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Fethiye Private Boat Trip

Fethiye private boat trip is preferred by our guests who do not want to participate in shared boat tours with the crowd and other guests. It is a more personal boat tour experience only with your family or friends. In our tour, which has become more popular in recent years due to the pandemic, the boats vary according to every budget. You can call us at the number below for boats suitable for your budget and number of guests. It is difficult to find a place for a private boat in high season. For this reason, when you make an early reservation and call us, you will reserve your place in advance. Now let’s take a look at what’s included in the tour contents.

Fethiye Private Boat Trip

Boat Code: FTY-02

Every Day
7 Hours

Fethiye Private Boat Trip

Boat Code: FTY-01

Every Day
7 Hours

Fethiye Private Boat Trip Prices 2022

Fethiye private boat trip prices vary according to their content in 2022. Our boats are daily wooden boats. Since the guest capacities of our boats, which are designed only for private tours, are different, there is no fixed price on our site. The boat will be selected according to your number of people, as well as the choice of lunch and beverage can pull the price band up or down. We meet our guests on our boat on private tours. When the reservation process is completed, you will be given the location and name of the boat via whatsapp. In order to make a reservation, a part of the tour fee, which is given according to the agreed content, is taken as a deposit. The remaining amount is given to our boat captain in cash when boarding the boat on the day of the tour.

Reservation Steps

The reservation steps are quite simple. But first of all, we would like to remind you. Since our private boats are in high demand in high season, we recommend that you make an early reservation. During the holidays, all our boats are booked 10 days before the holiday. For this reason, the early booking process is very important in this type of popular tours. When you call us from our Fethiye Private Boat Tour reservation number, our team will send you the suitable boat alternatives via whatsapp according to your requests. After giving the price for the boat you have chosen and getting your approval, we will ask you to send some of the amount to our company iban number as a deposit.

Afterwards, you will be asked for your e-mail address and a picture of the boat will be attached to the e-mail with the receipt of the deposit you have sent. Your mutually approved requests, content and boat rules will also be written and sent to you. You will be asked to reply to the e-mail we sent by typing ‘I approve’. In this way, you will have received an acceptance mail based on the deposit and the boat we have received. After that, all you have to do is to wait for your tour day with excitement.

Fethiye Private Boat Trip Recommendation

Under the title of Fethiye private boat trip recommendation, we will write you what you should bring before you come to the tour. First of all, we will remind you that you need to bring shorts and swimwear, as this is a boat tour. However, it’s a good idea to bring two. Some of our guests do not want to sunbathe wet when they get out of the sea, so they bring spare shorts or swimsuits. When you leave the sea, you can change your clothes and sunbathe comfortably in the cabin of our boat. Make sure to use sunscreen while sunbathing. You may think that the sun does not burn much in breezy weather, but in reality, an uncontrolled tan begins. You should also bring sunglasses and a hat. Also, if you have goggles, be sure to bring them. You will enjoy observing underwater in the deep blue waters of the bays.


Which are the bays where swimming breaks are given in Fethiye Private Boat Trip?

Swimming Stopover places on FethiyePrivate Boat Trip;

  • Aquarium Cove
  • Red Island
  • Yassıca Island
  • Rabbit Island
  • Gocek Bays

What is included in the price of Fethiye Private Boat Trip?

You can get all the information about Fethiye Private Boat Trip, which are included in the price, by calling us. In terms of content, a net price is determined in line with the wishes of our guests.

Which Fethiye Private Boat Trip is the most suitable?

Our most affordable Fethiye Private Boat Trip is 500 TL for a two-person boat.

How long does the Fethiye Private Boat Trip take?

Fethiye Private Boat Trip takes 7 hours. It is organized between 10:00 and 17:00 in the morning.

Where does the Fethiye Private Boat Trip depart from?

We will send you the Fethiye Private Boat Trip departure port and location via whatsapp after booking.

How much are Bodrum Private Boat Trips?

Fethiye Private Boat Trip prices vary between 500 TL and 10,000 TL depending on the type of boat. Please call us for more information.