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Online Excursions > Bosphorus Dinner Cruise

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise

Would you like to enjoy the magical views of Istanbul at night from the ship? Take a break from a busy day, inhale the fresh, evening sea air? Feel the national, Turkish flavor? See the incredible performance of Turkish artists, get acquainted with the Ottoman culture and its outfits? Then Bosphorus Dinner Crıise tour is made for you!

You will go on an unforgettable sea voyage along the famous unique Bosphorus Strait – the very heart of the Turkish city. The walk will be carried out on a comfortable ship, from the board of which you will be able to observe chic views of villas, bridges and palaces.

You will sail between two continents in the light of the night lights of the city. The journey will be accompanied by an incendiary show program with the participation of the best Istanbul artists and a magnificent dinner consisting of Turkish cuisine.

During the tour you will learn a lot of new and interesting things about the Bosphorus. You will have the opportunity to open the veil of secrets and legends associated with it, as well as the history of its name.

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise is a bright and memorable end to the day.

How much is Bosphours Dinner Cruise Price 2024

Istanbul Bosphorus Dinner Cruise Tour price is 40 Euro for adults, 30 Euro for children from 4 to 10 years old and for children under 3 years old free.

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Included / Not Included

  • Transfer from/to hotel
  • English Speaking Guided Tour
  • Boat trip on the Bosphorus
  • Entertainment show program
  • Dinner
  • Insurance
  • Personal Expenses

Days & Time

Tour days: Daily

Tour duration: From 19:30 to 00:00

Istanbul Hotels Transfer: Pick up from your hotel

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Bosphorus Dinner Cruise Program

Your journey will begin with the fact that a comfortable bus will pick you up from your hotel and you will go on an exciting boat trip along the famous, majestic and unique Bosphorus.

During the excursion you will sail on a comfortable ship between two continents – Europe and Asia Minor. The tour will take place at the most suitable time for this – in the evening. After all, with the onset of darkness, Istanbul is literally transformed. Everything around is lit up with endless lights. All the buildings that you will float will appear before you in a new light, illuminated by millions of lights. The luminous hills of Istanbul are also extraordinarily beautiful. The sight is simply mesmerizing! You will never see this from the shore.

Numerous villas, fortresses, palaces and mosques are located on the shore of the strait. In the light of night lights, they are especially majestic and beautiful. You will also swim through bridges, which also glow with colored lights. From the water surface, in which myriads of lights are reflected, it is simply impossible to take your eyes off.

Your journey will be accompanied by an entertaining show program. The best artists of the city will take part in it. You will get acquainted with the dance culture of different regions of Turkey: Caucasian dance, belly dance. You will learn what “Henna Night” is and you can even take part in it.

All this will be accompanied by a delicious dinner prepared by Turkish chefs. Here you will have the opportunity to taste the real national dishes of Turkey.

An evening walk along the Bosphorus will certainly not leave you indifferent. It will bring you delight, peace and unity with nature.

Bosporus strait

Your journey will take place along the magnificent Bosphorus. The Bosphorus is the narrowest intercontinental strait in the world. It connects the Black Sea with the Marmara and, together with the Dardanelles, connects the Black Sea with the Aegean, which is part of the Mediterranean Sea. The strait was formed about 7600 years ago. The strait is 30 kilometers long and 120 meters deep. The Bosphorus is one of the most important, busy trade (and not only) routes. It plays a huge role in the export-import of various kinds of goods between continents. It delivers oil products, food, industrial, and other goods. The traffic along the strait is extremely intensive.

You will be surprised by the history of the origin of the name of this strait. After all, the ancient Greek myth gave it its name. According to him, Zeus fell in love with the beautiful Io. But his wife Hera did not like it. And in order to save his beloved from her wrath, Zeus turned Io into a white cow. But it was not possible to save her, and Io fled from Greece through the strait, which has since been called the “cow’s ford” – the Bosphorus.

The Bosphorus is famous for its suspension bridges connecting Europe and Asia. To date, there are three. The railway bridge of Sultan Selim the Terrible. It was put into operation in 2016, with a length of 1408 meters. The automobile bridge of Sultan Mehmed Fatih, shorter in length – 1090 meters, but no less grandiose, was erected in 1988. And finally, the third bridge, slightly shorter than the second (1074 meters), was built in 1979. At night, these bridges are illuminated with multi-colored lights, offering guests of the strait, sailing on board ships and yachts, to contemplate an incredibly beautiful sight.

Another interesting and unique fact about the Bosphorus: there are two currents in the strait. Upper desalinated to the south and lower salty, the opposite of the first. The salt current continues in the Black Sea as an underwater river.

Show program “Turkish Night”

During the tour you will be accompanied by an incendiary show program. The best artists of Istanbul will perform in front of you. You will see: national Caucasian dances, as well as a belly dance performed by an oriental beauty. All this will allow you to get acquainted with the Turkish national culture, costumes of various peoples. You can also reveal your dancing skills to the incendiary national music during the night disco. All this oriental flavor will give you a lot of pleasure and will forever remain in your heart.

Henna Night

Henna night or in a simple way – a bachelorette party is also a mandatory program during a tour of the Bosphorus. Henna night is an ancient Turkish tradition that has survived to this day. This is the last night of a girl who says goodbye to her home and prepares to start her adult life. The bride puts on a long red dress, caftan, puts a transparent veil on her head. And other women walk around her with lit candles, dance and sing songs. Then comes the most exciting moment of the holiday.

They bring in a silver tray with two burning candles and henna. And that woman who has a long-term, only and happy marriage should paint the hands of the bride with henna. This is a very honorable duty. You can become a member of this most beautiful, ancient national action.

Dinner on board

During a wonderful evening, you will have dinner on board the ship. You will be served national cuisine prepared by Turkish chefs. The menu will feature delicious Turkish cold starters, a seasonal salad, and you can also try meat, chicken or freshly caught fish – to choose from. Non-alcoholic drinks in assortment.

A boat trip along the Bosphorus on board a ship is one of the most wonderful ways to spend a wonderful evening in Istanbul. This night will undoubtedly become the most unforgettable in your life.


How much does the night Bosphorus tour in Istanbul cost?

Adult: 40 €
Child: 30 €
Infant: Free

What is included in the price of the Night Bosphorus tour in Istanbul?

The price of the Night Bosphorus tour in Istanbul includes a transfer from your hotel and back, a professional English speaking guide, a tour of the Bosphorus, dinner with drinks, a show program.

How long is the Night Bosphorus tour in Istanbul?

A night boat trip along the Bosphorus lasts from 19:30 pm to 00:00 am. The total tour time is approximately 4.5 hours.

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