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Online Excursions > Cappadocia Horse Safari

Cappadocia Horse Safari

Cappadocia is translated from the Persian language as the land of beautiful horses. Horse breeding began here in 1460 BC. The unforgettable Cappadocia Horse Safari Tour will take you through the most picturesque places in Cappadocia.

You can go horse safari in different valleys of Cappadocia, such as Meksendir Valley, which will impress you with its lunar landscape. Rose valley with pink cliffs and rock formations. Çavuşin Village , where you can visit one of the oldest temples in Cappadocia – the Church of St. John the Baptist. Valley of Swords where you can admire ancient rock churches, dwellings carved into soft volcanic rock many centuries ago. When horseback riding in Cappadocia you will visit parts of the valleys that cannot be reached by jeeps!

How much is Cappadocia Horse Safari Prices 2024

Cappadocia Horse Riding price is 25 Euro

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Included / Not Included

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Horse Safari (2 Hours)
  • Training Service
  • Insurance
  • Helmet
  • Personal Spendings
  • Food & Drinks

Days & Time

Tour days: Daily

Tour duration: All year round, anytime in the day. Duration is 1 hours.

Cappadocia Hotels Transfer: Pick up from your hotel

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Cappadocia Horse Riding Program

Cappadocia horseback riding tour takes place every day throughout the year. You can choose the timing of your exciting trip. Tours operate at dawn, during the day, and at sunset. No matter what time of day you choose, you will be satisfied. If you want to explore a particular valley, you have the option to choose between them.

Briefing: 30 minutes before the ride, a qualified instructor will give you a detailed safety briefing. You will learn all the necessary information about horseback riding. You will also practice and master your riding technique outdoors. All the horses on the ranch are well trained and you will not find it difficult to control them. In addition, professional instructors will accompany you on your beautiful journey. You can choose to ski in specific valleys or let your instructor choose for you.

Meskendir Valley: The Meskendir Valley is located between Çavuşin and the city of Goreme. This valley stretches for 4.4 km and surprises with its unearthly landscape. You will find many dwellings carved into the rock. People lived here until the beginning of the 20th century, later some apartments were converted into dovecotes. To see the 11th-century Meskender Church one must climb up the valley, which is not a difficult task on horseback. You will definitely be amazed by the breathtaking view!

Red Valley: During the Cappadocia horseback riding tour, you can visit the amazing Red Valley, named after the color of its rocks. In the valley you have the opportunity to see the Üzümlü Church. It was built in the 8th century and named after the Stylite Nikitas who lived there.

Rose Valley: This mesmerizing valley got its name thanks to its pink rocks, which look particularly charming at sunset. You will be amazed by several cave churches and dwellings in the valley from the 7th to 11th centuries.

Çavuşin: Çavuşin is the oldest settlement in Cappadocia. Old churches and monasteries carved into the rock are the most interesting buildings in the village. Built in the 5th century, the Church of Saint John the Baptist is one of the most famous churches in Cappadocia.

You can take amazing photos in the ancient city of Çavuşin, which looks like a Swiss cheese due to rockfall and erosion.

Sword Valley: Sword Valley is named after rock formations that stand tall and resemble swords and daggers. In this valley you will also see many dwelling houses, churches and dovecotes that were bent into rock many centuries ago. Beautiful frescoes with images of saints are still clearly visible in some churches.

Swords Valley also has a hot air balloon launch site. Joining the tour at sunrise allows you to capture incredible, colorful photos with balloons floating in the background.

Love Valley: Liebestal will amaze your imagination with its peculiar rock formations that look like mushrooms. They are also called “fairy chimneys”. The height of the fairy chimneys ranges from 20 to 30 meters, even some giants reach 40 meters. They appeared due to a volcanic eruption millions of years ago. Ash and lava settled on the rocks. Over time, soft ash has been washed away and eroded due to rain and wind.


Cappadocia Horse Riding price 2024

Adult: 25 €

Child: 25 €

When does the Cappadocia horse safari tour start?

The Cappadocia horse safari is possible at any time of the day. Sunrise and sunset are the most popular among visitors.


Are horse safaris in Cappadocia safe to ride?

Riding a horse in Cappadocia is not dangerous, but studies show that the risk of injury is proportional to the participant’s level of horse activity. For example, horse jumping is much more dangerous than horseback riding. Riding horses is a fun activity, but there is a risk of injury. However, the risk of injury is difficult to determine compared to other activities such as motorcycling, mountaineering or even driving a car.

Can I teach myself to ride?

Yes, it is possible to teach yourself to ride and there are many resources available to learn all the basics needed to get started. However, you need the right equipment, the right horse and finally an instructor who will take you further and teach you how to ride properly.

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4 Reviews
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Kelli Dolores

Couple Traveller

The horses were well and affectionate. We had a wonderful ride with them. Definitely the best price and quality

Milton Rosalyn

Solo Traveller

The scenery was breathtaking and the ride was smooth. Thank you guys

Mindy Coretta

Family Traveller

We had a great experience horseback riding as a family of four. The kids had a blast and it was their first time riding a horse. I was impressed by how friendly the horses were with children and the staff paid attention to safety which was appreciated as a parent. The ride was smooth and we had the opportunity to explore the valley. I highly recommend this activity for families with children

Gabriel Emerald

Couple Traveller

I and my boyfriend a horseback riding tour through this agency and it was a great experience. The staff were attentive and took great care of the horses. The guided tour was enjoyable and I was able to create memories that I will never forget. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking for a unique experience