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Marmaris Bike Roads

11Marmaris Bike Road

The city of Marmaris is an ever-evolving trendy seaside resort with more and more great opportunities for active and wellness holidays every year.

Among other things, cycling tourism is also flourishing here, as one of the most popular sports and entertainment among holidaymakers. For many years, one of the stages of the annual multi-day international presidential cycling race in Turkey has been held in Marmaris. In addition, local cycling competitions are often organized in the city.

All this attracts a large number of athletes and cyclists from all over the world to Marmaris. Given the enormous potential of the city in the development of cycling, the city council is taking effective measures to further progress in this direction.

The Marmaris City Hall decided to build a dedicated bike path along the promenade between Icmeler and Marmaris.

This path was made in the form of a separate strip, paved with red paving slabs. It then transitions to a blue acrylic track that won’t warp when heated in hot sunlight.

By the beginning of the summer season of 2017, in continuation to the existing bike path, its new sections were opened. This pleasant event was a real gift for all lovers of cycling and encourages newcomers to join this dynamic form of recreation and travel. The cycle path itself is two-way and is located along the sidewalks, on both sides of the carriageway.

The new blue cycle lane, deepening from the embankment, stretches through the Siteler and Armutalan districts to the center of Marmaris.

For the bike path, a modern environmentally friendly acrylic coating is used, which is resistant to physical impact and does not lose its properties in a wide temperature range from minus 50 to plus 50 degrees Celsius.

The new bike path effectively provides good cushioning, soft and comfortable ride for cyclists.

If water gets on the track, it does not cause slipping and does not affect the grip of the coated bicycle wheels in any way, since it remains as reliable as when it is dry.

For safety reasons, the bike path is separated from the rest of the roadway along its entire length by low barrier fences, which are made of durable metal structures. In the intervals of this fence there are reflectors – road reflectors.

With their glare, they mark the edges of the bike path at night. Also, the bike path is equipped with special signs and road signs that provide additional traffic safety.

Now vacationers in Marmaris have additional opportunities to explore this colorful city and its stunningly picturesque surroundings on their own. And all you need is a good bike.

While cycling around the city or along the promenade to Icmeler, you can stop at any place you like to take pictures of the sights, drink fragrant Turkish tea, coffee or enjoy refreshing ice cream in a cafe, which smiling sellers skillfully present right on the street, arranging a small show. performance just for you.

The colorful southern nature will reveal its unknown places to you, amazing in the variety of indelible impressions and with countless possibilities for your perfect vacation.

Marmaris offers excellent conditions for cycling, everything here has been thoughtfully thought out and carefully created for your various pleasures and fun adventures.

11Marmaris Bike Road

Marmaris Mountain Bike Roads

It is about promoting the accessibility and attractiveness of the alternative tourism opportunities of the region through physical and technological works on infrastructure, further development of cycle tourism, which shows a worldwide increasing trend, and seasonal and geographical division of regional tourism, as well as acquisition of new areas in foreign markets, taking into account the fluctuating preferences of consumers.

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To this end, the following goals are sought:

creation of cycle routes over 710 km,
installation of a total of 300 posts and 800 signs with QR code and 250 signs warning of cyclists along the cycle routes,
Development of 250 parking spaces for bicycles, installation of 20 information boards,
Setting up WEB pages and mobile phone applications,
Distribution of information materials such as signposts, brochures, maps, etc. to introduce cycle tourism and cycle routes and their representation on national and international platforms,
Medium-term creation of an adequate basis for connecting EuroVelo (European Bicycle Route Network) to our country via Greece – Rhodes – Marmaris,
Development of an appropriate basis for infrastructure compatible with the EuroVelo criteria.