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Online Excursions > Marmaris Rhodes Tour
  • Adult52 €
  • Child (6-12)32 €
  • Infant (0-5)5 €
  • Tour Time07:00 / 19:00
  • Hotel TransferYes
  • Boat TripFast Catamaran

Marmaris Rhodes Tour

A day trip Marmaris Rhodes Tour is a unique opportunity to visit Greece during a holiday in Turkey. Just off the coast of the Marmaris peninsula (around 11 miles as the crow flies from Marmaris) lies the fabulous Greek Island of Rhodes.  The island was believed to have risen out of the Mediterranean sea when the island of Santorini erupted and its mountains sank into the waves. 

This happened relatively recently in the history of the Mediterranean occurring a mere 3000 or so years ago!  Nevertheless the island grew of strategic importance to travellers and pirates alike, everyone leaving their mark on this strangely beautiful island, none less than the Knights Templar.  The Grand Master’s Palace still presides over the old town.  Rhodes is the capital of the Dodecanese Islands.  Dodecanese meaning 12, of which Rhodes is the largest, and its capital Rhodes Town is where the ferry or fast catamaran will take you to.


Rhodians offer a warm welcome to all their visitors.  Back in the annals of time the Templar Knights bought the island and created a new  Jerusalem in its austere walls.  It took the Turkish invaders 3 years of siege before Rhodes yielded.  Of course that was back in the 15th century.  Now the invaders come from all over the world, stay for a week or two and go back home filled with a love of this unforgettable island.


Visit two countries on one holiday

Enjoy a fast comfortable journey by sea

Explore the ancient streets of Rhodes

Experience the local cuisine

Duty Free shopping

Included / Not Included

  • Pick Up and Drop Back services
  • Ferry Tickets
  • Port Fees
  • Insurance
  • Personel Expenditures

Marmaris Rhodes Tour Price 2024

Price List for Rhodes Tour in Marmaris 2024

Price: for adults – 52 € , for children from 3 to 6 years old – 32 €, for children under 2 years old 5 €.

Days & Time

Marmaris Rhodes Tour Times:

Every Day – Any Time Bwtween 07:00 and 19:00

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Rhodes Tour from Marmaris Program:

If you are staying in the Marmaris region it has never been easier to make your holiday a 2 country visit!  Throughout the summer months the ferry goes out daily via a fast catamaran, which takes approximately an hour.  The fast cat is a comfortable boat with toilets on board and seating for around 300 people.  The crossing is usually smooth with adequate comfortable seating and a coffee/refreshment bar for the passengers.  As the ferry is Rhodes based, several currencies are accepted on board (Turkish lira, British pounds and Euros).  However only the Euro is accepted when on the island.  No problem there – Rhodes has several exchanges in the streets as well as official bank exchange offices.


Once you have booked your ticket with your operator, your daily return will begin with a designated pickup point close to your hotel at around 07:30.  You will be taken to Marmaris port where your passport will be stamped on leaving Turkey and through to the ferry terminal.  The ferry usually leaves the terminal at 09:00.

With approximately an hour’s transition time and a short queue for passport control at the port your free time should commence at around 10:30.

Your captain on board will inform you of your return journey time and it is advisable to return half an hour before as you will need to go through passport control.  This time may vary throughout the hours of summer sunshine, but your captain will inform you of the current return time when you arrive in Rhodes.  On return to Marmaris you may visit the duty free section of the port before travelling on your coach back to your hotel.  

That’s how easy it is! Greece in a day!


Is there an English speaking guide for the Rhodes excursion from Marmaris?

You will not be accompanied by a guide on the ferry and Rhodes island. The ferry staff speaks English and can help you if necessary. Since Rhodes is a popular holiday destination for EU tourists, the local population also speaks a little English.

How much does a ferry from Marmaris to Rhodes cost?

Marmaris to Rhodes Tour Price for adults 52 Euro, 32 Euro for children (3-6 years old) and children under 3 years old are 5 Euro.

How long is the ferry ride from Marmaris to Rhodes?

The ferry from Marmaris to Rhodes takes about 50 minutes. Depending on weather conditions, the time can be increased to 1 hour and 10 minutes.

What is the most beautiful part of Rhodes?

LINDOS. Beautiful Lindos is surely one of the most beautiful villages in Greece and definitely the most romantic destination in Rhodes. You couldn’t put together a nicer little town if you tried. It has it all – hilltop Acropolis with ruined temples and a castle, pretty whitewashed streets and fine sandy beaches.

Is it worth going to Rhodes?

You should definitely make the trip to Rhodes. In fact, you might consider staying there for another day or two. The old town and the Castle of the Knights will be fascinating for the whole family. Also take a day trip to Symi Island – unforgettable.

Does this tour suit everyone?

If you are a history buff this is definitely for you.  With an abundance of 15th century cobbled streets in the walled old town and ancient temples sitting silently in the half excavated streets.  The warm welcome awaiting in the cheerful tavernas and restaurants is second to none.  Walking is very much the order of the day.  If you have mobility problems the cobbled streets could be difficult to negotiate.  If shopping and history is your thing, as a day tripper this is the one for you.

Once in Rhodes how do I get to the old town?

Rhodes Old Town is right outside the entrance to the port!  You will see the entrance through a majestic mediaeval gate and once through into the town you will have lots to explore.  If you do get confused once inside it is good to note that as long as you head downhill you will end up at the entrance near the sea and the ferry port.

What should I take with me?

You will need good walking shoes and of course your camera is a must.  The official currency of Greece is the Euro so don’t forget to take the correct money.  Of course there are exchange offices on the island too so you will be able to change money there if necessary.  Most importantly YOU NEED YOUR PASSPORT.  As you are crossing the border from Turkey into Greece this is absolutely essential and you will be refused travel if you do not have it with you.  As you may well find the shade limited in the old town it is also advisable to have sun cream, a hat and sunglasses with you.

Can I go swimming when on Rhodes?

There is a small beach by the port in Rhodes with soft sand and clear water.  Even though there is a sign that says no swimming it is an ideal place to cool  your heels before your return to the port.  There are also beaches further along adjacent to the new town.

What is the food like on Rhodes?

Eating out on Rhodes is a little more expensive than eating out in Marmaris.  Do bear this in mind when sitting down to eat.  Hint:  Eating and drinking away from the main squares in the town is a cheaper option.

Be aware that beers come in three sizes, large, medium and small.  A large beer is around 2.5 pints and is served in an extremely large boot shaped glass.  If you order a large beer you could be sitting there awhile!

A Pitta Gyros is the Greek version of Doner Kebab, possibly even more delicious than its Turkish counterpart and a cheaper option for lunch on the go!

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