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Online Excursions > Belek Pamukkale Day Tour

Belek Pamukkale Day Tour

Would you like to get to know the majestic beauties of nature, see extraordinary landscapes and panoramas? A trip from Belek Pamukkale Day Tour will show you all the colors of the sights of the Turkish land.

The true pearl of Turkey is the Pamukkale hot springs complex. This truly unique place is part of the cultural makeup of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It will be interesting for you to get acquainted with the history of the formation of snow-white travertines, plunge into the legends of the Greek gods and their adventures, take a lot of extraordinary photos and get a treasure trove of emotions and impressions.

In the holy city of Hierapolis, one of the most famous ancient cities of modern Turkey, you will be introduced to the legend of the holy apostles Philip and Bartholomew , and the ruins of an ancient church built on the site of their death penalty will be shown. The surroundings of the ancient city, scattered over a wide area, will help you plunge into the past and feel the spirit of the times.

In downtown Hierapolis, swim in Cleopatra’s Healing Pool, a source of beauty and strength. The temperature of the water, pushed to the surface by carbon dioxide, typically reaches 36 degrees year-round, giving the impression of taking a warm bath with champagne.

Belek Pamukkale Day Tour will give you an adventure in the past and leave a lot of fabulous impressions!

📅 Tour Days: Every Day
⏱️ Tour Hours: Between 06:30 – 21:30
✔️ Tour Includes: Antalya Hotels Transfer, Guiding Service, Insurance
📌 Tour Highlights: Swim among the ruins in Cleopatra’s famous pool, Walk the travertines and feel the mineral rich water on your feet, Explore the ruins at Hierapolis, Enjoy the cultural stops along the way

How Much is Belek Pamukkale Tour Price 2024

Belek Pamukkale All Inclusive Tour price is 30 Euro. Child Price is 15 Euro. ( 4 – 7 Ages ). Under 3 years old.

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Pamukkale Package Price: 30 €

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Comfortable Bus (Full A/C)
  • Small Group (Max. 18 People)
  • Guiding Service
  • Insurance

Belek Hotels – Between 06:30 – 21:30

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Early in the morning, around 5:30 a.m., a comfortable bus will pick you up and take you to Pamukkale. Your extraordinary journey begins here.

In Pamukkale you will find health springs, Pamukkale’s “ Cotton Castle”, turquoise thermal water reservoirs, a walk through the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis , stories about the legends of the Greek gods, Cleopatra’s pool and a sea of ​​fabulous images. A hearty lunch buffet completes the excursion.

At the end of the sightseeing tour you can buy souvenir gifts in the gift shop.

After capturing hundreds of beautiful photos and videos, return to Belek. And you arrive at the hotel in time for dinner around 19:00.

“Cotton Castle” Pamukkale

Your excursion begins with a unique natural wonder – the snow-white Pamukkale travertines. Hot thermal water cascading down the slope creates a huge system in the form of bizarre bodies of water with limestone walls. The travertine formations are the result of the deposition of water salts from calcium-rich springs, giving the white terraces iridescent colors.

The tour is led by a professional German speaking tour guide. He will plunge you into the history of the formation of white travertine, answer questions of interest to the culture of nature and help you plunge into a real fairy tale.

The ancient city of Hierapolis

An English-speaking guide will take you on a 1-hour walking tour of ancient Hierapolis , where you can explore the city’s ruins, soak up the zeitgeist, find yourself in a grand amphitheater, and visit the Temple of Apollo.

The ruins and deposits of the ancient city of Hierapolis are some of the most popular destinations on the tourist list. The city got its name in honor of the royal wife Giera, the wife of the founder of Pergamon – Telefos. Historians write that the city was founded in the second millennium BC. Arose, but unfortunately was completely destroyed under the influence of a strong earthquake. After a while, Hierapolis was conquered in 190 BC. Rebuilt. During the long period of its existence, the city was controlled by Byzantium, Rome and Turkey. It was also a famous spa for Rome’s elite and the center of the Byzantine diocese. Turkey’s largest necropolis is located in Hierapolis. There you can see a variety of monuments and unique tombstones of Roman nobility.

The ancient city was subject to earthquakes several times, finally destroying it in 1354. Research excavations began in its place in 1887. The restoration work continues to this day, so it can be assumed that the “holy city” is afflicted with many other mysteries.

Cleopatra Pool

After a walk in ancient Hierapolis, you will have 2 hours of free time. You can dispose of them at your own discretion – go to the Roman theater, come back and take lots of photos against the background of snow-white travertines of Pamukkale or visit the famous Cleopatra’s pool, located in the city.

You can replenish energy and strength by bathing in healing mineral waters, where according to legends and beliefs, the Egyptian queen herself visited this place to rejuvenate and prolong her beauty. Pool water contains many trace elements useful for health and youth. The therapeutic composition will help you cope with diseases of the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, the gastrointestinal tract, as well as diseases of the nerve endings. Rest and relaxation are guaranteed!

Two hours of free time give you free rein to your desires. You can completely relax in the water of the pool, take a walk around the area, return to the travertines of Pamukkale or have an aromatic Turkish coffee or tea with sweets in the local cozy cafe.

For true extreme lovers and fans of exciting experiences, there is an opportunity to paraglide from a height of 500 meters to see the wonders of snow-white Pamukkale and the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis.

Souvenir Shop

After the excursion, the guide will invite you to the souvenir shop, where you can buy souvenirs for yourself, friends, relatives and friends. And also skin care cosmetics made in this thermal rugion.

After an amazing journey full of vivid impressions, a comfortable bus will take you back to your hotel in Belek. Your trip will be remembered for a long time and your skin will be glowing for a long time, filled with vitamins and minerals from thermal springs.



Belek Pamukkale Tour Price

Belek Pamukkale Tour Prices are:

Adult: 30 €

Child: 15 €

Infant: Free

What is included in the price of Belek to Pamukkale excursion?

Belek to Pamukkale excursion price includes transfer from your hotel and back and professional English speaking guide.

How long does a trip from Belek to Pamukkale take?

A comfortable bus will pick you up from your hotel around 05:30 in the morning. You will be brought back to the hotel at 19:00. The whole trip from Belek to Pamukkale takes about 13.5 hours.

When is the best time to visit Pamukkale?

The best time to visit Pamukkale is spring (April to mid-June). Summer can be unbearably hot while winter can see snowfall! Fall (mid-September to October) is also a good option, but days are shorter and there’s a greater chance of rain.

How far is Pamukkale from Belek?

Distance from Belek to Pamukkale: 4 hours – Road distance is 280 km. via E87 

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