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Kas Boat Rental

Renting a boat in Demre and Kas will be a good option for your special days and entertainment plans with your family, loved ones and group of friends. We provide service with our boats suitable for the budget of each of our guests, at varying prices depending on the number of people. You can call us for Kas Boat Rental for more information about our meal and beverage plans according to the situation of your special days. If you wish, you can rent a full day or half-day rental. Our team will give you all the details on the phone for the special boat tour program from Demre and Kaş. If you want to experience this pleasure and want to make an early reservation, Call us now.

Kas Private Boat Trip

Boat Code: KAS-01

Every Day
7 Hours

Kas Boat Rental Prices 2022

Kas boat rental prices In 2022 summer planning, boat prices vary according to various criteria. Since each boat and each content has different alternatives, the price will increase or decrease. In order to make this the simplest and fastest, we first ask our guests for the number of people. We also receive information about the lunch menu and beverage selection. Afterwards, we ask what kind of route to follow when the rental is made. When all these components become clear, we see clear price information. Person capacities of our boats vary and overcapacity is not done as per the law. For example, a boat with a capacity of 10 people cannot be booked for 11 people. Our team will help you when you are looking for planning and will find the most suitable boat with you. Suitable boat alternatives will be sent to you via whatsapp.


When you choose the boat you like from the boat pictures sent to you via Whatsapp, you will be at the booking stage. When the price is determined, we will take it as a deposit to reserve an amount of the fee you approve. An e-mail address will be taken from you while the deposit is being sent. A photograph of the boat you have chosen will be attached to this e-mail address along with the deposit receipt. In the mail, the content, lunch, drinks, tour date, departure and return time in the morning and Kas boat rental boat rules will be written. When you receive the e-mail, you will be asked to reply by typing ‘I approve’. The reason we do this is because we want our rental guests to have a mutual agreement. The remaining amount will be paid in cash to the captain when boarding the boat on the day of the tour by our rental guests.

Covid – 19 measures on boats

We are taking covid-19 measures on boats. Our guests are not obliged to wear masks in open areas on our boat. The staff who make lunch use bone, gloves and mask. While the lunch is served, the serving personnel use masks and gloves. All boats are disinfected when guests leave the boat, regardless of the general and private areas. After the disinfection process, it is closed for everyone except the personnel of the boat. In short, you can spend your day comfortably on our boats.

Boat charter from Demre and Kas

Boat rentals from Demre and Kaş have become very popular in recent years with the pandemic. In fact, all our boats are booked for 15 days in high season. If you have a tour plan in Kas and Demre in July and August, we recommend that you make your reservation early. If you want to make a reservation during your holiday, it may be close to impossible to find an available or idle boat. Since Kaş is the most popular holiday destination in recent years, all boats can be full almost every day in summer days. Our guests can make multiple reservations even 2 months in advance. When you make a call on the last day or the day before, your plans may be in vain.


Which are the bays where swimming breaks are given in Kaş Private Boat Trip?

Swimming Stopover places on Kaş Rental Boat;

  • Yarılgan Bay
  • Sarı ot Bay
  • Ufak Dere Bay
  • Shepherd Bay

How many hours does Kaş Boat Rental take?

Kaş Boat Rental takes 7 hours. It is organized between 10:00 and 17:00 in the morning.

What is included in Kaş Boat Rental prices?

You can get all the information about Kaş Boat Rental prices by calling us. In terms of content, a net price is determined in line with the wishes of our guests.

Which is the most suitable Kaş Rental Boat?

For the most suitable Kaş Rental Boat, our price for a two-person boat is 300 €

Where do Kaş Rental Boats depart from?

For Kaş Boat Rentals, we will send you the departure ports and location of our boats via whatsapp after booking.

How much are Kaş Boat Rentals?

Kaş Boat Rental prices vary between 300 € and 1,000 € depending on the type of boat. Please call us for more information.