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Online Excursions > Cappadocia Private Tour from Belek

Cappadocia Private Tour from Belek

Would you like to enjoy the amazing landscapes of Cappadocia that absolutely everyone is talking about? You will see fascinating ancient structures created by nature itself, unearthly scenic valleys rejoicing in their views. A Private Cappadocia Tour from Belek offers you the opportunity to enjoy the fabulous beauty of mysterious structures and touch the ancient world. If you wish, you can customize the route to suit your individual preferences.

You will embark on an amazing journey that will introduce you to most of the attractions of this truly delightful region.

The fortified town of Uchisar will surprise you with its unusual appearance and interior design, and the panorama that opens from it will leave an indelible impression on you.

The Goreme Open Air Museum, which contains many original and interesting cave temples, will not leave you indifferent.

Not far away you will notice the Valley of Love, impossible to miss. It looks really unusual.

The village of Chavushin will be remembered for its special appearance. Be sure to visit the pottery town of Avanos , known for its clay products since ancient times.

The Pashabag Valley will delight you with its stone statues of a completely unusual shape, here they are two- or even three-headed. And Imagination Valley will make you stimulate your imagination and imagine that you are in a fairytale forest.

Urgup city will complete the first day of your eventful trip.

On the second day of your trip the main attractions of the southern part of Cappadocia are waiting for you. This is an impressive walk through one of the most beautiful valleys in the region – Ihlara. A visit to the most interesting underground city Derinkuyu is also planned, which will leave an indelible impression.

If it is more convenient for you to move by car, camel, horse or off-road vehicle, you can take them with you for temporary use.

At your request and for an additional fee, a balloon flight can be arranged for you. This is an unforgettable adventure that will be remembered for years to come.

Private Cappadocia Tour from Belek is that you can change the route, add or remove something from the program. The excursion will give you a lot of vivid impressions and the opportunity to see all the sights of this unique region.

How much is Belek Cappadocia Private Tour Price 2024

Belek Cappadocia Tour price varies according to the wishes of the guests. Please contact with us to tell us about your plan. We will do our best for best prices.

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Belek Hotels – Ask For The Times

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Belek Private Cappadocia Tour Program

Early in the morning, a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle will arrive at your hotel and you will drive to the most impressive region of Turkey – Cappadocia. In two days you will see the most interesting and picturesque places in the region.

You will get acquainted with the magnificent panorama of Uchisar, which offers a magnificent view over the entire valley and even an attraction that you will visit later – the Goreme open-air museum with many rock-hewn churches. The Valley of Love, located nearby, will be your next stop. The town of Avanos will conquer lovers of pottery, and the Pashabag Valley will surprise you with its bizarre two- and three-headed rocks.

The final chord of the first day of your Cappadocian adventures will be the Valley of Love and the cozy town of Urgup. During the tour you will have breaks for meals. In the evening, check into a comfortable hotel with all the amenities to spend the night and recharge your batteries.

The second day of your tour begins with a hearty breakfast at the hotel. Then drive to the most beautiful valley in southern Cappadocia – Ihlara, where you will see the most interesting and famous places. Then go to the underground city of Derinkuyu .


The fortified town with a magnificent panorama is the highest point in this area. The fortress is very unusual. You’ll see for yourself as soon as you see it. It was made directly in the rock by extracting tufa stones from it. It has everything you need to live: living rooms, hallways, windows and even its own water supply. Climbing to the top of the fortress, which is 60 meters high, you can enjoy a magnificent panorama from which the entire valley opens.

Goreme Open Air Museum

You will be amazed by the most popular monastery complex in Cappadocia. As early as the 1st century, when believers fled Jerusalem and were persecuted by the official authorities, buildings in the form of cave houses, churches and monasteries began to appear here. You can enjoy the unique cave churches with admirable frescoes. 10 churches including Apple, Dark and Church with Sandals will appear in your eyes. In addition, you will see various utility rooms, cells, storage rooms and refectories. This place has an amazing energy and mysterious vibe.

Valley of Love

An extremely strange sight formed by volcanic eruptions. Ash and lava blanketed the surface, and rain and wind washed away the soft rock, giving only the strongest joints a chance. This is how wonderful stone sculptures appeared, resembling mushrooms. Finger-shaped rocks stand out from each other and surprise with their originality. They say that children conceived in these places are born extraordinarily beautiful.


Only 60 years ago this city was uninhabited. The rock on which dwellings were built a thousand years ago resembles the shape of cheese. Humans carved mazes, rooms, and utility rooms directly into the rock. Due to severe erosion and constant landslides, residents have had to move to more traditional housing.

Walking along the rocks, you can easily spot traces of human habitation, such as B. apartment numbers or chandelier hooks.

It will be interesting for you to admire the old churches. The most famous among them is the Church of John the Christ, located at the very top of the cliff.


The city has been famous for its ceramics since ancient times. Avanos is located on the Kızılırmak River, the longest river in Turkey. It is from here that artisans extract clay for their original products. The city is also famous for its carpet weaving mills. Here you will surely find something interesting for yourself.

Tal Pashabag

Below the vineyards you will see a magnificent valley with very unusual stone carvings. During your trip you have already managed to enjoy various natural sculptures, but you have definitely never met such. Only here they are two and three heads. They are called fairy chimneys. They used to be inhabited by monks, so another name for this valley is the Monks’ Valley.

Here is the amazing Church of St. Simeon. It was located in a three-headed rock where the saint lived for about 15 years.

You can see the cell and the chapel in this extraordinary church.

Valley of Fantasy

You will admire the incredible Valley of Imagination, it is rightfully considered the most beautiful, and this despite the fact that it has never been inhabited by people and there are no churches and monasteries familiar to Cappadocia. But as soon as you stimulate your imagination, you will see doves, a camel and other various figures of animals and people. This is nature’s most real miracle, created by itself.


A magnificent ancient city where old houses made of pink tuff blend harmoniously with the modern architecture of the city.

The city lives an active modern life: bars, cafes, nightclubs.

Around it are vineyards. Thanks to the fertile soil, wine production is well developed here.

You will definitely enjoy the panorama that opens from the top of Mount Temmeni.

Alp Hotel

After a rich excursion program, you will settle in a cozy four-star hotel, where you can relax and gather strength for the day ahead, full of new discoveries and incredible emotions. The hotel will delight you with the quality of service and the delicious Cappadocian cuisine.

Turkish Night

For an additional fee, you can attend an incredible night show program with dinner and lots of Cappadocia wines. This exciting show will give you vivid and unforgettable impressions, because here you will see national dances, oriental shows and surprises of the institution.

A special Cappadocian atmosphere and fabulous chimneys add a special touch to this show. Afterwards you have a delicious aftertaste of relaxation.

Cappadocia hot air Balloon Ride

If you wish, you can fly over Cappadocia in a hot air balloon for an additional fee by letting us know in advance in the following chats. A magical flight over the most fantastic terrain will give you an unforgettable experience and make your heart flutter with vivid emotions.

At dawn you will be taken to the starting point. After the briefing, take your seat and slowly, very gently, begin to rise into the sky.

The first rays of the sun begin to illuminate the fabulous chimneys. From the landscapes you see you will forget everything. You will gently drift among the rocks, and an experienced pilot will either lift the ball to a great height, and then go down in reverse. A little more – a little and you can reach out and reach for these amazing statues. And other balloons passing by please the whole process.

Upon completion of the flight, you will receive a traditional glass of champagne and the presentation of a flight certificate.

Derinkuyu underground City

The next day, after breakfast at the hotel, visit the unique and largest underground city in Cappadocia. It is 85 meters deep and has 13 floors. About 20,000 people lived here in ancient times. Cattle were also kept here. The building dates from the 6th – 10th centuries.

The city was provided with absolutely everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Huge ventilation shafts provided the city with oxygen, water wells, canteens, chapels and even a school.

Between the floors there are special small manholes, in which huge stones played the role of a door. Each of these doors was about five feet in diameter and about 16 inches thick. If there was a breakthrough in the defense of the upper floors, the doors would block the passage to the lower ones. You will love this atmospheric and mysterious place.

Ihlara Valley

You will see a volcanic canyon mesmerized by its beauty. It starts in the village of the same name and ends in the village of Selimiye.

Its height is 150 meters and its length is 15 kilometers. A magnificent picturesque gorge with dense vegetation. Their path runs along the Melendiz river, which was formerly called the Patamus Kapadukus.

Already in the 4th century the canyon was inhabited by Christians. They also started building the first cave temples. In total there are 105 churches in these places, but only 20 of them are accessible.

You can enjoy the exquisite frescoes that have survived to this day. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they are made using different techniques: Armenian, Coptic, Syrian.

Belisisma Village

You will visit an original village carved into the rock. It is known for having a medical school in ancient times, where people were treated and the mummification technique was developed. You can also have lunch here.

Selime Monastery

You can enjoy an incredible rock complex carved into the rock. The time of its origin goes back to the 8th century. The complex is at a high altitude and has interesting transitions between rooms.

The Selime Monastery is equipped with many ancillary rooms. You will see cattle sheds as well as monastic cells.

In Selim, frescoes created in the X-XI centuries have been preserved to this day, you can also admire them.

The interior delights everyone. Majestic arches and columns are carved directly into the soft tuff, and even today you can see details of ancient icons.

Pigeon Valley

You will be amazed by one of the most beautiful valleys, the length of which is 4 km. And it is so called because it has a large number of dovecotes carved right into the rock. In ancient times, pigeons were bred to collect their droppings and later use them to fertilize vegetable gardens.

Wonderful photos are taken here because the view is truly spectacular. You can also feed the birds. Groceries for them are sold on site.

After completing your 2-day customized journey through the vast expanses of Cappadocia, you will be returned to your hotel in Belek by comfortable transport.


Belek Private Cappadocia Tour price 2024

Belek Private Cappadocia Tour prices are changing according to what our guests want to have in the program.

How long is Cappadocia Private Tour from Belek?

Cappadocia Private Tour from Belek lasts 2 days and 1 night.

How far is Cappadocia from Belek?

The distance between Belek and Cappadocia is 546 km. Takes about 5 hours 15 min via D300 

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