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Turunc Balloon Tour

At dawn, rise into the air with the rising sun, enjoy a beautiful bird’s eye view … All this awaits you on an Turunc Balloon Tour in Pamukkale Moreover, the flight will take place not in Cappadocia, where many people are used to seeing balloons, but over the eighth wonder of the world – Pamukkale.

You will have a unique opportunity to enjoy the views of the “cotton castle” from above. Yes, plus the road from Marmaris to Pamukkale takes less time than to Cappadocia.

How much is Turunc Balloon Tour Price 2024?

Turunc Balloon Tour price is 250 Euro – ( Transfer is Extra )

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Included / Not Included

  • Certificate & Glass of Champagne
  • Pilot Services
  • Balloon Flight
  • Insurance
  • Briefing
  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks

Days & Time

Tour days: Daily

Tour duration: 1 Hour Balloon Flight

Turunç Hotels Transfer: Pick up from your hotel – ( Transfer is Extra )

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Turunc Hot Air Balloon Ride Program

For the sake of such a fascinating excursion as balloon flights, you will have to sacrifice your morning sleep. After dark, the transfer will pick you up from your hotel. On the way to Pamukkale, you will have the opportunity to take a nap and mentally prepare for the flights.

After we arrive in Pamukkale, you will see how the balloon is being prepared for flight, which is a very unusual and interesting sight. Then you will be introduced to safety procedures during flights, and at this pre-flight preparation can be considered completed.

While the balloons are being prepared for flight, you can enjoy the views around. Yes, and the process of launching balls is an interesting sight. So keep your cameras ready.

Having finished with the preparations, the reason why you came here from Marmaris begins – a direct flight in a hot air balloon.

For those of you who have not yet decided to fly, a parade of hot air balloons awaits. If you are afraid of heights or prefer more budget-friendly travel, then the Balloon Parade is made especially for you. You will be able to see how the balloons are preparing to fly, and then as they rise one by one into the sky. This is an unforgettable spectacle, during which you can take many interesting and unusual photos.

Do not think that as soon as you land back, all the interesting things are left behind. Another surprise awaits you! Flight commemorative certificate and champagne.

Then you will have a tour of Pamukkale, during which you will be able to get acquainted with the main attractions of this region.

And even then the bus will take the tourists satisfied with the tour back to the hotels in Marmaris.

Even for those who have already been to Pamukkale, the tour will seem very interesting. In addition to the drive and adrenaline from the flight, you can see the travertines of the “cotton castle”, Cleopatra’s pool and the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis from above.

A flight in a hot air balloon over the eighth wonder of the world is a completely different look at it, completely different emotions.

That is why the bus picks up tourists from the hotel very early in order to catch the sunrise. Just imagine the picture: the sun begins to rise, and you seem to be trying to catch up with it in a balloon.

And the snow-white slopes of Pamukkale are not yet filled with tourists early in the morning, and you can enjoy the beautiful view from above.

After the flight or after the parade of balloons, all travelers will have a tour of Pamukkale.

During this excursion you will visit travertines filled with water. Travertines are white pools created by nature itself, which attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Then you can visit Cleopatra’s pool, which is considered healing. According to legend, it was here that Cleopatra improved her health in thermal springs. It is not known how true this is, but one thing is certain – the water here is really very useful. Thermal water comes out directly from the ground, enriched with various minerals. Its temperature is quite high and due to this it has great benefits for the body.

You can also visit the ancient city of Hierapolis. Here you will see a well-preserved huge amphitheater, the gates of the temple, the acropolis and many other city buildings. This part of the tour will be especially interesting for those who love history, archeology and are simply interested in the past.

Balloon flight from Marmaris + Excursion to Pamukkale is a trip that will leave few indifferent. Many people dream of flying in a hot air balloon, and we offer to make this dream come true in Turkey.


Turunc Hot Air Balloon Ride price 2024

Turunc Balloon Tour is  250 Euro per person.

How long is the Turunc to Pamukkale hot air balloon flight?

Hot air balloon flight from Turunc to Pamukkale is from 02:00 AM to 03:00 PM. Total tour time is approximately 15 hours.

What is included to Turunc Balloon Tour?

Turunc Balloon Tour includes transfer, insurance, commercial pilots, hot air balloon flight, flight certificate and champagne.

How far is Pamukkale from Turunc ?

The driving distance between Pamukkale and Icmeler is 240 km. Driving from Icmeler to Pamukkale takes about 4 hours.

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