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Marmaris Bar Street

11Marmaris Bar Street

Resort Marmaris is often called the Turkish Ibiza, because this city is considered the center of night resort life. Music on the dance floors of nightclubs here does not subside until dawn. All the most popular and iconic establishments of Marmaris are gathered in one place, which is called Bar Street, or Bar Street. More than 80 entertainment venues are located along this street: nightclubs, discos, elite bars and restaurants, as well as colorful cafes, hookah bars and Turkish-style eateries. This area of ​​the city has become “a kind of symbol of Marmaris, which makes this resort recognizable all over the world.

Interesting facts about Bar Street in Marmaris

The street stretches from the city center and ends at the Netsel Marina. Admission to most establishments on Bar Street is free. Moreover, some clubs often hold promotions and offer free cocktails to their visitors. True, you still have to pay to enter some nightclubs, but the ticket price usually includes a certain number of free cocktails.

Due to high competition, every nightclub or restaurant is trying to stand out among its fellows. In addition to standard discos, grandiose theme parties, enchanting foam and laser shows, performances by famous world-class DJs are waiting for you here. In addition to noisy nightclubs, there are also other entertainments for every taste: cozy restaurants with “live” music, quiet hookah bars and even high-end elite restaurants.

Almost all establishments are open from 21-00 and do not close their doors until the morning. Therefore, in one night you can easily visit several nightclubs or discos at once. Major city hotels offer a free shuttle service to and from Bar Street.

The most popular clubs on Bar Street

Among the leaders in popularity among Russian tourists, the Arena nightclub can be noted. Its features are a huge dance floor, modern sound equipment and perfect acoustics. Exciting themed parties and foam shows are often held here. Here you can also watch the famous show of transvestites. It is worth noting that the prices for alcoholic drinks here are very high.

The Crazy Daizy nightclub is also in great demand. The vast territory of this institution can accommodate up to 10 thousand guests at the same time. For many years now, this nightclub has occupied a leading position among all the institutions of Marmaris, according to tourists. You should not ignore the smaller discos: B-52, ‘Backstreet’ and ‘Joy’. It plays music of different styles, from European pop hits to reggae or RnB songs.