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Online Excursions, Tours and activities in Turkey > Alanya Fire of Anatolia Dance Show Troy
  • Adult60 €
  • Child (4-11)30 €
  • Infant (0-3)Free
  • Tour Duration17:00 / 23:00
  • Hotel TransferYes
  • Fire Of Anatolia08:30 / 16:00

Alanya Fire of Anatolia Dance Show Troy

Do you dream of an enchanting spectacle by world-famous artists? I want to have real joy in dancing and music. Then you must visit Alanya Fire of Anatolia Dance Show Troy.

An unforgettable performance by the world-renowned ensemble Fires of Anatolia awaits you. You are in the midst of events descended from the pages of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. You will watch the magnificent improvisation from the bench of the huge amphitheater in the ancient city of Aspendos. You will witness the wonderful work of the masters, you will be amazed at the richness and luxury of costumes, makeup, decorations, decorations, lights and in general everything you see tonight.


Ensemble Fire of Anatolia Dance Show is a great team that will have a dialogue with you in the public musical language during the performance. Such a show must be seen at least once in a lifetime to understand that the art of dance goes beyond the usual classics.

The actors’ easy movements, well-coordinated steps, the recitation of stanzas of the most famous works of Homer, the love and pain of the heroes of the glorified events will lead you to aesthetic delight. The magnificence and grandeur of the show, which has no analogues, is what you really need.


Included / Not Included

  • English Speaking Guides
  • Hotel Pick Up / Drop Off
  • Admission Ticket
  • Insurance
  • Dinner
  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks

Alanya Fire of Anatolia Dance Show Troy Price 2023

Alanya Fire of Anatolia Dance Show price is 60 Euro for adults, 30 Euro for children from 7 to 11 years old and for children under 6 years old free.

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Days & Time

Tour days: Daily

Tour duration: From 17:00 to 01:00

Alanya Hotels Transfer: Pick up from your hotel

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Alanya Fires of Anatolia Dance Show Troy Tour Program

The journey begins in the evening. At 5:00 p.m., a comfortable bus will pick you up from your hotel and set off. When you reach the ancient city of Aspendos, make your first stop to have a meal in a good restaurant before the show.

After a wonderful and hearty dinner, head to the Aspendos Arena. The building was built in 2008 on the model and likeness of the old amphitheater, especially for the performance of the dance ensemble Fires of Anatolia. The stadium seats 17,000 spectators and you will be amazed by the size of the stage.


As you sit down in the auditorium, the Last Supper begins – an improvisation of the most famous works of Homer’s Iliad and the Odyssey “Troy”. You will find a delightful presentation of literary and historical facts, great sound, unsurpassed acting, rich costumes, shoes and jewelry, and an excellent projection of the landscape. They will love and suffer the dancers, put down roots for the Greeks and Trojans, marvel at the courage and strength of the warriors, judge and praise the gods, be tormented by Elena’s heartbreak, and worry for the men who loved her.

During the two-hour show, you’ll experience the full range of emotions from joy to anger. You will surely enjoy the dance show immensely. At the end of the program at 11:00 p.m., the bus will pick you up again and bring you back to the hotel around 1:00 a.m.


Troy is perhaps the most famous place on earth. According to scientists, the origin of Troy began around 3000 BC. when the ancient Greeks colonized the west coast of modern Turkey. At that time the Greeks managed to build buildings, they developed writing and culture. Then Troy was a small settlement fenced by a high wall of rough stone, but its territory gradually increased many times, and the defensive wall grew up to 9 meters high. The state grew and became rich, and the inhabitants of Troy long ago forgot that their ancestors sailed to this area from Greece. And the Greeks were amazed at the wealth of this small state and longed to subdue it. About two hundred years before the end of the second millennium B.C. Chr. The Trojan War took place. Skeptics believe the war was caused by envy of Troy’s wealth, while romantics say the war was caused by love.

The earliest accounts of the Trojan War come from Homer, who wrote some centuries after the events of around the 8th century BC. lived. He believes that the reason for the Trojan War was the kidnapping of Helen, Queen of Sparta. According to him, this kidnapping was carried out by Paris, the son of King Priam of Troy. The war was long and the gods supported the opponents. The city has been under siege for 10 years. Homer describes the climax of the war and the conquest of Troy by a Spartan army under King Agamemnon. He also denounces the famous Greek trick that every schoolchild knows – the “Trojan horse”. To invade the city, the Greeks, as a sign of reconciliation, give the Trojans a huge horse in which wars are hidden. trojan, ready for peace, accept this gift and let their enemies into their inaccessible city. They in turn catch them and win.

In fact, however, the story of Troy does not end in war. After the Greeks conquered the territory, Troy continued to develop for many centuries. Its history can be traced back to 400 BC. to be traced back. From time to time, during excavations, they find confirmation of the wealth and development of this amazing state.

Ensemble Fires of Anatolia

You will be lucky enough to see Turkey’s most famous dance group “Ensemble Fires of Anatolia”. It consists of 250 dancers. They have been performing since 2001, their touring activities began in 2002. The team has visited 85 countries around the world and has been successful everywhere. The audience of the troupe is 20 million people. The ensemble is directed by Mustafa Erdogan and the ensemble is twice recognized in the Guinness Book of Records for fastest dance and largest audience.

All of the ensemble’s works are works of art – bright, colorful and meaningful. Dance directors masterfully use solos, crowd scenes and artistic recitations. The dance numbers performed by the ensemble are a story about the events of different eras. There are no single stars in the team, an entire galaxy is working there. The dancers performed in front of 50 presidents and decorated important world events with their works: Eurovision, Formula 1. They had the most daring places to dance, and once the ancient Egyptian pyramids became their backdrop.

Show Lights of Anatolia “Troy”

One of the most famous works of the Fires of Anatolia ensemble is the interpretation of the immortal poems of Homer Iliad and Odysseus in the Troy show in the language of dance. Following a good tradition, the ensemble stops touring activities in the summer and gives open-air concerts at its home in the Aspendos Arena stadium near the ancient city of Aspendos, increasing the impact on the audience.

Imagine war, love and drama dance. You are in the middle of the events three thousand years ago. The dancers will take you into the distant past, make your heart beat faster and worry about the heroes. Great music, luxurious decorations, fantastic costumes, lights and of course the great work of the actors will leave you in a storm of emotions.

In order for the show to be second to none, the masters used 150 points of light, 550 decorative projection images, 10 workshops, which sewed 2 thousand costumes from 12 thousand meters of fabric, and 5.5 thousand beads. The actors spent 7.2 thousand hours in rehearsal rooms to hone their skills.

You will have a real aesthetic pleasure watching the show, loud music and wonderful dances will stay in your memory forever. Late at night, after the show is over, the bus will take you back to your hotel. And when you fall asleep, you still hear the music and see the gentle movements of the dancers.


How much is Alanya Fires of Anatolia Dance Show?

 Alanya Fires of Anatolia Dance Show price:

Adult: 60 Euro

Child: 30 Euro

Infant: Free

What is included in the price of Alanya Anatolia Troy Show fires?

The cost of Alanya Anatolia Troy Show fires includes transfer from your hotel and back, insurance, entrance ticket and dinner.

How long does Fires of Anatolia dance show from Alanya last?

Fires of Anatolia dance show from Alanya starts from 17:00 to 01:00. The total tour time is approximately 8 hours.

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