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Online Excursions > Bodrum Pamukkale Tour

Bodrum Pamukkale Tour

Our company invites you to spend your day in Pamukkale. Bodrum Pamukkale Tour will start early in the morning. We will pick you up at the hotel and go on a comfortable bus to the “Cotton Castle” of Turkey.

This place is a unique natural site, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, known since ancient times. During the Roman Empire, this exceptional place was available only to the elite of society. And today, more than 2 million people a year come here to see the snow-white mountains and rejuvenate in thermal springs.

This miracle of nature is a majestic mountain with a cascade of snow-white travertines – small natural pools of bizarre shape. Water from underground sources, saturated with calcium bicarbonate, flowing down the slopes of the mountain for thousands of years, formed a white precipitate. People go to Pamukkale, first of all, to see travertines. They give the landscape an unreal look.

Not far from the “Cotton Castle” is the ancient city of Hierapolis, founded over 4000 years ago. On its territory there are several interesting sights – the amphitheater, the Necropolis, the Temple of Apollo. You will have enough time to walk around this open-air museum.

In addition, you can swim in the Cleopatra pool, the water in the source differs from that which flows through travertines – it does not contain calcium, its temperature is in the range from +34 to +36 °C.

Pamukkale is a wonder of the world that you must visit during your holiday in Turkey. If you have never been there, be sure to visit this amazing place! You will get a unique experience, unforgettable emotions and hundreds of colorful photos for a long memory!

How much is Bodrum Pamukkale Tour Price 2024

Bodrum Pamukkale Tour price is 40  Euro for adults, 30 Euro for children from 4 to 12 years old and for children under 3 years old free.

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Included / Not Included

  • English Speaking Guide
  • Open Buffet Lunch
  • Bus with Full A/C
  • Insurance
  • Personel Expenditures
  • Cleopatra Pool Swim Ticket
  • Pamukkale Entrance Fee
  • Drinks

Days & Time

Tour days: Daily

Tour duration: 06:00 – 20:00

Bodrum Hotels Transfer: Pick up from your hotel

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Bodrum Pamukkale Tour Program

The travertines of Pamukkale, which is called the Cotton Castle, are a high mountain of cascades of terraced pools with thermal mineral water. They are a real miracle of nature, and were formed over several hundred thousand years.

The snow-white lace of lime deposits slowly formed from calcium minerals from the composition of the water of hot springs that come to the surface from the depths of the earth’s interior at various heights.

As a result of the cooling of the water flowing down the slopes, calcium ions gradually precipitated and hardened, turning into crystals.

In such an incomprehensible way, according to the plan of nature, this bizarre landscape was created, which from a distance resembles snow-capped mountains, or huge piles of cotton, the size of a fairy-tale castle, of gigantic proportions.

You can enjoy the mesmerizing spectacle of this fantastic natural phenomenon and wander barefoot through its stalactite baths filled with warm mineral water.

Also, you will visit the ancient city of Hierapolis, which is located on top of the frozen limestone hills of Pamukkale.

This is a large archaeological complex, with the remains of buildings from several historical eras. Over the centuries, different cultural civilizations erected these buildings, from which only ruins have survived to this day.

In the second century BC, an ancient hydrotherapy resort was located here, since the mineral water of the local thermal springs has healing properties.

Then, around the buildings for balneological purposes, the city began to grow, which, after several centuries, was transformed into a major cultural center of the ancient period.

You can feel the course of history walking along the ancient streets of Hierapolis, among its sights are the ruins of the temple of Apollo, the restored monumental amphitheater, the pagan temple of Plutonius, the remains of Martyrios of St. Philip and the ancient necropolis, the largest in Turkey.

In addition, you can swim in the ancient Cleopatra pool, which is filled with unique mineral water that heals many diseases.

Also, rejuvenating properties are attributed to this lightly carbonated water. For such advantages, this valuable water was preferred by the queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra.

According to legend, she loved to swim in this pool to keep her youth and beauty. Since ancient times, after earthquakes, fragments of Roman columns have survived, which rest at the bottom of the pool.

Having made a fascinating trip to Pamukkale from Bodrum, you will get great pleasure from this interesting trip, and a sea of indelible memories, vivid impressions!


Bodrum Pamukkale Tour Price 2024

Adult: 40

Child: 30 €

Infant: Free

How long does it take to reach Pamukkale during Excursion from Bodrum?

It takes about 4 hours by bus to reach Pamukkale on your Marmaris to Pamukkale excursion as the distance between Bodrum and Pamukkale is 250 kilometers.

What can you see during the excursion from Bodrum to Pamukkale?

During the excursion from Bodrum to Pamukkale you will see the white travertines of Pamukkale, Cleopatra’s Pool and the ancient city of Hierapolis.

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