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Marmaris Markets


Many tourists come to Marmaris not only to soak up the warm Turkish sun, but also to stroll through the local markets and shops. Therefore, it will be useful for those who are planning their trip to the Aegean coast of Turkey to learn about the largest markets and bazaars of Marmaris.

Marmaris Central Market

Perhaps one of the most popular places for shopping in the city, because almost every tourist has been here. The largest bazaar in Marmaris is located near the city center and is open on Thursdays. During the holiday season, the market is partially open on Sundays, but the malls are not fully operational. You can get here both by taxi and by city minibuses-dolmush, which run constantly. It is enough to get on a bus with a blue or turquoise stripe and say “Pazar” to the driver (in Turkish, the market). The driver will stop at the right place and tell you when to get off.

The central market is a two-story building, where a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables, spices and seasonings, souvenirs, as well as clothes, shoes and much more are presented. Prices here are relatively cheaper than in local supermarkets or small shops.

Market in Siteler Area

Tourists vacationing in city hotels in the Cityler area will find it more convenient to walk to the local small market, which is located near the D-Resort Grand Azur 5 * hotel. The market is open every Tuesday. To get to this place from the center, you need to take a dolmush with a turquoise or orange stripe.

The assortment of the market in Cityler is not very diverse. Most outlets offer various Turkish souvenirs, fruits and textiles – clothes, towels, beach products, etc.

Market in Armutalan

Despite the fact that Armutalan is one of the largest areas of Marmaris, the market here is relatively young. The shopping arcade starts right behind the Kipa supermarket and is open to customers every Saturday. In order not to go to the bazaar on foot, you can sit on the city blue dolmush.

Of course, this market is much smaller in size than the central bazaar of Marmaris, but here you can find everything you need: fruits, vegetables, dried herbs and spices, Turkish sweets and souvenirs. But the choice of clothes here is rather modest and the quality of the presented goods is very doubtful.

Market in Icmeler

Icmeler is one of the most remote areas of Marmaris, however, there is also a small market here. You can get here both by public transport (taxi or minibus), and on foot, walking along the embankment. The market itself is open every Wednesday and is located near the entrance to Icmeler. The bazaar is quite compact in size and convenient, because all the goods are presented here, as in the Armutalan market, only in smaller volumes.