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Online Excursions > Kemer 2 Days Cappadocia Tour

Kemer 2 Days Cappadocia Tour

Mysterious Cappadocia is a place of a unique combination of natural magic and historical upheaval. Inhabited since time immemorial, “the land of beautiful horses” is a real wonder at your disposal! Discover the most beautiful valleys of Cappadocia, explore the underground city, rock houses and cave temples. Fantastic sunsets, unearthly landscapes and air balloons in the sky will stay in your memory forever! On Kemer 2 Days Cappadocia Tour,  you will get to know the history and life of the cave settlements with the rock churches of the Göreme National Park. 

Cappadocia is a magical wonderland that both nature lovers and history buffs will appreciate. This is an incredibly beautiful natural park in the center of Turkey. Cappadocia is known worldwide for its unique natural formations, some of which have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The incredible beauty of this area is the result of many volcanic eruptions and the subsequent erosion of the erupted lava on the earth’s surface. The landscapes of Cappadocia transport you to another planet: stone shafts and columns, cave labyrinths, sand dunes and a walled city. This is the most amazing place on the planet!

The names of the sights themselves create the dreamiest, most enthusiastic mood – the valleys of Fey, Love, Fantasies. Cappadocian shrines have been a stronghold of Christianity since the 4th century, the spiritual cradle of the “great Cappadocians” – the church fathers revered in Orthodoxy. Among the mountains are also lost monuments of the Byzantine period and the Crusades. Kemer 2 Days Cappadocia Tour will help you discover the mysteries and mysteries of the life of the ancient Christians who lived here in those distant times.

Good weather in Cappadocia is not only sun, but also balloons! Lots of balloons! Every day at dawn, with the first rays of the sun, thousands of balls rise into the sky. In daily flights, the pilots here demonstrate phenomenal skills in handling these aircraft. And if flying in a hot air balloon is your dream, then Cappadocia is one of the best places in the world to make it come true!

How much is Kemer 2 Days Cappadocia Tour Price 2024

Kemer 2 Days Cappadocia Tour price is 45 Euro for adults, 30 Euro for children from 4 to 11 years old and for children under 3 years old free.

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Included / Not Included

  • Hotel pick up / drop off
  • Hotel accommodation
  • English Guiding
  • Entrance Fees
  • Full Insurance
  • 2 Breakfast
  • 1 Dinner
  • 2 Lunch
  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks
  • Balloon Flight

Days & Time

Tour days: Monday / Thursday / Saturday

Tour duration: Fisrt day departure: 05:30 – Last day arrival around 21:00

Kemer Hotels Transfer: Pick up from your hotel

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Kemer 2 Days Cappadocia Tour Program

In the morning, at the agreed time, an English-speaking tour guide will lead a collection of tourists from the hotels in an excursion bus equipped with modern air conditioning for the comfort of your trip.

Breakfast: top for breakfast in Seydişehir town for those who didn’t have time for breakfast at the hotel. For your convenience, we recommend that you bring your breakfast cereal pack from your hotel.

Visit to the Underground City of Saratlı: It is not known for sure by whom and when the city was founded, but it is believed that Saratlı was built during the Roman Empire. The ancient settlement consists of seven levels, three of which are open to tourists. There are many underground spaces, including wells, dens for animals, living rooms, kitchens, toilets, ventilation ducts. A visit to this mysterious place will mark your hearts forever. The entrance ticket is included in the tour price.

Lunch: In the restaurant of the ancient city of Avanos you will find a lunch buffet with a huge variety of dishes for every taste. Lunch is not included in the tour price and is paid for separately.

Visit to the Pashabag Valley (Valley of the Monks): Pashabag is one of the most beautiful valleys in Cappadocia, which has become its trademark thanks to the huge boletus mushrooms. Also known as the Valley of the Monks, it got its name from the individual monastic cells built by monks who lived in the valley at the time. One of these monk cells can still be visited.

Avanos: A sightseeing tour of a small noisy town on the banks of the Kyzylirmak River awaits you. Avanos is a town of Cappadocian artisans. Archaeological excavations near Avanos indicate that people lived here 5000 years ago. B.C.

Visit to a Pottery Workshop: A local guide will tell you about the legendary ceramics that have been made in these places using the same technology since ancient times. Here you can also buy specially designed pottery, which will make excellent souvenirs from your trip.

Visit to the Derwent Valley (Fantasy Valley): There are many different mountain formations that form a lunar landscape. However, the animal figures created by nature itself are particularly worth seeing. The most famous of them are the camel, the snake, the seal and the dolphin. Let your imagination run wild and find figurines of other animals and people! This valley will make a special impression on children, and photos of these places will delight you for a long time.

Visit to the rocky town of Chavushin: The rock city of Cavushin is one of the oldest settlements in Cappadocia and without a doubt one of the most impressive sights in all of Turkey. Hard to imagine, but in the 1950s, people lived in the rocky labyrinths of Chavushin! Unfortunately, the erosion of the rocks has forced the locals to abandon their homes.

Church of John the Baptist: This Christian church carved into the rock is one of the oldest churches in Cappadocia. The church preserved in the ruins of the rocky town of Chavushin was built around the 5th century. It was badly damaged by erosion, but some of the frescoes still survived. This temple was once a pilgrimage center in Cappadocia and was visited by many great people.

Panoramic Stop in the Valley of Love: Love Valley is one of the most attractive and unusual places in Cappadocia. It is one of the most famous spots in the region and famous for its finger-shaped cliffs. Her picture can often be found on advertising brochures. Now is your chance to take beautiful photos in person!

Goreme Open Air Museum: Goreme Museum is one of the most visited complexes in Cappadocia. As the main museum of early Christianity, the open-air museum is a complex of two dozen rock-hewn churches, some of which are open to tourists. Churches and monasteries are decorated with frescoes from the Byzantine period, which have retained their original freshness to this day.

Arrival at the Hotel: Check-in at the 4* hotel (Kral Hotel), dinner in the hotel restaurant according to the “buffet” system (included in the price)

Turkish Night: If you wish, you can visit the show program – Anatolian folklore “Night in Cappadocia” (for a fee).

2. Tag: Those wishing to fly in a hot air balloon (paid separately) will fly at dawn and return to the hotel for breakfast. The hotel offers a breakfast buffet with a wide variety of dishes.

Uchguzel Panorama Stop (Three Beauties): Stone pillars with the fascinating name “Three Beauties” are located in Urgup and are a symbol not only of Cappadocia, but perhaps of all Turkey. Legend has it that the Greek goddesses Hera, Aphrodite and Athena were forever frozen in these stones. Against the background of this natural phenomenon, you should definitely take a picture!

Visit to Stone Center of Anatolia: Here you can find all kinds of Turkish stones and buy your favorite products from them.

Panoramic stop in the valley of the pigeons: The valley takes its name from the large number of rock pigeon houses found on it. In fact, several hundred pigeons still live in the valley, for which the local rocks have been habitable and familiar homes for many centuries.

Visit to Uchisar Fortress: Uchisar Fortress is a 60 meter high rock, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visible from many points in Cappadocia and looks like a giant anthill. It is a rock-cut fortress riddled with tunnels and caves. During the Roman and Byzantine periods, the rocky shelter offered protection from invaders to the inhabitants.

Tourists love to climb the fortress, from which a panoramic view of the picturesque surroundings opens. So if you’re not afraid of heights, you should definitely climb to the top!

Visit to a leather goods workshop: Here you can see samples of leather goods made by the region’s best craftsmen.

Oresin Khan Karawanserei: A caravanserai is a public building on trade routes used to stop caravans and travelers. As you know, the Great Silk Road passed through the territory of Cappadocia and that is why there are dozens of caravanserai here. The Oresin Khan caravanserai is one of the oldest (1188). Architecturally, this caravanserai stands out from the classic cannons. The system of internal galleries and corridors is also interesting.

Lunch: Lunch break in Konya city. We offer a set menu from the traditional cuisine of this city. Drinks are charged separately.

Return to the Hotel: Around 8.30pm the bus will take you back to your hotel.


Kemer 2 Days Cappadocia Tour price 2024

Adult: 45 €

Child: 30 €

Infant: Free

What is included in the price of Kemer to Cappadocia tour?

The cost of Kemer to Cappadocia tour includes transfer from your hotel and back, insurance, professional English speaking tour guide, entrance tickets, meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), accommodation in a stone hotel with a swimming pool.

How long is the Cappadocia tour from Kemer?

Cappadocia tour from Kemer takes 2 days and 1 night.

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