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Online Excursions > Antalya City Tour From Alanya
  • Adult40 €
  • Child (7-12)25 €
  • Infant (0-6)Free
  • Hotel TransferYes
  • Tour GuideEnglish, Russian, German
  • Tour Duration08:00 / 17:00

Antalya City Tour From Alanya

Each of us has heard about the beautiful and distant Antalya. But do you want to get to know this magnificent capital in its original form better? To see the very first buildings of this city, feel its charm and hospitality, feel the spirit of antiquity hovering over this southern region and see the panorama of the city from a bird’s eye view? Then Antalya City Tour from Alanya is exactly what you need!

Antalya is a beautiful and well-groomed city with a long history on the Mediterranean coast. On the tour you will see the ancient walls of the old city, which testify to the rich history of the region.


You will see the very first buildings of this city, an ancient pier, wonderful waterfalls, rise to a height of 605 meters, looking down on Antalya. Antalya will open up for you from a completely different side.

You will visit the historical center of the region – the ancient city of Kaleichi and will be transported back to the past, because here time seems to have stopped and preserved for us the heritage of our ancestors and the spirit of antiquity.

You will be surprised by the plexus of narrow streets, many medieval buildings, small houses, well-preserved mosques, churches, minarets, which are the legacy of the Byzantine and Roman eras. The unique, ancient architecture of the region will take you back to the distant past for a while.
From the town of Kaleichi, you will have a gorgeous view of the ancient pier, from which you will go on a sea voyage. On your way, all the beauties of the coast will open, and you will also be able to see the miracle of nature – the beautiful Duden waterfall. This is a cascading waterfall, the stream of which falls off a 40-meter-high cliff directly into the Mediterranean Sea.

You will walk along the magnificent Duden Park, located on a cliff near the waterfall of the same name, which offers an unusual view of the Mediterranean Sea. In the park, you can relax and unwind in special recreation areas, appreciate the sound benches in the form of books and playgrounds.

You will also visit an incredible cave, which is located directly under the waterfall and watch the flow of water from an unusual angle. Being inside the cave gives the impression that you are in the very epicenter of the water flow – a truly breathtaking feeling and a bewitching sight.

You will go to get acquainted with Antalya from a height of 605 meters, traveling by cable car. From the observation deck on the top of the mountain you will have a fantastic view of the Antalya coast.

By visiting Antalya City Tour from Alanya, you will get acquainted with the most outstanding and beautiful sights of Antalya in just one day. And this day will become one of the most memorable in your life!

Included / Not Included

  • Pick Up and Drop Back services
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Full insurance
  • Boat Trip
  • Entrance Ticket to Damlataş Cave (1€)
  • Personel Expenditures

Antalya City Tour Price 2022

Price List for Alanya Antalya City Tour 2022

Age Standard Price Online Price
Adult (≥ 13) 45 € 40 €
Child (7 — 12) 30 € 25 €
Infant (0 — 6) Free Free

Days & Time

Alanya Antalya City Tour Days – Times:

Every Day – From 08:30 to 19:00

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Antalya City Tour from Alanya Program

In the time range of 8:30-9:30, a comfortable air-conditioned bus will pick you up from your hotel and you will go to a meeting with beautiful and amazing Antalya, visit the unique Duden waterfalls and walk through the wonderful park of the same name, where you can even visit a cave and admire the waterfall from within.

You will go on a short sea voyage and appreciate the beauties of Antalya while traveling by sea. And the ascent by cable car to Mount Tyunektepe will delight you with its views. The whole of Antalya will lie before you at a glance and you will be able to see every corner of it.


Upon arrival in the old town of Kaleici, you will find yourself in the atmosphere of antiquity and take a trip back in time. You will get acquainted with numerous ancient sights – buildings and structures of those times. And at the end of the tour, around 18:00, you will be taken back to your hotel.

Duden Waterfalls and Duden Park

After the scorching heat, you will be happy to be in a cool atmosphere near the turquoise waterfall and watch the endless turbulent flow of water falling from the rocks.

The Duden Waterfalls are a natural wonder of Antalya. It consists of two cascading waterfalls – upper and lower. Both waterfalls are created by the Düden River. The beautiful nature around them, the noise of streams and falling water, create a truly paradise here.

You will enjoy your holiday in this unusual place in Antalya. For your convenience, there are all conditions – viewing platforms from which you can view the most beautiful waterfalls and take luxurious photos, caves, cafes, recreation and picnic areas, souvenir shops. Convenient paths are paved throughout the territory, special bridges, stairs and passages are provided, with the help of which you can easily view the waterfalls from different angles.

The first place you will visit will be the Upper Düden waterfall. This waterfall is smaller than the Lower one, about 27 meters. Its mouth originates from a small stream, and after only 100 meters it overflows from small rapids with a noisy stream of foamy water. The waterfall is surrounded by rocks and you can enjoy both a gorgeous view of nature and listen to the soothing sounds of murmuring water. One of the rocks sacredly keeps burials dating back to the 2nd – 3rd centuries AD. And you will see with your own eyes such ancient sarcophagi decorated with figures of lions.

You can relax right under the waterfall and watch the jets of water shimmering in the sun from the cave, sitting on a comfortable bench. In order for you to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the surrounding views, you will have 45 minutes of free time.

The Lower Duden is a huge cascading waterfall 45 meters high, falling in a powerful stream straight into the Mediterranean Sea. It is considered the largest waterfall in the world that flows into the sea. It is very beautiful, you can admire it endlessly. To do this, there is a special observation deck on the shore, you will enjoy its splashes and the pleasant sound of water to your heart’s content. Near the waterfall, you will have 30 minutes of free time to walk through the wonderful park, relax in the shade, and take memorable photos from the observation deck, which opens the entire panorama of the city and a stunning view of the endless Mediterranean Sea.


After such a busy walk, you will simply need a hearty lunch to replenish your strength and continue on your way. You will have lunch at a national Turkish restaurant where you will be offered a delicious lunch. The main dish will be the best kebab in the whole city, which falls only here.

Old town Kaleiçi

You will visit the ancient city of Kaleichi, whose name in translation sounds like Inside the fortress. According to legend, in the 2nd century BC, King Attalus ordered his servants to find the most beautiful place on earth. And soon they found a piece of paradise where the king built a city, and named it in his honor – Attalia. For 22 long centuries, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, pirates, Seljuks and Ottomans managed to visit Antalya. Each brought something of his own to the appearance of the city. Therefore, this old city is an amazing mixture of eras, religions and cultures.

Walking, you will see the clock tower, Ottoman mosques, minarets, Byzantine churches, the museum of Ottoman life, the house-museum of Ataturk. The first buildings of Antalya appeared here, and some of them are still preserved. You will learn the history of buildings, what pirates traded in the port, how the Ottomans converted churches into mosques, what rituals and traditions are preserved in Turkey today.

Kaleichi will enchant you with its comfort and originality, because all the buildings are in their original form. You will certainly enjoy this walk, these magnificent landscapes and low houses with tiled roofs will be remembered.

Sea walk

Then you will go on a small sea voyage from an unusually beautiful ancient pier.

You will sail along the rocky coast of Antalya, fraught with unusual caves, and admire small waterfalls passing by.

Your stop along the way will be the beautiful Duden waterfall. It will surprise you with its extraordinary beauty and powerful flow of water. The noise of the water is so loud it takes your breath away. The boat trip will last about 45 minutes. You will enjoy the picturesque views, listen to the soothing sounds of the water and take memorable photos.

Returning back to the pier, you can walk around the extraordinary old town, for this you will have 1.5 hours of free time.

After a rich excursion, a comfortable air-conditioned bus will be waiting for you, which will take you back to your hotel at about 18.00.


How much does Antalya City Tour from Alanya price?

Antalya City Tour from Alanya Prices;

  • adult: Ask Price
  • Child: Ask Price
  • Infant ( 0 – 6 years old ): Free

When does Alanya Antalya City Tour start?

Alanya Antalya city tour starts at 08:30 in the morning and ends at 19:00.

Where to book Alanya Antalya city tour?

You can book Alanya Antalya city tour online. No deposits are required with your reservation.

How is Alanya in Turkey?

Alanya, a seaside city on Turkey’s southern coast, offers a unique blend of relaxation, history and adventure. The historic heart of Alanya lies between the dazzling Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains on a rocky peninsula with an impressive 13th-century castle overlooking sweeping beaches.

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