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Online Excursions > Alanya Demre Myra Kekova Tour
  • Adult40 €
  • Child (4-7)20 €
  • Infant (0-3)Free
  • Tour GuideEnglish, Russian, German
  • Tour Duration06:00 / 20:00
  • Hotel TransferYes

Alanya Demre Myra Kekova Tour

Want deep thoughts about eternity? Then you need a trip to Alanya Demre Myra Kekova Tour. You can move away from the noisy and cheerful beaches and embark on an interesting contemplative journey filled with philosophical reflections on the essence of life, magnificent views of ancient ruins and the stillness of ancient cities.

In just one day you travel to the distant past. Visit the Excursion from Alanya to Demre Mira Kekova, walk through the streets, enjoy the tranquility that it exudes. From the top of the hill you can see the remains of the ancient city of Kekova through the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.


Journey to the city of peace, steeped in religion to the tiniest bits of history, which has been attacked and destroyed throughout its history, but has always been rebuilt. You will take a boat trip to see the city of Kekova and on the way through the water column you will see the remains of an ancient civilization. You’ll see schools of silver fish swim slowly along the ruins, crabs hide in boulders that were once the walls of huge buildings, you’ll see algae entwine the pillars, be amazed at the passage of time and the all-consuming force from nature.

You have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of holiness. You will visit the famous Nikolai Church with its wondrous icons. All the way you will be accompanied by an excellent guide who will draw your attention to important details that escape the eyes of a common man on the street. Finally, you need to know where to look to see. Of course, you will be offered a hearty and delicious lunch during the tour.

Excursion from Alanya to Demre Mira Kekova is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons and see beautiful historical monuments with your own eyes. Capture in pictures what will take years to complete. Immerse yourself in the world of antiquity, feel the connection between millennia and enjoy peace and quiet.

Included / Not Included

  • Boat trip to the underground city of Kekova
  • Hotel Pick Up / Drop off
  • English Guiding
  • Insurance
  • Lunch
  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks
  • Entrance Fees

Alanya Demre Myra Kekova Tour Price 2022

Price List for Demre Myra Kekova Tour from Alanya 2022

Age Standard Price Online Price
Adult (≥ 12) 45 Euro 40 Euro
Child (4 — 11) 25 Euro 20 Euro
Infant (0 — 3) Free Free

Days & Time

Alanya Demre Myra kekova Tour Days – Times:

Daily – From 04:00 to 22:00

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Alanya Demye Myra Kekova Tour Program

At 05:30 in the morning a comfortable bus will pick you up from your hotel and take you on a tour through the millennia. At dawn, the bus stops at a beautiful scenic spot, so after bedtime you can wake up, warm up, and have breakfast from lunch boxes that you can take away from the hotel or buy on-site.

There are 3 amazing cities on your way. Demre or Kale today is this small, cozy town that combines understated modernity and beautiful touches of antiquity. Cozy, quiet and very pleasant, it will surely catch your attention, you will want to dissolve in these streets, walking along hundreds and even thousands of years in the past. The city of Demre closely borders with the city of Mira, and now few know where Demre ends and where Mira begins. You will visit this city and walk the paths that the apostle Paul himself walked. Breathe in the ancient air and visit the Nikolaikirche.


You will feel how eras changed, how the city was attacked and destroyed, then rose from the ruins and nature continued its work and through the stone fragments of civilization the green inhabitants of the planet met the sun from year to year.

After visiting Demre and Mir you will surely work up an appetite. At the right time you will stop contemplating and absorb saturation. You will be offered a simple but hearty lunch after which you will regain your strength and continue the excursion.

Next, visit something special – the partially sunken city of Kekova. To do this, you sit in a boat and look at it on land and under water. Through the clear waters of the Mediterranean, the remains of the ancient city destroyed by time open to your eyes. Long ago, people roamed the streets, loving and hating, rejoicing and mourning. Today the city is inhabited by fish and seaweed and has grown into an underwater kingdom.

Then there will be time to buy souvenirs and get acquainted with the folk crafts of these places. You will visit a wine shop and an onyx stone workshop. Later, hop back on the comfortable coach and return to your hotel around 7:30 PM.


The city of Demre or Kale is close to Antalya , but the contrast between the two cities is just colossal! The busy, vibrant, sleepless city of Antalya with its temptations and entertainment, gourmet restaurants, attractive nightclubs, lively market counters, music and sweets is replaced by the exact opposite – Demre is a quiet, calm, measured city. Where people get up early, go about their business and go to bed early when tired.

Where life flows slowly and long. Demre stands at the foot of the hill, and therefore each of its streets is a climb or a descent. As you stroll through Demre, look out for the delightful fisherman’s cottages and beautiful fishing boats along the coast. The residents of this place are great fishermen, and that’s why you can always find the freshest seafood in any cafe. Be sure to choose a camera angle that captures the entire ensemble to capture the atmosphere of the city. There is one very interesting place in Demre that will surprise you – the ruins of the smallest ancient amphitheater, which was probably once built for the elite. It consisted of only seven rows of seats and could accommodate up to 300 people.

In Demre you can climb the hill and enjoy the magnificent view of the surroundings, the panorama of the city and the Kekova Bay, which hides under its waters the ancient ruins of the ancient cities of Dolihiste, Simena , Aperlai and Theimuss. From the top of the hill you can see blurry images of sarcophagi, columns, and other buildings.


Some say that the City of Peace once got its name from the word “myrrh” – the resin from which incense was made, others claim that its name sounded like “Maura” (place of the Mother Goddess). But everyone clearly agrees that the religious origin of the name is fully consistent with its inner content. According to legend, the apostle Paul himself once visited this place.

They tried many times to wipe the ancient city off the face of the earth, destroying it, flooding its water vein with mud, but time and again it rose from the ruins and lived on. Almost destroyed at the beginning of our era, it came alive in the heyday of Christianity. The miraculous resurrection of the world was facilitated by the arrival in the city of the new Bishop Nicholas from Patara, who for many years preached to the parishioners. After his death, according to church tradition, a series of miraculous healings took place among those who came to venerate his relics. Thereafter, Myra became a place of pilgrimage and sacred faith. You can also visit St. Nicholas Church and fulfill your innermost wish there, which will surely come true. It is usual,

Stroll through the ancient city, whose history dates back to the 5th century BC, and see the ruins of a Greco-Roman theater and unique tombs carved into the rock. This feature is inherent in the peoples of Lycia who lived in the city in ancient times. They had the custom of burying the dead in high places to give them easier access to heaven. Today, the city of Mira lives as an open-air museum and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world every year.


During the tour you will have a short lunch break. You will get chicken or fish, rice and salad made from fresh seasonal vegetables according to the standard of Turkish cuisine. Drinks can be purchased at an additional cost.


The highlight of this trip will be a visit to the city of Kekova, an underground underwater complex. The once unified territory of the state on which the cities of Dolihiste, Simena, Aperlai and Theimuss were located, which dates back to the 6th century BC. appeared on the pages of history, was suddenly divided into parts by a strong earthquake. An island was formed and the space connecting it to the mainland went under water. This happened as early as the 2nd century AD.

But today, through the clear waters of the Mediterranean, you can see the remains of cobblestone streets, stone steps, dilapidated arches, walls, even a causeway and a pier. Every now and then on this amazing journey you will meet the beginning of a building on the coast of the island and see its continuation in the water. A sad but very beautiful sight. The power and strength of nature, its destructive effects on the creation of man.

Your journey along the coast of the island will be calm and melancholic, the guide will draw your attention to one thing or another and your thoughts will be transported to the distant past to imagine how in a few hours the whole human condition was underwater hidden how the town’s residents lost their homes, like trying to save livestock and a few things to start a new life. Meanwhile, schools of fish swim quietly along the submerged walls.

From what you see during this excursion, you should think carefully about the meaning of life and possibly re-evaluate the paths of life you have chosen. Therefore, most likely, in the rays of the setting sun, you return to the hotel in silence, continuing to look around and in your own soul.


How much is the excursion from Alanya to Demre Mira Kekova?

The price of the excursion to Demre, Myra, Kekova from Alanya costs 40 euros for adults, 20 euros for children from 4 to 11 years, and free for children from 0 to 3 years.

How long does a trip from Alanya to Demre, Mira, Kekova take?

Excursion from Alanya to Demre, Mira, Kekova lasts from 05.30 to 19.00. The total tour time is approximately 14 hours.

Where is Myra in Lycia?

Myra, near modern Kale (Demre), one of the most important cities of ancient Lycia, near the mouth of the Andriacus River on the Mediterranean Sea in south-west Turkey. Her early history is unknown.

Alanya Demre Myra Kekova Tour Reviews