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Kekova Private Boat Trip

Kekova private boat trip are indispensable tours of every holiday. Since social distance is not taken care of in crowded tours, our guests are in demand for this type of tour during the pandemic period. You can pamper yourself by choosing the most suitable boat for you with your group of friends and family. In our boat range, we have boats suitable for every budget and with different contents. You can call our professional team to find the most suitable boat for you and your budget.

Kekova Private Boat Trip

Boat Code: KKV-01

Every Day
7 Hours

Kekova Private Boat Trip Prices 2022

Kekova private boat trip prices will be given when you call us for the 2022 summer season. The reason why we cannot write the price clearly here is that there are many boats in our boat portfolio. For this reason, the price of each boat is different. They also vary in terms of content and number of people. Hotel transfer is not included in the price, regardless of boat size and content. We send our guests the location of our boat. When we send the location and boat name, our guests can easily find the location of our boat. Each of our boats has its own content. Standard boat departure and return to the port times. Our boats leave the port at 10:00 in the morning and end their tour by returning to the port at 17:00 in the afternoon. In order to get a clear price, we kindly ask you to call our information and reservation number written above. In this way, we will learn the number of your people, whether the tour will be with or without food, and who will provide the drinks. After receiving all this information from you, the photos of our most suitable boats will be sent to you via whatsapp.

Kekova Private Boat Trip Program

Kekova private boat trip program consists of 2 alternatives, either the standard program or the bays of your choice. The bays where swimming breaks are given in the standard Kekova private boat tour are as follows; Gökkaya Bay, Burç Bay, Korsan Bay, Esmeralda Bay, Karemlik Bay, Simena Castle and Kekova Island are Sunken City bays. If the coves you choose are in this route, it will not affect the price extra, but if it is a far off-route cove, it will increase the price extra. Sometimes guests want to take a swimming break at a few bays along the route. The reason for this is that they want to take more swimming breaks in fewer bays rather than going to that many bays and wasting time on the boat. Normally, an average of 30-40 minutes of swimming breaks are given in each bay. When stopping at fewer bays, a swim break of at least 1 hour is given. Lunch is served on the boat in one of these bays, accompanied by a magnificent sea view.

Our boats

Our boats are wooden two-story boats designed for private tours. They are single or double cabin boats according to their size. Each boat has a toilet and shower. Lunches are prepared daily and freshly during the tour in the kitchen of our boat. There is a different and rich menu than the crowded boat tour menus. It is more delicious and carefully prepared and served. The best part of the private tour is the food menu. Our guests, who wish, bring their own meals with the anxiety of the pandemic. If you wish, you can bring your own meals and drinks in this way.


Which are the bays where swimming breaks are given in Kekova Private Boat Trip?

Swimming Stopover places on Kekova Private Boat Trip;

  • Simena Island
  • Burç Bay
  • Sunken City
  • Kekova Island
  • Esmeralda Bay
  • Pirates Bay

What is included in the price of Kekova Private Boat Trip?

You can get all the information about Kekova Private Boat Trip, which are included in the price, by calling us. In terms of content, a net price is determined in line with the wishes of our guests.

Which Kekova Private Boat Trip is the most suitable?

Our most affordable Kekova Private Boat Trip is 500 TL for a two-person boat.

How long does the Kekova Private Boat Trip take?

Kekova Private Boat Trip takes 7 hours. It is organized between 10:00 and 17:00 in the morning.

Where does the Kekova Private Boat Trip depart from?

We will send you the Kekova Private Boat Trip departure port and location via whatsapp after booking.

How much are Kekova Private Boat Trips?

Kekova Private Boat Trip prices vary between 500 TL and 10,000 TL depending on the type of boat. Please call us for more information.