya Relax Boat Trip 35 € 20 € Free
Antalya Fishing Tour 45 € 45 € Free
Antalya Maldives  Boat Trip 30 € 20 € Free
Antalya Green Canyon Boat Trip 40 € 20 € Free
Suluada Boat Trip from Antalya 30 € 20 € Free
Antalya Diving Tour 30 € 20 € Free
Antalya Mega Star Boat Trip 25 € 15 € Free

Antalya Boat Trip

 Antalya Boat Trip offers an exquisite program that brings together a lot of interesting information about the natural face of Antalya, its magnificent landscapes, and its very mysterious history. You can sign up for our program and spend good hours in order to get rid of stress, tiredness and the chaos of city life.

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Antalya Pirate Boat Trip

Antalya’s Pirate Boat Trip takes you through the Mediterranean on a magnificent ship. You will enjoy the incredible scenery of Antalya’s coast, which is dotted with ancient ruins and historical monuments.

You will stop at the beautiful Phaselis Bay, where you can visit the ancient city of the same name. In this city you will be amazed by the ancient ruins that have survived to this day from the time of the Roman Empire: Roman baths, an amphitheater, and a necropolis.

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Antalya Relax Boat Trip

Our Antalya Relax Boat Trip (All Inclusive) offers visitors the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of a resort town, while admiring the fantastic landscapes of nature.

On a small, but beautiful and comfortable yacht, with a total capacity of 40 people or fewer, you will set off on a cruise along the coast of Kemer. You will have a unique opportunity to enjoy the incredible views of the surroundings of Antalya and Kemer from the sea.

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Alanya Fishing Tour

Antalya offers an extensive range of activities, from thrilling experiences to rest and relaxation. If you want to escape the crowds and enjoy a memorable activity, then Antalya Fishing Tour is for you. This excursion takes you to some remote locations in the Mediterranean Sea where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, learn about fishing, and relax on board a fishing boat.

Imagine throwing your fishing rods into the Mediterranean Sea in the company of family or friends on a comfortable yacht. You can surprise your loved ones with your fishing skills, and spoil the whole company with a delicious caught fish that you will have fried on board.

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Antalya Maldives Boat Trip

Do you want to go on a relaxing boat trip along the most beautiful bays of the Antalya coast? Walking to Antalya Maldives Boat Trip is the perfect choice! The beaches of amazing beauty, the purest sea and gentle sun will give you a chance to find happiness and peace. Our company offers you a trip to one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

We’ll pick you up from your hotel and take you to the port of Adrasan, where the ship will be waiting for you. This ship is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable trip. You can sunbathe and enjoy the magnificent views of the coast, mountains and endless expanse of the sea on a 1.5-hour journey to Sulu Ada.

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Antalya Green Canyon Boat Trip

If you’re looking for a scenic trip, the Emerald Waters and Green Mountains of the Antalya Green Canyon Boat Trip is a great option!

The Green Valley, located in the Taurus Mountains, is a large picturesque valley spanning 500 hectares and reaching a depth of 100 meters. The water has an incredibly beautiful emerald color surrounded by incredibly beautiful mountains and rocks covered with green needles. In the canyon area you can see proud mountain eagles soaring in the sky, which regularly hunt small fish in the reservoir and rodents in the mountains.

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Suluada Boat Trip from Antalya

Your dream of a journey across the ocean to a faraway place like the Maldives can come true with a Daily Suluada Island Boat Trip from Antalya, Turkey. Suluada is a volcanic island that rises from the sea. It is like an iceberg in the middle of the endless sea, rising above its expanses.

The island of Suluada is also known as the Turkish Maldives. Many people come here to enjoy the purest white sand and wonderfully transparent turquoise water. The island is full of rocks and magical caves. And it’s famous for its picturesque bays and coves.

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Antalya Diving Tour

 Antalya Diving Tour will take you to a new side of Antalya. Our domestic and foreign guests have always spent time on the water during their holidays in Antalya. This time, we will take you under the water. It is an activity loved by our adventure and adrenaline-loving guests. You don’t need any experience for our Antalya Scuba Diving tour. Even if you are inexperienced, you will be able to dive after the training provided by our professional licensed trainers. Just call us and ask any question you have in mind during the reservation process; your ticket will be sent to your mobile device via Whatsapp.

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Antalya Mega Star Boat Trip

 Antalya Mega Star Boat Trip offers wonderful opportunities for those who want to enjoy a pleasant sea vacation, swim in the clearest waters of the Mediterranean Sea, see the delightfully beautiful bays and feel like great navigators long ago.

The Mega Star, a large and comfortable yacht with an occupancy of up to 600 people, will take you on a trip to the Mediterranean Sea. You’ll get a chance to see the stunning emerald bays along the coast of Kemer from the sea.

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