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Online Excursions > Excursion to Konya from Cappadocia

Excursion to Konya from Cappadocia

Would you like to visit the oldest city on earth? The home of extraordinarily fascinating whirling dervishes. And discover a very different, conservative, religious Turkey. So unlike what you’ve become accustomed to. Then a day tour Excursion to Konya from Cappadocia is for you!

Your path will pass through the largest caravan – a shed in Turkey – Sultanhani, which is located on the territory of the Great Silk Road and whose size amazes everyone. You will be faced with one of the most popular sights – the Mevlana Museum dedicated to the philosopher and poet Jalal-ad-Din-Rumi.

The museum is a working mosque as well as the tomb of the great philosopher. You will see a place of importance to the city – the Karatay Tile Museum. And the Madrasah of the Thin Minaret will surprise you not only with its beauty and originality, but also with its unique exhibits. You will have the opportunity to see the oldest architectural landmark – Ala ad-Din Mosque. It is located on the central hill of the city center of the same name.

Thanks to a sightseeing tour to the city of Konya, in one day you can enjoy the most beautiful sights of this magical and friendly city, which will leave indelible marks on your heart forever.

How much is Cappadocia Konya Day Trip Prices 2024

Cappadocia Daily Konya Trip price is 300 Euro for adultsFree for children from 0 to 4 years old.

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Included / Not Included

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Training Service
  • Entry tickets
  • Insurance
  • Dinner
  • Personal Spendings
  • Drinks

Days & Time

Tour days: Daily

Tour duration: 08:30 – 19:00

Cappadocia Hotels Transfer: Pick up from your hotel

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Cappadocia Konya Day Tour Program

A comfortable, air-conditioned bus will pick you up from your hotel and you will embark on a unique journey to the oldest city on our planet – the city of Konya. The road will lead you to the fabulous caravan – the Sultankhana Shed built on the Great Silk Road. Next you will reach one of the best museums in Turkey – Mevlana Museum – a Muslim poet and mystic. Selimiye Mosque is nearby, you will definitely see it.

The Karatay Tile Museum is the next stop on your journey. Your attention will be drawn to the Thin Minaret Madrasah with its delightful museum exhibits. And the last part of the excursion will be the central part of the city – the oldest part, where Ala ad-Din hill and the mosque of the same name are located. After that, take your seats on the bus and head back to your hotel.

Sultankhana caravan shed: Literally translated Caravan – Sarai means “palace for caravans”. A place where travelers and merchants can rest in complete safety. The Sultankhana Caravanserai was built in 1229 by order of the Seljuk Sultan and covers an area of ​​4500 square meters. You will be amazed by its size. This is the largest caravan – Sarai in Turkey.

You will remember the very interesting Seljuk architecture as well as the impressive entrance gate which is 13 meters wide and 11 meters high. They are richly decorated with oriental ornaments. The walls are made of cobblestone and mortar, such construction being typical of the early Seljuks. In the yard, a small mosque has survived to this day, which you can carefully examine.

Mevlana Museum: A whole complex of structures will open in front of you. This is one of the most beautiful museums in Turkey. On its territory you can see the semahane – the hall where the rotation ceremony takes place, the mausoleum, the library and the sadirvan – the place for ritual ablutions. On December 17, 1273, Jalalladin Rumi, nicknamed Mevlana, died. He was buried in the rose garden. Then in 1274 a mausoleum was built on this site. It was not until 1926 that a decree was signed to establish a museum on this site. It took seven centuries to develop.

Of course, the main focus here is the tomb of Mevlana itself, located just below the turquoise dome. You will immerse yourself in the mystical atmosphere by getting acquainted with the collections of ancient books. You will see Mevlana’s musical instruments and personal items. You will be introduced to the very interesting process of teaching and training dervishes. However, special attention is paid here to the coffin in which the beard fragment of the Prophet Muhammad is kept.

Selimiye Mosque: Not far from the Mevlana Museum is the Selimiye Mosque, built in 1567 by order of Sultan Selim II. You will definitely love the spectacular, beautiful building in the style of Ottoman architecture. It is noteworthy that the courtyard and the building are one. This is an outstanding temple complex that will amaze you with its harmony.

Inside you can see a beautifully decorated prayer floor illuminated by beautiful hanging chandeliers. The halls are made of blue and white marble. There is an atmosphere of peace and tranquility everywhere.

Karatay Tile Museum: The museum is located in the building of the former madrasah built in 1251. Basically, there are ceramic tiles from Qubadabad Palace. This is the palace of the Seljuk sultans. You will be enchanted by the interior design, as the ceramic covering of the dome and the walls is almost completely preserved here.

In the museum you will have a clear idea of ​​what the Seljuk nobility looked like. Because their images on the tiles are made with photographic accuracy. By the way, Mevlana taught in this madrasah. You will be amazed by the beautiful decorations made of colorful mosaics. This amazing architectural monument deserves your attention.

Madrasah of the Thin Minaret: They call it that because it has an unusually narrow minaret. It’s much narrower than usual. In addition, it is much higher than everyone else. You will be impressed how it is decorated with tiled tiles. The madrasa was built between 1264 and 1265. In 1901 it was struck by lightning and part of the minaret collapsed. Now it is much lower than before. In 1956, a museum of wood and stone carvings was opened here. You will be fascinated by an unusual entrance to the museum in the form of a portal. In addition, it is decorated with openwork stone carvings. A truly impressive sight for architecture lovers.

Mosque and hill Ala ad-Dina: You will have the opportunity to see a wonderful landmark – the Ala ad-Din Mosque, which is located on the downtown hill of the same name. It is the tomb of the Seljuk sultans. The base of the mosque, whose construction was completed in 1221, included a Byzantine basilica. Inside, 42 columns are preserved, and the decoration of dark and light marble has come down to us. You can see the magnificent panorama of the city that opens from the mosque. The hill is a city park – a wonderful place for walking, with alleys and beautiful flower beds.


Cappadocia Konya Tour price 2024

Adult: 300 €

Child: 300 €

Infant: Free

Which attractions do you visit on a tour from Cappadocia to Konya?

During the tour to Konya city you will visit Sultankhana Caravan Shed, Mevlana Museum, Selimiye Mosque, Karatay Tile Museum, Thin Minaret Madrasah, Mosque and Ala ad-Din Hill.

What is included in the price of a tour from Cappadocia to Konya?

The cost of an excursion to Konya city includes a transfer from your hotel and back, a professional English-speaking guide, insurance and entrance tickets to all attractions.

How long is the excursion from Cappadocia to Konya?

You will be picked up from your hotel in Cappadocia at 8:30 am and brought back to your hotel around 7:00 pm. The tour is private so times may vary based on preference.

Is Konya worth seeing?

Konya is an amazing place, but not just for the common tourist. It is a very religious city and a visit to the Mosque, now a museum by Rumi, is a must. It’s also a good place to buy a rug. Caravan is an excellent place with fair prices.

Why is Konya famous?

Konya was the last home of Rumi (Mevlana), whose tomb is located in the city. In 1273 his followers founded the Mevlevi Sufi order of Islam in Konya and became known as the whirling dervishes. Konya has the reputation of being one of the most religiously conservative metropolises in Turkey.

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