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Online Excursions > Kemer Cappadocia Tour

Kemer Cappadocia Tour

Do you value your own time, comfort and availability when travelling? Would you be interested in visiting the famous Cappadocia with its breathtaking landscapes, historical sites and vibrant, fascinating culture? Then you will appreciate the Kemer Cappadocia Tour that will give you what you want without waiting in lines, wasting time and crowds of tourists.

Cappadocia is a real pearl of Turkey, a unique country that can be explored for years. Breathtaking views, picturesque valleys, thousands of historical and cultural sights, the curious culture and traditions of the local people – all this and much more awaits you in Cappadocia.

For two days, a rich program awaits you in famous and popular places, including: the Valley of Love, the Goreme Open Air Museum, the Fantasy Valley or Devrent and the town of Avanos with its pottery workshops, the Uchisar Fortress, the Valley of Pigeons, the Sultan’s Caravanserai Khans and others.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the service, the pleasant restaurants and the cave hotel – stylishly finished and meeting all modern standards. As part of the tour you will visit the cultural event “Turkish Night” which will introduce you to the customs and traditional dances. You’ll meet the dawn in Cappadocia with its famous views of the valleys, with hundreds of colorful balloons floating overhead.

Kemer Cappadocia Tour is a unique opportunity to visit many famous sights without queues and hassle. In comfortable conditions you will see the sights and delight in the breathtaking beauty of this wonderful place. This exciting and eventful tour will stay in your heart forever and moments of joy – on beautiful photos and videos.

How much is Kemer Cappadocia Tour Price 2024

Kemer Cappadocia Tour price is 48 Euro for adults, 30 Euro for children from 4 to 11 years old and for children under 3 years old free.

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Included / Not Included

  • Hotel pick up / drop off
  • Hotel accommodation
  • English Guiding
  • Full Insurance
  • 2 Breakfast
  • 1 Dinner
  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks
  • Balloon Flight
  • Entrance Fees

Days & Time

Tour days: Monday / Thursday / Saturday

Tour duration: 05:30 – 21:00

Kemer Hotels Transfer: Pick up from your hotel

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Kemer Cappadocia Tour Program

You will live a long and exciting adventure, which will bring you a lot of positive emotions and impressions. Your journey begins at the crack of dawn at 3:00am when a transfer arrives at your hotel equipped with everything necessary to get you started. On the way, stop for breakfast at a restaurant and admire the view of the Taurus Mountains.

On the first day of your trip you will follow the following route: Valley of Love, Goreme Open Air Museum, Fantasy Valley or Devrent and the town of Avanos with its pottery workshops, where you will have a hearty lunch at the Uranos Sarikaya, a restaurant shaped like a cave.

After an eventful and eventful day, move into your room in the four-star comfort hotel Alp with a swimming pool and have the opportunity to relax and come to rest. Then go to the dining room for dinner, you will taste the most exquisite dishes of Turkish cuisine.

After dinner visit one of the brightest and most interesting shows in Cappadocia and Turkey – Turkish Night Show. The event promises to introduce you to Turkish culture in the format of Caucasian dances, Oriental belly dances performed by well-known performers of the troupe and the traditional wedding ceremony. You can not only learn more about Turkish folklore and culture, but also enjoy an unlimited bar of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, taste delicious snacks, and also dance in an interesting new company.

Have fun to the fullest, but don’t forget that you can take to the skies at dawn in a hot air balloon. This event has been a key feature of Cappadocia for over 20 years, attracting more and more tourists to enjoy the fabulous landscapes while soaring through the sky in a hot air balloon.

If you are not a fan of adrenaline sensations, spend the morning twilight on the terrace of one of the restaurants, enjoying a cup of aromatic coffee and looking at the sky dotted with hundreds of multicolored balls against the background of a scarlet dawn. You can also go to one of the valleys for a photo session. We’ll help you organize if you tell us about it in the chats below.

After a hearty breakfast, the second day of your unforgettable journey to Cappadocia begins. The second day is as follows: you will visit Uchisar Fortress, the Valley of Pigeons, enjoy the panorama of Goreme, make a stop at the Caravanserai and the city of Konya , where you will have a great lunch and enjoy the magnificent view of the old town .

After two exciting days in Cappadocia you will reach your hotel in Kemer around 23:00.

Valley of Love: On the first day of your tour you will visit a picturesque valley with a wonderful name – the Valley of Love. Everything in this world is ruled by love, so you will enjoy a walk in such a wonderful place. You will walk along the paths and huge 40 meter high rock formations resembling mushrooms will hang over you.

Everything is like in a fairy tale, and the creator of all this beauty is a magician who turned all living things into stone idols. The color palette in the valley is no less impressive, with pink and purple tones dominating here. You will make great photos for your social media pages!

Fantasy Valley or Devrent: You will have an incredible experience after visiting the Valley of Imagination where you can see everything your restless mind can imagine. The valley got its name from the million-dollar tuff formations that got their bizarre silhouettes under the influence of wind and water. Every shape in this valley is unique and different from the others, just like in the world – no two people are the same. You will observe a stone camel, a cat, a snake, a horse and many other outlines of animals, people and even inhabitants of distant planets. Your imagination is the limit.

Flight in Hot Air Balloon: At dawn, you’ll have the chance to take to the skies in a hot air balloon. So have fun to the fullest, but don’t forget to get up early. The most favorable conditions for flying airplanes are at dawn, since the rising air currents do not interfere with the flight.

You can fulfill your childhood dream and soar in a hot air balloon. You will be discouraged by the bird’s eye view of scenic valleys, cave towns, forts and endless distances.

The balloon can rise up to 1 km in the air, but an experienced pilot will try to maneuver at different heights so that you can admire the beauty of the air and the land at the same time.

After completing the flight, you will receive a balloonist’s certificate and celebrate with a glass of sparkling wine. Your flight will remain in your memory for many years to come, as these are the purest emotions that will immerse you in childhood.

Uchisar: On the second day of your tour, you are lucky enough to visit a unique place that can be seen from anywhere in Cappadocia. Even souvenirs feature this fortress, which has already become a symbol of these places. You will see a 65 meter high rock with rooms, windows, terraces and doors carved into it. The most beautiful views in Cappadocia open from the top of the fortress. The fortress rises above the city and was carved into tuff formations by ancient ancestors who valued security and privacy. The city has churches, monasteries, dovecotes, residential buildings. You will be satisfied with your visit, there is definitely something to see here!

Pigeon Valley: Next, head to one of the most beautiful valleys in Cappadocia – the Valley of the Pigeons. You will be touched by the rocks dotted with tiny houses carefully crafted by humans for pigeons. They were carved into flexible rock for a reason, ancient civilizations grew vineyards here for many centuries, and as fertilizer they used bird droppings, for which they kindly organized whole castles.

Among other things, the farmers diligently painted the rocks in bright colors to lure demanding birds to their new homes. Here, pigeons and people helped each other and together created vineyards that sprout here to this day. An exquisite wine is obtained from local grapes, which is famous throughout Turkey.

Panorama of Goreme: If you want to take amazing pictures in Cappadocia, then Goreme Panorama is the best place! From here, truly breathtaking views open up that will make your heart beat faster. You will get amazing photos for your social media pages that will captivate your friends and followers. You’ll then board your minibus for the return trip to Kemer, but your adventure isn’t over yet.

Sultan Han Kervansarayi: On the way back, stop at the real Kervansaray, built in 1229 by order of Sultan Aladdin Keykubut the First. Once upon a time, the Great Silk Road passed through the lands of Cappadocia, so vendors needed temporary parking spaces to rest and replenish food supplies.

On the territory of the caravanserai there are living rooms for sleeping, a dining room, storerooms, a bathhouse and even a small mosque. The old hotel for nomads is surrounded by impregnable walls and you can enter through a huge gate decorated with magnificent ornaments. The attraction is really interesting and worth a visit!

City of Konya: You will stop for lunch in the ancient city of Konya. Delicious meals await you at the local restaurant. The city is quite big and old, known for many mosques and mausoleums. Once upon a time, the famous philosopher Omar Khayyam lived and worked here, to whom for some reason everyone attributes all sorts of nonsense that he didn’t say.

The city was of strategic importance during the Ottoman period, traditionally the sons of sultans were trained here in the skills of administrating the province. Therefore, the city bathed in the rays of glory and was not deprived of the Ottoman treasury. Now the city is green, well-groomed, with a developed infrastructure and strict Muslim rules, which, by the way, apply only to local residents. But residents are happy to see tourists in the city.

Around 11:00 p.m. the bus arrives in Kemer. You will return to the hotel full of good memories and spend the night looking at hundreds of great photos from Cappadocia. Good luck with the difficult task of choosing the best photo!


Kemer 2 Days Cappadocia Tour price 2024

Adult: 48 €

Child: 30 €

Infant: Free

What is included in the price of Kemer to Cappadocia tour?

The cost of Kemer to Cappadocia tour includes transfer from your hotel and back, insurance, professional English speaking tour guide, meals (breakfast, dinner), accommodation.

How long is the Cappadocia tour from Kemer?

Cappadocia tour from Kemer takes 2 days and 1 night.

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