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Online Excursions > Belek Jeep Safari

Belek Jeep Safari

What better way than to swap a measured beach vacation for a fun-filled adventure through the Taurus Mountains in big, powerful Jeeps? Gorgeous panoramic views, mesmerizing canyons, majestic lush mountains and quaint villages with friendly locals. All this awaits you during Belek Jeep Safari Tour.

You will take an amazing journey along winding mountain roads to the most picturesque places in the Mediterranean.

You will be amazed by a huge ancient plane tree that is around 2500 years old.

A unique very old beautiful tree against which stunning images are obtained. The tree is not far from the old Byzantine fortress, which you can also see. You will probably be interested in how Turkish gardeners live their lives, their village is nearby. Hospitable Turkish residents will be happy to spoil you with delicious fruits.
You can take fabulously beautiful photos on the Ovacık panorama, from which the whole of Kemer opens at a glance.

Your path leads through coniferous forests, charming natural landscapes alternate with characteristic Turkish villages.

You will have the opportunity to visit the Gedelme Cave on Belek Jeep Safari. Also, enjoy the mesmerizing view of the canyon and cool off in the cool, crystal-clear mountain river.

This breathtaking view and the clean mountain air will give you a boost of vitality and strength for a long time. Jeep Safari in Belek is a great opportunity to combine an extreme vacation with a tranquil contemplation of natural resources.

📅 Tour Days: Every Day
⏱️ Tour Hours: Between 08:30 – 17:00
✔️ Tour Includes: Belek Hotels Transfer, Lunch, Guiding Service, Insurance
📌 Tour Highlights: Local villages, Swim in the waterfall, High adrenalin off road fun

How möuch is Belek Jeep Safari Tour Price 2024

Belek Jeep Safari Tour price is 35 Euro for Adults, 20 Euro for children from 7 to 11 years old. Free for children under 6 years old.

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Included / Not Included

  • English Guidance Service
  • Jeep 4×4 Land Rover
  • Hotel transfer
  • Insurance
  • Lunch
  • Entry fee for the mini zoo
  • Personel Expenditures
  • All Drinks

Belek Hotels – 08:30 / 17:00

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Belek Jeep Safari Tour Program

At 10:30 a.m., a comfortable, air-conditioned bus will pick you up from your hotel and drive to the meeting point. There you will take a seat in large, powerful jeeps and drive on bumpy mountain roads. Your first stop is the village of Gedelme, where you can admire the plane tree that is over 2,500 years old.

When you reach the Ovacik panorama, you will see Kemer and the Mediterranean Sea from a bird’s eye view. Your way to the restaurant, where you will be offered a hearty lunch, leads through the mountain villages. The final destination of your trip is Gedelme village where you can relax and swim in the turbulent mountain river, explore the cave and admire the magnificent canyon. After that, return to the collection point, where a bus will be waiting for you to take you back to your hotel.

Jeep Safari

Powerful, spacious jeeps with high off-road capabilities and terrain in the Taurus Mountains are matched. You will see for yourself once your exciting journey begins.

Cars driven by a professional driver easily overcome the slopes and climbs of a bumpy mountain road, as well as small mountain springs, leaving only a spray fountain behind your back. This is an exciting and fun action that everyone likes, young and old. Coniferous plants that surround you everywhere make the air healthy and clean. This is a pleasant bonus for your extreme walk.

Short stops allow you to take beautiful photos, take a break from the road and gain strength.

Taurus Mountains

Your exciting journey will take you through the majestic Taurus Mountains. They stretched along the entire southern coast of Turkey from the Aegean to the Euphrates. In some places they descend to the sea in the form of a steep cliff, somewhere gently turning into a hill.

Their diverse and amazingly beautiful nature will catch your attention. There are coniferous forests, alpine meadows and turbulent mountain rivers with steep rapids.

The mountains are usually divided into East, Central and West Taurus. The vegetation on them changes depending on the altitude. The lower ones grow pines, oaks and maquis shrubs. A little higher you will find juniper, Lebanese cedar and fir. There are beautiful alpine meadows at the peaks.

Here you will find many national parks and protected areas. These places will amaze you with their unique panoramic views, crystal lakes, rushing rivers and mesmerizing slopes. It is not for nothing that the Taurus Mountains are so attractive to tourists from all over the world.


This small Turkish mountain village has several interesting sights. One of them is the plane tree, which is about 2500 years old. It was made before the birth of Christ around 500 BC. planted. Its height is 28 meters, and the trunk diameter is 4.5 meters. The huge tree will impress you greatly. Standing next to him, it seems that this wise giant knows the answers to all questions. Those are lovely feelings. Not far away you will see a whole alley with other, slightly younger plane trees, around 1000 years old.

There is a cave nearby. Very picturesque and interesting. Old stalactites and stalagmites combine to form bizarre shapes. Illuminating it with a flashlight, you can see how the dungeon shimmers with shades of different colors. The atmosphere is mysterious and enigmatic.

The remains of an old Roman fortress are in Gedelme. It is well preserved despite being founded in the 9th century. The name means grain dryer. Many centuries ago it was a fortress – the protector of the entire region.

The village will delight you with its sights that not everyone can reach. You will also have a great opportunity to see them thanks to highly passable, powerful cars.


Mountain village that you visit especially to take great photos.

A stunning viewing platform with impressive views of the Mediterranean coast and Kemer. You will be overwhelmed by unforgettable impressions and emotions from the picturesque panorama, which will remain in your memory for a long time.


As you drive through the surrounding villages and admire the scenery, stop at a quaint restaurant high in the mountains. A variety of Turkish cuisine is offered. Grilled fish and chicken, rice, omelet, various salads. Drinks can be purchased for an additional fee.

Swimming in the Canyon

After a tough highland road adventure, a refreshing dip in the cool mountain river will be a reward.

You will have a break for swimming at a specially equipped place near the canyon. It is very picturesque here, but above all it is absolutely safe. After washing off the dust of the road, you will receive a charge of vibrancy and energy.

After completing your jeep safari, board the waiting bus that will take you back to your hotel.


Belek Jeep Safari Tour Price 2024

Belek Jeep Safari Tour Prices are:

Adult: 35 €

Child: 20 €

Infant: Free

What should you take with you on a jeep safari tour in Belek?

On this extreme jeep safari tour in Belek, you will need comfortable shoes that you can get wet, sun accessories (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen) to protect you from the scorching Mediterranean sun, beach accessories (bathing suit, swimming trunks, towel),

What is included in Belek Jeep Safari price?

Belek Jeep Safari Tour price includes transfer, insurance, professional English speaking tour guide and lunch.

Can children join Jeep Safari Tour in Belek?

Yes. Children, especially teenagers, are totally in love with the jeep safari tour in Belek. We recommend that you take your children with you on the Jeep Safari Tour. Your children will be delighted.

How long is a jeep safari tour in Belek?

Jeep Safari Tour in Belek lasts from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Total tour time is 5 hours.

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