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Online Excursions > Cappadocia Classic Car Tour

Cappadocia Classic Car Tour

ould you like to drive a fancy retro car through a fabulously beautiful area with incredible landscapes and an unusual landscape created by nature itself? Do you take beautiful photos and videos against the backdrop of a stunning sunrise or sunset? A Cappadocia Classic Car Tour offers you a similar variety.

Safari in a vintage car is one of the most beautiful excursions in Cappadocia, during which you can not only drive through the extraordinary, unearthly landscapes of Cappadocia, but also take fantastically beautiful photos. Your itinerary will be arranged to cover a variety of area attractions in a 2-hour journey. We show you the most interesting places for your photos and videos. At your request, for an additional fee, we can invite a professional photographer for you, who will make your pictures even more beautiful and of higher quality. The view here will appeal to the newlyweds, because here you will get amazing wedding photos against the background of a luxurious car and balloons flying in the light of the sun’s rays in the sky.

For an additional fee we can decorate your car with flowers, which will make your pictures even more attractive. Also during the trip you will have the opportunity to visit one of the attractions of Cappadocia of your choice. You can visit the rock fortress of Ortahisar, from the top of which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city and the valleys. Or one of the most romantic and interesting valleys – the Valley of Love, along which huge boulders resembling “mushrooms” are scattered.

Photos against the background of these “mushrooms” are simply unearthly. You also have the opportunity to visit the Pigeon Valley or the ancient rocky village of Chavushin. Incredibly beautiful images are captured in the Red and Rose valleys. At dawn, balloons rise into the sky here. Hundreds of balloons gently flowing across the sky in the pre-dawn haze will become a truly divine backdrop for your photos. And at sunset, you’ll have the opportunity to photograph here against the backdrop of strawberry-pink rocks, similar to marshmallows or Italian meringue. In the light of the rays of the setting sun, the airy tuffs acquire a rich pink and even crimson hue, which gives the composition a charming unreality. You can choose at any time and in any valley,

Cappadocia Classic Car Tour offers you a variety of natural landscapes of Cappadocia. You will experience incredible emotions and keep warm and pleasant memories of them. And the photos and videos captured here will remind you of this incredible journey!

How much is Cappadocia Classic Car Tour Prices 2024

Cappadocia Classic Car Tour Price is 120 Euro. Price is not per person but per vehicle.

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Included / Not Included

  • Impala Chevrolet 1964-1975
  • Hotel pick up / Drop Off
  • Insurance
  • Driver
  • Photo and Video Films
  • Personal Expenses

Days & Time

Tour days: Daily

Tour duration: 2 Hours

Cappadocia Hotels Transfer: Pick up from your hotel

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Cappadocia Classic Car Tour Program

A comfortable bus will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the starting point of your unforgettable journey. You have the choice between several fancy Impala Chevrolet classic cars from 1964-1975. Publication. You have the option to choose the color of your car. With the car of your choice, you will start your magical journey through the most beautiful area with an unearthly landscape, which will last from 2 to 2.5 hours. During your trip, take stunning photos of the surreal landscape of Cappadocia and visit one of its attractions. At the end of the tour, you will be returned to your hotel in a comfortable bus.

Tour Description: Your journey takes place in a chic retro 1964-1975 Chevrolet Impala. The time of your tour is up to you. You can take a trip at sunrise or sunset. In any case, you will be satisfied, because nature is beautiful in its own way at any time of the day. You choose a car in its color (red, pink or blue) and conquer the vastness of Cappadocia. Your route will take you through the most famous sights of the region.

You will have the opportunity to visit any of them of your choice: Ortahisar Fortress, Love Valley, Pigeon Valley, Chavushin Village or Red and Rose Valley. From your vehicle, watch the landscapes change from beautiful and breathtaking to bizarre and alien. During your stops you can take magically beautiful photos of these landscapes. Imagine: nature of fabulous beauty with bizarre rocks, a luxurious retro car, a colorful sky full of balloons plowing their expanses in the rays of the setting sun and you are in the midst of all this splendor! And with the services of a professional photographer, your photos will be even more beautiful!

Ortahisar Fortress: Ortahisar Castle is a fortress dominating the town of the same name. Ortahisar is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city. You will be amazed by this fortress literally carved into the rock and decorated with caves created during the Roman Empire. The top of the fortress offers a magnificent panoramic view of the city and valleys.

Valley of Love: Love Valley is one of the most beautiful, interesting and popular valleys of Cappadocia. It is known for its bizarre rocks that literally cover the valley like giant mushrooms. These “mushrooms” are formed by volcanic tufa rocks. You will love this alien landscape opening up to your eyes.

Pigeon Valley: Pigeon Valley is no less interesting and attractive. It got its name from a large number of dovecotes carved into its stone walls. The ancient Christians greatly revered pigeons and tried to breed them as much as possible. You will be amazed when you see these dovecotes that cover the rocks of the valley like honeycombs.

Chavushin Village: The village of Chavushin is an ancient rock settlement in Cappadocia, famous for its dwellings carved into the rock. You may be surprised, but people lived in these cave houses until 1953. In addition to the dwellings here, even churches were carved into the rocks, the wall drawings of which have survived to this day.

Red and Rose Valleys: The Red and Rose Valleys are valleys of unsurpassed beauty. They are named for the shadows of the rocks within them. The colors change in intensity depending on the time of day. From the outside, these rocks resemble Italian strawberry meringue or fluffy pink dessert. Balloons are launched here at dawn, which will be a great spot for your photos. At sunset, the unearthly beauty of your photos is showcased by rocks ranging from raspberry pink to red.

Impala Chevrolet 1964-1975: Chevrolet Impala is an American full-size convertible, one of the leaders in the lineup of similar cars. There aren’t many such cars around these days, mainly from collectors who understand their true power and value. You can choose the color of your car: red, pink or blue. You will love riding this fancy open iron horse and taking great photos against it.


Cappadocia Classic Car Tour price 2024

The price for a vintage car tour in Cappadocia is 120 euros.

What should you bring on a vintage car tour in Cappadocia?

During the tour you will need: comfortable non-slip shoes, sun protection (hat, sunscreen and glasses), drinking water. Accessories for a photo session (costumes, props).

How many days should you spend in Cappadocia?

We recommend staying between 2 and 4 days in Cappadocia. In two days you can explore the Goreme area, take some walks, take a hot air balloon ride , visit the churches, stay in a cave hotel and have a great time.

How long is a classic car tour in Cappadocia?

You can always choose a time that suits you for the excursion. Total tour time is around 2-2.5 hours.

What is the best month to visit Cappadocia?

Peak season for Cappadocia is July and August when temperatures can easily get to 32ºC. Visit both sides for cooler weather and clearer trails and skies. The best time to visit Cappadocia is undoubtedly outside of the hot and dry summer months of July and August.

Is Cappadocia worth visiting?

It is very worth visiting in Cappadocia and we highly recommend staying in Goreme. Even if you don’t go ballooning, it’s interesting to wander around the city and yes, go to the Goreme Open Air Museum.

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Sang Min-Su

Group Traveller

I and my friends had a great experience with Mustafa , who took us to magnifique places to view the sunrise! It was totally worth it .Highly recommend

Ji-Yeong Chae-Yeong

Couple Traveller

If you are in Cappadocia, I recommend “sunrise classic car tour”.