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Online Excursions > Istanbul Balloon Tour ( Pamukkale )

Istanbul Balloon Tour ( Pamukkale )

Do you want to feel like a real balloonist, set off on an adventure and see world heritage from a balloon basket? Then a İstanbul Balloon Tour is just right for you.

Every traveler in one trip really wants to have time to see all the most interesting. Despite the seeming distance from Istanbul to Pamukkale, you will have a unique opportunity to see the famous natural wonder with your own eyes, flying over its expanses in a hot air balloon. A well-organized trip will allow you to enjoy your vacation without wasting time and comfortably.

Pamukkale is a plateau of volcanic origin, which has an incredible view. Amazing white terraces made of limestone sediments, called travertines, are filled with warm mineral waters gushing from the springs. A scattering of semicircular pools filled with sky-blue water look simply amazing.

All this beauty is especially magnificent at dawn from a bird’s eye view. That is why hot air ballooning is so popular here. Rising up, you will see as if white cotton is scattered over the plateau, forming amazing outlines. Or as if an invisible artist painted a surrealistic picture with oil paints in large strokes.

You will see not only snow-white travertines, but also the ancient city of Hierapolis, which since ancient times served as a healing resort for the aristocratic rich. Ancient buildings have been preserved in the city. Large amphitheater, Roman gates, baths, fountains, necropolis and much more.

After landing, you will be given a personal certificate and you will celebrate this event with a glass of champagne. Having received a charge of unprecedented emotions, at your request, you can go on an exciting tour of the ancient city, improve your health and rejuvenate in the life-giving pools with mineral waters.

After the excursions, you will be quickly and comfortably taken back to Istanbul to the door of your hotel. You will still dream of the stunning views of Pammukale for a long time to come. An amazing place will remain in your heart forever. And thousands of photos will remind you of a great vacation spent in a beautiful and hospitable country.

Included / Not Included

  • Hot air balloon certificate
  • Qualified Pilot
  • Champagne
  • Insurance
  • Photo and video shooting
  • Transfer from/to hotel
  • Personal Spendings

İstanbul Balloon Tour Prices 2022

Price List for Balloon Tour from İstanbul 2022:

Age Standard Price Online Price
Adult ( +13 ) Ask for price Ask for Price
Child ( 11 – 12 ) Ask for Price Ask for Price
Infant ( 0 – 10 ) Not Allowed to join Not Allowed to Join

Days & Time

İstanbul Balloon Tour Days – Times:

Every Day: 3:00 – 18:00

İstanbul Balloon Tour Program

At the appointed time, you will be picked up from the hotel, and you will go to the airport or bus station in a comfortable air-conditioned car. We can also take you to Pamukkale in a private vehicle. You can write to us in the chats below and we will rent a hotel in Pamukkale for you so that you can sleep and go to fulfill your dream at dawn.

Arriving at dawn at the place of take-off of the balloons, you will be given a detailed briefing, they will help you climb into the basket of the balloon, and you will make your unforgettable flight. The flight itself lasts about 1 hour, and the landing site depends on the weather and wind. During the flight, you will enjoy beautiful views and capture the amazing beauty of the area with your cameras.

After landing, a car will pick you up and take you to the landing site. You will be given a personalized certificate and a glass of champagne to celebrate the occasion.

Then you can have breakfast in the on-site cafe with delicious and hearty dishes of national cuisine. After breakfast, you can go on a tour of Pamukkale, take a dip in the healing hot springs, or walk through the ruins of the ancient city.

After the tour, at approximately 18:00, satisfied and pleasantly tired, you will be picked up by a comfortable car and driven back to Istanbul to your hotel.

If you want to stay overnight in Pamukkale or go to the ancient city of Ephesus, let us know in the chats below and we will help you with the organization.


To make the flight as comfortable and safe as possible, before the flight you will be given a detailed briefing on the rules of use, control and behavior in the balloon. Each balloon, like its pilot, undergoes a thorough check and certification before each flight.

After the pilot is satisfied that everything is ready to fly, he will help you climb into the basket, get comfortable, and you will go on your unforgettable flight.


At dawn, nature, waking up, is especially tender. You can watch the sunrise endlessly. Slowly rising up, under the first gusts of wind, you will be able to catch the first ray of the sun that illuminated the snow-white travertines. Floating over the airy terraces, you will see how the mineral springs, descending from the top of the hills, fill them with blue water. How water, for centuries, making its way through the stones, found its way, created absolutely amazing patterns.

Your flight will last approximately 1 hour, climbing 1000 km and descending so that it seems like you can touch the hills. The currents of air will carry you and circle you throughout the valley. You will be able to see all the corners and secret places that a simple tourist is forbidden to step into. You will discover the city of Hierapolis with its ancient buildings. A chic amphitheater will be in front of you, at a glance. Columns, fountains and buildings from a height seem especially majestic.

The capacity of the baskets is designed for 12 people, so you will be very comfortable in the basket. Your pilot will tell you what you are flying over so that the pictures on the internet match reality. The same balls will fly past you, only of different colors and people in them with different destinies, but all together you will be at the same time and in the same place with a single irrepressible thirst for knowledge about this wonderful world.

Balloons floating past and filling the air space look very epic, especially against the backdrop of an azure-white plateau shimmering in the sun.

You will definitely enjoy the stunning views of Pamukkale from a bird’s eye view. You will remember this snow-white region for a long time with delight and bated breath. The photos that fill your memory cards will remind you of the beauty and grandeur of nature itself.


The air currents blow differently each time, so it is never known in advance exactly where the wind will indicate the place for landing. You will be followed by a car with which the pilot will communicate. And you will not have time to look back, as they will come for you, pick you up and deliver you to the runway. You will be handed a personalized flight certificate and congratulated with a glass of festive shamanism.

At your request, having breakfast in one of the cafes, you can go on a tour of Pamukkale with an English-speaking guide, take great photos and go back to Istanbul. You can also go on an excursion to the ancient city of Ephesus, which is located at a distance of 28 km from Pammukale. Let us know about your decision in the chats below and we will help you organize your trip.

Sightseeing Tour in Pamukkale

After a wonderful flight and a delicious breakfast, you will have the opportunity to take any tour of Pamukkale. You can carefully walk along the fragile travertines, touch the wonderful creation of nature and take gorgeous photos against the backdrop of a cotton castle. You will have the opportunity to undergo wellness spa treatments in healing geothermal springs, which are useful for so many diseases. You will get real pleasure in warm turquoise baths.

Walking through the ruins of the ancient resort city of Hierapolis, you can listen to the fascinating history of the ancient city, see its sights dating back to 160 BC. and take lots of great photos with them in the background. You can also swim in the stunning Cleopatra pool, which, according to legend, the beauty queen herself loved to come to.

After a hot air balloon flight and a sightseeing tour of a unique place on our planet, you will set off on your way back to Istanbul, discussing everything that you saw and felt during the whole day along the way. Pamukkale will forever remain in your heart, and you will fondly remember a wonderful and eventful trip.


How much does it cost to fly a hot air balloon to Pamukkale from Istanbul?

The price of a hot air balloon flight to Pamukkale from Istanbul in 2022 is … ( Ask for Price )

What is included in the Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Flight from Istanbul?

The price of the Hot Air Balloon Flight to Pamukkale from Istanbul includes insurance, hot air balloon flight, professional qualified pilot, champagne, personal hot air balloon flight certificate.

How can I get to Pamukkale Balloon Ride from Istanbul?

To get to Pamukkale from Istanbul, you can choose the mode of transport that is convenient for you – air travel, a comfortable bus or a private car.

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