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Online Excursions > Oludeniz Jeep Safari

Oludeniz Jeep Safari

Oludeniz Jeep Safari Tour is one of the most popular tours. Thrill-seekers will definitely appreciate this exciting trip around the Fethiye area. During the tour you will discover the amazing beauty of Turkey, explore the ruins of the ancient city of Tlos and the Lycian tombs, see the fantastic Saklikent canyon and all this while riding in jeeps! Spend a day full of fun and joy, which will leave vivid impressions and a sea of delight!

Your tour will start from your hotel, from where we will pick up and set off on an exciting adventure. An amazing route awaits you, which is carefully planned and organized. During this trip you will see many picturesque and interesting places.

The first stop is the ruins of the ancient city of Tlos, one of the oldest cities in the Lycian state. Having been there, you can imagine how people lived 3000 years ago. Traces of the life of several civilizations have been preserved here: Hittite, Lycian, Persian, Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman. You will have the opportunity to walk and see the ruins of the Lycian fortress, the stadium, the amphitheater, the large and small Roman baths, the agora and, of course, the famous Lycian tombs carved right into the rocks. The most famous of them is the tomb of Bellerophon.

The next stop will be the Yakapark nature reserve. Located on the side of a mountain, it gives its coolness to visitors. The park has everything for rest and relaxation: benches, various gazebos, stepped terraces, a swimming pool, small waterfalls, as well as a cafe where you can enjoy a cup of aromatic Turkish coffee.

After that, your path will proceed to the grandiose Saklikent canyon. This is one of the most important national parks in Turkey and the second largest canyon in all of Europe, its length is 18 km. You will have the opportunity to commemorate this moment by taking vivid photos against the backdrop of the gorge.

Next , the famous mud baths await you, where you will relax and enjoy wellness treatments. Thanks to their therapeutic effect, you can be cured of many diseases and ailments.

The last stop before returning home is a visit to the famous Patara Beach. Due to its incredible beauty and large size, this is the best beach in all of Europe. The beach is famous for the fact that Caretta-Caretta turtles, listed in the Red Book, lay eggs for procreation.

The rich program of the tour includes many fabulously beautiful and interesting places. Oludeniz Jeep Safari tour is an informative excursion that will become a bright decoration of your vacation! You can book a tour on the website or by contacting our operator, who will be happy to answer all your questions.

How much is Oludeniz Jeep Safari Price 2024

Oludeniz Jeep Safari price is 30 Euro for adults15 Euro for children from 7 to 11 years old and for children under 6 years old free.

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Included / Not Included

  • English Guidance
  • Water Gun Fun
  • All Insurances
  • Jeep Safari
  • Lunch
  • Saklıkent Entrance Fee
  • Personel Expenditures
  • Photo and Video
  • Water Gun
  • All Drinks

Days & Time

Tour days: Daily

Tour duration: From 09:00 to 17:00

Oludeniz Hotels Transfer: Pick up from your hotel

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Oludeniz Jeep Safari Tour Program

Fethiye Jeep Safari starts from the hotel or restaurant, where everyone will gather in colorful open-top jeeps. From here your journey to the most interesting places will begin.

You can not worry about the safety of this excursion, absolutely all jeeps have professional and experienced drivers, and they take responsibility for the entire trip. All the jeeps will be driving one after the other and trust me, it’s really fun to ride in one of them.

Jeep Safari Tour in Oludeniz

The city has a very interesting and intricate history, it belonged to the Greeks, the Romans, and then the Ottomans. In the ruins of the city, you can see the ruins of gymnasiums, theaters, Roman baths, gates and other interesting sights, one of which is the Acropolis, which is also the city center.

In the city of Tlos, Lycian tombs carved into the mountain are of interest. In ancient Lycia, according to tradition, rich and noble people were buried in them. From the top of the mountain offers an impressive view of the ruins of the city.

Another city you will visit during the Safari will be Xanthos. In ancient Lycia, Xanthos was the largest and richest city, but now here, just like in Tlos, only ruins remain.

Surely you have not heard anything about the Saklikent gorge, but it is the second longest gorge in Europe.

The Saklikent canyon was formed thousands of years ago, the mountains split in two and now tourists are walking between them, enjoying the coolness on hot days. Saklikent is a national nature reserve that fascinates with its beauty.


There is a seating area where you can relax while watching the waterfalls. The park has a fish farm where trout is bred, which, if desired, can be ordered for lunch. After, you will go to the famous and spacious Patara Beach.

You will have time to swim, walk along the wide coastline, and finally just bask in the sun, lying on the soft, clean sand.

This beach can be called ideal, not crowded, beautiful white sands, magnificent scenery, and by the way, it is one of the longest beaches in Turkey.

The last thing you will visit on this trip will be mud baths. After taking mud baths, jeeps will take you to Fethiye.

Oludeniz  jeep Safari ride

The endless number of pictures that you will have time to take with the jeep safari team will add to your collection of wonderful memories of Turkey.

Vivid views, picturesque places, rich history – all this and much more awaits you in a small jeep, ready to take off with you to conquer the unexplored corners of the Turkish Riviera.

Do not miss the opportunity to discover Turkey not only from the bus window on the way to the airport, but leaning out of the jeep and rushing towards adventure!

This is your chance to give yourself active rest and good mood.


Oludeniz Jeep Safari Price 2024

Adult: 30 €

Child: 15 €

Infant: Free

What should you take with you on a jeep safari tour in Oludeniz?

On this extreme jeep safari tour in Oludeniz, you will need comfortable shoes that you can get wet, sun accessories (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen) to protect you from the scorching Mediterranean sun, beach accessories (swimsuit, swimming trunks, towel),

What is included in the price of Oludeniz jeep safari tour?

oludeniz jeep safari tour cost includes transfer from your hotel and back, insurance, driver, lunch and water fight.

How long does a jeep safari tour in Oludeniz take?

At 09:30 a Land Rover Jeep will pick you up from your hotel and return to your hotel at 16:00. The total duration of the tour in Oludeniz is approximately 7.5 hours.

Can children join the jeep safari tour in Oludeniz?

Yes. Children, especially teenagers, are totally in love with the jeep safari tour in Oludeniz. We recommend that you take your children with you on the Jeep Safari Tour. The children will be delighted.

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