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Online Excursions > Side Rafting Tour

Side Rafting Tour

Do you want to spend your time in an extreme and unforgettable way? Do you see the beauty of nature in a picturesque canyon? Charge with incredible emotions? Rafting down the river and feeling unrealistic adrenaline? Then the white water Side Rafting Tour is just right for you!

Rafting is considered a special activity on the water. Why is this rather dangerous descent down the river so remarkable? The fact that you can cross the thresholds of fear and force yourself to come down is worth a lot! That is why people make such an extreme and amazing journey. You have the opportunity to try your hand at an extremely interesting water sports experience and provide yourself with vivid impressions for a long time!

A trip to the Milli Canyon Park Koprulu will open up the landscapes of a green canyon surrounded by rare flora and fauna, the majestic architecture of nature and adrenaline throughout the rafting on the Koprulu. You also don’t miss the opportunity to swim in the mountainous and purest river Koprucay. In ancient times, this river was famous for its full-flowing property, through which large merchant and cargo ships passed. Currently, the water in Kyopricay is still so clear that you can see fish swimming in it.

Most tourists often come back here to revive the emotions they experienced previously on the raft. For all lovers of new experiences, the tour is certainly suitable! Side Rafting Tour will give you a sense of drive, extremity and joy in Turkey’s majestic nature!

📅 Tour Days: Every Day
⏱️ Tour Hours: Between 10:00 to 17:00
✔️ Tour Includes: Transfer, lunch, guiding, rafting equipments
📌 Tour Highlights: 14 kilometres of rafting, multiple swim stops

How much is Side Rafting Tour Price 2024

Type Adult Price Child Price
Rafting €20 €10
Zipline + Rafting €25 €15
Quad Safari + Rafting €30 €20
Buggy Safari + Rafting €30 €20
Jeep Safari + Rafting €30 €25
Jeep Safari + Zipline + Rafting €35 €25
Quad Safari + Zipline + Rafting €35 €25
Buggy Safari + Zipline + Rafting €35 €25
Tazi Canyon + Jeep + Rafting €35 €25
Tazi Canyon + Jeep + Zipline + Rafting €40 €25
Buggy Safari + Jeep + Zipline + Rafting €45 €30
Quad Safari + Jeep + Zipline + Rafting €45 €30

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Included / Not Included

  • English Guidance Service
  • Rafting Equipments
  • Hotel transfer
  • All Insurance
  • Lunch
  • Personel Expenditures
  • Photos and Dvd
  • All Drinks

Side Hotels – Between 10:00 to 17:00

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Side Rafting Tour Program

Your exciting excursion begins with a comfortable, air-conditioned bus that will pick you up from your hotel at around 9:30 AM and take you on an excursion to the scenic Koprulu Canyon. The entire journey takes about 1.5 hours. Along the way you will enjoy the landscapes and beauties of the Mediterranean Sea and upon arrival you will be met by a professional English-speaking guide who will analyze all the necessary information about the tour.

A 5-hour walk through the breathtaking Koprulu Gorge prepares you for extreme rafting on the river and puts you in a good mood. Your safety will definitely be guaranteed! You will receive a safety briefing on the raft and on the water, as well as a special life jacket and helmet.

During the excursion you will make stops where you can capture all the attractive landscapes of nature, dive into the Koprucay River , see the old Oluk Bridge and zip line down the canyon to overcome dense pine groves. After an active break, you will be served a hearty lunch in the best traditions of Turkish cuisine.

A photographer will accompany you along the entire rafting route. At the end of the tour you can purchase photos and videos for an additional fee. At the end of the tour, the bus will take you back to your hotel in Side around 5:30 PM.

Koprulu Gorge

You drive to the Köprülü Gorge, which has been a national reserve since 1973 and covers an enormous area of ​​500 hectares of land. Here you can observe the amazing creations of wildlife as more than 600 different species of flora and fauna are concentrated in the canyon area, including the well-known cypress, eucalyptus, fir, juniper and even pistachio trees!

According to scientific data, there are more than 109 different species of birds, including the famous bird – the symbol of the city of Belek – the barn owl, which resembles an owl in appearance. Among the animals are mountain goats, deer, rabbits, foxes, wolves, as well as the giant caretta-caretta turtles, which can weigh up to 90 kg and be up to 1.5 meters long.

On the territory of the canyon there is a special indescribable atmosphere. You will experience it fully by walking here and listening to the birdsong.

Koprucay River

Rafting takes place on the nearly 183-kilometer Kopruchay River. The Köprüçay River is the base of the Köprülü Canyon. The unique ecosystem of this place is due to the region’s cypress, cedar and pine trees. The air here is very different from the city we are used to.

Translated from Turkish, Kö Teiley means “river with bridges”. This place is an important region for water sports. There are excellent, uncomplicated rafting routes here. Rapids with difficulty of 1-2 categories are suitable for fans of extreme sports, as well as for children who are just gaining experience in this business.

You have to raft 14 kilometers down the river – it takes about 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Time doesn’t fly by! You have time to see the clear water of the river, admire the rocks and experience an ocean of emotions through the amazing rafting!

Oluk Bridge

During the rafting, you will have a view of ancient ancient Oluk Bridge built in 2nd century in Roman Empire. The restored Oluk monument will amaze you with its unique beauty. The numerical dimensions are also impressive: the height reaches 27 meters, length 14 meters and width 3.5 meters. It is still active today. The view of the canyon and its surroundings from the Oluk Bridge will surely impress you!


Rafting in its concept means a kind of active and sports recreation on the water or rafting on the river. The word “raft” means a raft. Specially equipped, comfortable and safe vessels designed for rafting on mountain rivers will be selected for you. The raft is an oval boat with special inflatable cans for seating. It’s comfortable to sit on them, you don’t have to worry! Special fasteners are sharpened on it, which will make the trip for tourists absolutely safe.

Throughout the route you will be accompanied by a professional guide who will help you solve any problem and guarantee the safety of your health.

The rapids on the Kopryuchay River are divided into 1-2 categories, of which there are 6 in the 6 difficulty classification system. Therefore, rafting on the river is easy even for children. The complexity of the route increases with every kilometer. You’ll have to adapt, learn how to manage the boat in a team and become familiar with the equipment that comes with it. It will be interesting for you to experience new sensations in harmony between fear and endless pleasure.


Your exciting journey cannot be completed without a delicious and satisfying lunch. Turkish chefs will prepare for you a buffet of main courses (chicken, rice, spaghetti) and fresh vegetable salad. You will have lunch at a riverside restaurant.

After the rafting, a comfortable bus will take you back to your hotel in Side. This ends your extreme and amazing tour.



Side Rafting Tour Price

Side Rafting Tour prices are:

Adult: 20 €

Child: 10 €

Infant: Free

What do you need to take with you on a white water rafting tour from Side?

During the trip you will need beach accessories (towel, swimsuit, swimming trunks, rubber shoes, drinking water) and sun protection accessories (hat, sunscreen and glasses). And also money for your personal expenses.

How long is the white water rafting tour in Side?

White water rafting in Side lasts from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. The total walking time on the river is about 9 hours.

Can I go rafting in Side if I can't swim?

Yes! You can do white water rafting in Side without strong swimming skills.

What days is the rafting tour in Side?

Rafting tour in Side is available every day.

Is white water rafting in Side safe?

You have a low odds of being injured on a white water rafting trip in Side, about 1 in 558 and a 1 in 100,000 chance of fatally dying. This means that for the vast majority of people, rafting is just a fun adventure.

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