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Marmaris Buggy Safari

Marmaris Buggy Safari Tour is one of the most valuable activities among the most popular Marmaris Tours. Marmaris nature is one of the regions with the most beautiful nature in the world. It is an exciting activity that you will enjoy more as you get dirty in mud, soil and water tracks in dense red pine forests. The tracks consist of roads closed to traffic. Our vehicles are designed in line with the safety of our guests. Buggy Safari Tour is one of the favorite tours of our guests who love excitement and adrenaline.

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Marmaris Buggy Safari

Marmaris Buggy Safari is a tour where our adrenaline and excitement-loving guests spend a fun day driving in groups. It consists of 4 sessions a day, every day of the week between April and the month of Ekin. There are morning, lunch and evening sessions upon request. Again, our hotel services will pick you up from your hotel and drop you back to your hotels at the end of the tour.

Marmaris Buggy Safari Tour

There is no age limit on our tour, but our guests under the age of 14 cannot participate as drivers. If the large family member will drive the vehicle with them, they can participate in this adrenaline-filled tour by sitting on the side seat as a passenger. ! Children over the age of 4 can also ride with their large family members. You will enjoy more as you get dirty with Marmaris Buggy Safari where you will be filled with mud and water.

About Buggy

All Buggy vehicles are self-produced with safety in the foreground in terms of safety. These vehicles are not intended for urban use. There is no license requirement to use the vehicles. After picking you up from your hotel, you can easily use it after a short training at the meeting point. The tour track has been specially prepared. The course includes high ramps, mud puddles and puddles. You will be free from all your stress by completing the entire track on the rugged terrain. You will be discharged by jumping off ramps and going through mud puddles. 20 minutes after you are picked up from the hotel, you will arrive at the area where our track is.

What should I bring with me?

  • Sunscreen sunscreen
  • When coming to the tour, you should have comfortable and wet clothes that you will wear during the tour. We recommend that you choose the type of sandals that can get wet as shoes.
  • Sunglasses

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Location : Marmaris
Tour Days : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Hour : 10:00 - 14:00 - 16:00
Dönüş Saati : 13:00 - 17:00 - 19:00
Time : 3 HOURS

Marmaris Buggy Safari

What awaits you? – What kind of Trip?

With Marmaris Buggy Safari, you will experience a tour with lots of mud, soil and water. When we say mud, at some points, he will officially enjoy mud bath. Some of our guests tell us they remember their childhood. Also add driving on high hills and rough terrain. I guess you just visualized how much fun it will be. Experienced trainers will accompany you during the course and ur train. Safety is indispensable for this tour and instructors never compromise on safety. So while you drive your vehicles in adrenaline and excitement, the instructors will be sensitive for your safety. Our siblings under 14 will be able to participate while their parents are driving with them. Guests aged 14 and over can also drive when they are accompanied by their parents.

Marmaris Buggy Safari Tour program

Marmaris Buggy Safari consists of 4 sessions a day. The first session starts at 10:00 in the morning. The last session is held at 16:00 in the afternoon. You can join the tour at any time during the day or you can join more than one session if you wish. It will be enough to inform us of this request with a single phone call. We will arrive at the center where the track is 20 minutes after picking you up from your hotels for the tour. When the center is reached, first of all, a brief notification will be given with security information. Here you will also be given important information about vehicles and convoy driving. It is important for the safety of the convoy that you comply with the information and recommendations of the professional instructors during the convoy driving. Since there will be dust and mud on you at the end of the track, there are also shower areas and changing cabins where you can change your clothes.

Marmaris buggy Safari  Marmaris buggy Safari

Marmaris Buggy Safari Prices

Marmaris Buggy Safari prices are in the economic tours group and you can join this tour with your friends, family or individually. The price per person is 130 TL and it is only 20 TL for children. Our tour is suitable for participants of all age groups. Our services included in the price; Pick-up and drop off at your hotels at the end of the tour, security equipment to be provided while driving, and Turkish guidance and information. Before the convoy ride starts, the instructors will give you information about safe driving and the use of vehicles in Turkish. You will spend a good memory that you will live in your life. For this reason, a professional photographer will record the tour as video and photo during the tour. At the end of the tour, you will be able to buy videos and pictures in CD for a fee. All other services are included in the tour fee.

Excursion Timing

Marmaris Buggy Safari takes 3 hours in total and is organized 4 times a day. It consists of 1 tour in the morning and 3 tours in the afternoon and afternoon. Pick-up and drop-off from the hotels is included in the tour time. While driving, you will have a short 10-minute rest break and you will be driving for the other remaining periods. The track is in dense red pine forests and the ground is soil. No matter what your session time you choose, you must be waiting for our services at the point you are told at least 30 minutes before front of your hotel.

Marmaris buggy Safari  Marmaris buggy Safari

Recommendations for Marmaris Buggy Safari

We will have a few suggestions for you for the Marmaris Buggy Safari Tour. It is very important to wear old and comfortable clothes while participating in the tour. During the tour, as you will pass through dirt roads, your clothes will be dust first, and dust will be mud when you pass through the water courses. Finally, when you leave the mud track, even your family member next to you will not be able to recognize you 🙂 of course, he will not be different from you It would be much better if the sandals style as shoes get wet and not damaged in the mud. There is no food service in our tour. No company doing buggy safari and ATV safari in Marmaris does not provide this service. Instead of taking your valuables (watch, jewelery, necklace, etc.) with you while driving, leave them in the safes in the center and put the key in a zippered pocket that you will not drop on you. Listen carefully to the information the instructors give you. During the tour, do not remove absolutely any safety equipment, if you leave it unintentionally, inform the instructors during the ride immediately. Remember that while driving the convoy, it is important to follow the safety rules in the convoy as well as you. Our guests who want to book and cancel the tour before are required to inform us of their requests 24 hours before the tour time.

Excursion Booking and Reservation

Marmaris Buggy Safari is one of the most beautiful activities during your Marmaris holiday. It is an inexpensive but extremely fun and adrenaline-filled tour. You can join the tour with your family and loved ones or with your group of friends. To purchase our tour, you need to make a reservation 1 day in advance. You can also pay the tour fee at the hotel pick-up time. Payments are received in cash. We have special discounts for groups of 20 people or more. Prepayment is required for group discounts. Cancellations are made 24 hours before the tour day. For adventurous and cutthroat competition, you can make your special days and corporate entertainment and organizations full of adrenaline. Our reservation number: 0536 503 0 533.

Price Includes:

Free Hotel Transfer - Turkish Guidance - Instructors - All Insurances - Buggy Safari Tour - All Safety Equipments

Price Excludes:

Extra Expenses - Video and Photo CD

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