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Online Excursions > Belek Buggy Safari

Belek Buggy Safari

Do you want to drive the agile buggy cars in Taurus Mountains off-road? If the answer is yes, then by briefly changing the hot beach for the cool of the mountains, you will get real pleasure from extreme driving and contemplating magnificent landscapes. If you choose Belek Buggy Safari Tour as entertainment, you will get adrenaline rush and vivid impressions.

Your extreme journey in small buggy off-road vehicles will take place in the most picturesque corners of Taurus Mountains. You have the opportunity to get to know the nature of these places better, which simply amazes with its beauty and untouched nature.

Buggy and off-road are coordinated, on these machines you feel completely safe. They are specially designed to overcome various obstacles. Even if you have no driving skills, experienced instructors will definitely teach you everything.

They rush over bumpy mountain serpents, leaving only a pillar of dust behind them. Your route is designed in such a way that the landscapes are constantly changing, allowing you to see picturesque blue lakes, turbulent mountain rivers, glorious alpine meadows and mesmerizing mountain vistas.
On the way you will have several stops to rest and take unforgettable pictures in these wonderful places. You also have the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear waters of a mountain lake. This gives you power and strength for your onward journey.

The trip includes a stop at Parkour – a place where, for an additional fee, you can test your driving skills and feel like a real racer on artificial tracks of increased difficulty. And when you ride the zipline, you will experience indescribable joy, a rush of emotions and adrenaline.

Belek Buggy Safari is a fun and exciting adventure for the whole family that will give you an unforgettable experience and a desire to repeat this trip.

📅 Tour Days: Every Day
⏱️ Tour Hours: 10:00 – 12:00 – 14:00 – 16:00
✔️ Tour Includes: Belek Hotels Transfer, Security Equipment, insurances, English Guidance
📌 Tour Highlights: High adrenaline adventure, Explore off road tracks, Drive yourself experience

How much is Belek Buggy Safari Price 2024

Belek Buggy Safari price is 40 Euro for single buggy vehicle, 60 Euro for double buggy vehicle. Belek Buggy Safari takes 3 hours including hotel transfer.

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Included / Not Included

  • Pick Up and Drop Back services
  • Experienced instructors
  • All Safety Equipment
  • Individual insurances
  • English Guidance
  • Personel Expenditures
  • Dvd and Photos

Belek Hotels – 10:00 – 12:00 – 14:00 – 16:00

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Belek Buggy Safari Experience

Your extreme adventure begins with a comfortable, air-conditioned coach picking you up from your hotel and driving you to the meeting point. Here you will receive detailed instructions and learn everything about safety. At the construction site, you will practice driving, and after you are sure, the convoy will move towards the Taurus Mountains. You have several stops to admire the beauty and take unforgettable photos.

There will also be a break on the shore of a scenic lake for swimming. For additional entertainment, make a stop at the parkour site, where you can ride on very difficult tracks. Descending on the zipline, you will experience even more vivid emotions. At the end of the trip, you will be picked up in a comfortable vehicle and taken back to your hotel.

Belek Buggy Safari Ride

Lightweight and maneuverable small car for off-road driving. The first cars were assembled from German cars of the Beetle series, hence the name. A special feature is the high cross-country ability. The SUV will easily overcome the most difficult obstacles. The buggy is an automatic vehicle, so it is not difficult to drive and does not require a driver’s license. You can drive it from the age of 16. There are two types of buggies: single and double buggies.

Taurus Mountains

You will see the southern mountains of Turkey , stretching along the entire Mediterranean coast, the length of which is 1600 km. The mountains cover historical regions such as Pamphylia, Caria, Lycia and Cilicia. The Taurus Mountains used to be inhabited by Armenians and Greeks, today Turks live here. In the south, the mountains descend to the sea, in some places they become steep, in the north they gently descend to the highlands of the Asia Minor Highlands. The peaks of the bull in the east reach about 3500 meters, the western part is lower, about 2500 meters. This is where the famous Euphrates rises.

You will be amazed by the rich vegetation of the southern slopes: cypress, Lebanese cedar, arbutus, myrtle and many other plant species. The Taurus Mountains are usually divided into western, central and eastern mountains.

Picturesque mountain ranges are a magnet for tourists from all over the world. The Taurus Mountains are full of hiking trails for hikers who prefer independent and secluded relaxation.

You will be able to admire these wonderful places. Blue lakes, stubborn mountain rivers, alpine meadows – all of this is incredibly inspiring and stimulating.

Off-Road Safari

They rush along the winding and rocky sections of the road, cutting narrow mountain streams with powerful wheels, leaving only fountains of water in their wake. This exciting adventure will be remembered as one of the best vacation moments in Turkey. Driving among the evergreen forests of the Taurus Mountains, you will feel the full power of these places, admire the diverse vegetation and the enchanting aroma of conifers. The convoy is led and terminated by experienced drivers so your safety is assured. So that you don’t get tired along the way, you will have several stops to enjoy the moment, take unforgettable photos and also swim in a clean mountain lake.

Swimming in the Lake

You can feel real bliss as you dive into the turquoise, clear and cool waters of a mountain lake. Washing the dust off the road makes you feel born again. There will be power and strength to embark on another journey.

Parkour Playground

To make you feel like an extreme, there is a stop at the parkour terrain. This is a specially equipped place where projectiles of different complexity are collected to simulate obstacles. On them you can practice to overcome difficult trials. This entertaining entertainment will bring you emotions and joy of children.

Zip Line

Zipline helps you get the maximum amount of endorphins. This is a special device that allows you to descend along a steel cable using only gravity, without touching the ground. Such devices, consisting of ropes and blocks, have long been known and used to transport people and goods between river banks. But nowadays, these devices are increasingly being used for entertainment. If you like thrills then you will like this type of vacation and it will be a pleasant bonus to your already extreme trip.



Belek Buggy Safari prices 2024

Belek Buggy Safari Tour prices are:

Single Buggy: 40 €

Double Buggy : 60 €

What is included in the Belek Buggy Safari Tour price?

Belek buggy safari cost includes transfer from your hotel and back, insurance, professional English speaking instructor and buggy ride.

What age is allowed to drive a buggy safari tour in Belek?

Persons over 16 years old are allowed to ride a buggy in Belek.

Can children participate in Belek buggy safari tour?

Yes, children can sit behind their parents or next to each other on a two-seater buggy.

How long is buggy safari in Belek?

Belek buggy safari lasts approximately 3.5 hours, at any time that suits you – morning, noon or evening.

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