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Online Excursions > Manavgat Pamukkale Tour

Manavgat Pamukkale Tour

If there were an 8th wonder of the world, one of the wonders of the world it could be Pamukkale. Carved by nature over thousands of years from limestone deposited by abundant underground hot springs, the “Cotton Castle” sits atop the remarkably well-preserved ruins of the Greco-Roman city of Hierapolis. Manavgat Pamukkale Tour takes you to a wonderland.

Manavgat Pamukkale Tour is a well-rounded experience of ancient Greek history and one that true explorers should not miss. Early in the morning, a shuttle will pick you up from your hotel and take you to a station where you will embark on a bus ride through the beautiful Turkish countryside. You will be accompanied by a professional tour guide who will entertain and educate you about Pamukkale and interesting sights and stops along the way, including a stop for lunch at a local village.

Upon arrival at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Pamukkale, you’ll have three full hours to enjoy two fabulous features of this historical place. Ancient Hierapolis and its famous healing hot pools. Explore the period with a full exploration of the excavations and restorations of Hierapolis and its Archaeological Museum. The city was founded in the 2nd century BC. as a destination for healing and relaxation in the hillside geothermal pools. Your knowledgeable guide will take you back in time with facts and stories that will stimulate your imagination of the early history of life in and around the Menderes River Valley.

Pamukkale Package Price: 30 €

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Guiding Service
  • Comfortable Bus (Full A/C)
  • Insurance
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Manavgat Pamukkale Tour Price 2024

For adults, Pamukkale tour from Manavgat is priced at €30, while children aged 4-7 can join for €15, and those under four are admitted free of charge.

If you opt to include lunch and entrance tickets in your tour package, the cost rises to €60 for adults and €30 for children aged 4-7, with children under four still enjoying complimentary admission.

Pamukkale Tour Adult Child
/w Transfer & Guiding Service €30 €15
/w Transfer, Guiding, Lunch & Entrance Tickets €60 €30

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Days & Time

Tour days: Daily

Tour duration: 03:45 – 23:45

Manavgat Hotels Transfer: Pick up from your hotel

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Manavgat Pamukkale Tour Program

Be sure to bring your swimsuit because you’ll want to soak in the warm, refreshing waters of the very special Antique Pool. It is said that Marc Antony designed and built this rock pool for his wife Cleopatra. These were the glory days of Hierapolis, surrounded by Doric columns supporting colorful ornate roofs. If you walk barefoot across the tiled grounds, you can see sparkling hot pools of travertine. The views, the smells and the warm air will fill your senses in an unforgettable way.

From here you will be transported to a nearby village, Karahayıt, known for its hot red thermal springs. Once you are completely relaxed and full of new experiences, we will visit a great local wine cellar to taste exquisite flavorful wines from all over the region before sitting down in a wonderful Turkish restaurant to enjoy a relaxing time of conversation and a delicious buffet dinner . Your meal includes a choice of starters, rice, soups, breads, desserts and of course a very large Mediterranean salad bar.

Sources of Pamukkale

You will see a magnificently beautiful place, considered the eighth wonder of the world. Pamukkale literally means “cotton castle”. This is an amazing complex of snow-white travertine baths filled with turquoise thermal water. Travertines have turned snow-white in color due to the composition of the water that has been flowing down the hills for centuries. It is a visiting card of Turkey and is protected by UNESCO.

You can walk through these unique natural baths, admire the beautiful scenery and take beautiful photos. You will have the opportunity to see 17 geothermal springs with water temperatures between 35 and 100 °C. During the excursion the guide will tell you many interesting facts about Pamukkale and this unique area.

Ancient city of Hierapolis

The next stop on your excursion are the ruins of the ancient ancient city of Hierapolis , which dates back to the 11th century BC. It was named after the wife of the legendary founder of Pergamum – Telefos (son of Hercules and Avgi), Queen of the Amazons, Hiera. In ancient times, the noble Romans liked to rest here. You will be amazed at the preserved ruins of baths, temples and other buildings.

Walking through the ancient streets you will see the Fountain of Triton, Pluto’s Cave, ancient Roman baths and gates, the marketplace of Hierapolis, as well as the ruins of the Temple of Apollo. Before your eyes appears the largest ancient necropolis of Asia Minor with more than two thousand tombstones and the ruins of the Basilica of St. Philip, built on the site of the death of one of the 12 apostles. You will be amazed by the size of the ancient amphitheater with a capacity of 12,000 spectators.

After walking around ancient Hierapolis, you will have many fond memories that will stay with you for many years to come.

Pamukkale Cleopatra Pool

In the center of the ancient city of Hierapolis there is a medicinal pool with mineral water that was created during the earthquake on the site of the Roman baths. This spring got its name in honor of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, who, according to legend, often came and bathed in it to preserve youth and health. The water is rich in various minerals and helps with chronic gastritis and bronchitis, various skin diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory tract and bone diseases.

Regardless of the season, the water has a constant temperature of +36 degrees, so you can swim in it all year round. When you swim in warm mineral water, you will feel small bubbles of radon and hydrogen sulfide carbon dioxide hiss and burst like in champagne. After such a procedure you will feel several years younger.

You have two hours of free time. You have the option to have a cup of strong Turkish tea or aromatic Turkish coffee in a small cafe next to Cleopatra’s pool, walk around or return to the amazing terraces of Pamukkale.

Return to the Hotel

At the end of your amazing excursion, you will return to your hotel in a comfortable coach at around 11:45 PM.



Manavgat Pamukkale Day Tour price 2024

Adult: 30

Child: 15 €

Infant: Free

What is included in the price of Excursion from Manavgat to Pamukkale?

Pamukkale tour price from Manavgat includes transfer from your hotel and back, professional English speaking guide.

How far is Salda Lake and Pamukkale from Manavgat?

The distance between Pamukkale and Manavgat Turkey is 4 hr 15 min (310.6 km) via the E87 main road.

How long is a Pamukkale tour from Manavgat?

Pamukkale tour from Manavgat is from 03:45 to 23:45. The total duration of the excursion is 20 hours.

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