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Online Excursions > Kemer Antalya City Tour

Kemer Antalya City Tour

Do you want to feel like a part of history and see the untouched beauty of Antalya? Its amazing cozy streets with unusual houses, an old pier and stunning waterfalls. An excursion Kemer Antalya City Tour will definitely not leave you without vivid and unforgettable impressions.

A trip to Antalya allows you to see a completely different side of Turkey. The historical center of the old town, medieval buildings, old churches and mosques will surprise you how many eras have intertwined and complemented creating a unique and picturesque image of unspoiled Antalya.

Stroll along the marina of the old town and take a short sightseeing tour across the Mediterranean Sea, along the stunning Antalya coastline to the delightful Lower Duden Waterfall. You will have the opportunity to take an unforgettable photo of yourself against the backdrop of the water falling from 40 meters and the Duden connecting with the turquoise sea. You will visit the recreation park of the same name, which offers a magnificent view of the endless expanses of the Mediterranean Sea .

You will also visit the Upper Düden Falls. You are just as amazing. You can see the falling water from the cave behind the waterfall and see the oldest tombs carved into the rock.

For a special memory of your impressions of Antalya, ride the cable car up Mount Tünektepe. From a height of 605 meters you will see the extraordinary and divine beauty of the mountainous province of Antalya and the Mediterranean Sea.

In just one day you will visit the most beautiful and beautiful places of Antalya and leave in memory a large number of stunning photos. Kemer Antalya City Tour to Duden Waterfalls and Tunektepe Mountain Peak will leave an unforgettable experience for the whole life!

How much is Kemer Antalya City Tour Price 2024

Tour Adult Child
Boat Trip, Lunch & Two Waterfalls 25 € 20 €
Olympos Cable Car, Lunch & Waterfall 50 € 30 €
Olympos Cable Car, Boat Trip, Lunch & Waterfall 60 € 35 €

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Included / Not Included

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Full Insurance
  • Entrance Fee
  • Cable Car
  • Boat Trip
  • Lunch
  • Personel Expenditures
  • Photos & Video
  • Drinks

Days & Time

Tour days: Daily

Tour duration: From 09:30 to 18:00

Kemer Hotels Transfer: Pick up from your hotel

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Kemer Antalya City Tour Program

Around 08:30 in the morning, a comfortable air-conditioned bus will pick you up from your hotel and embark on an amazing tour of historical and beautiful places. You can take a lunch box with you for breakfast at the hotel in advance.

The first stop is the Upper Duden Waterfall and the Dudenbashi Park. After admiring the waterfall views, exploring the karst caves, visiting the ancient tombs and strolling through the park of vines and artefacts, head to the Lower Duden Waterfall, which rivals its counterpart in splendor.

You walk along the shore, between thickets of fragrant flowers. Stroll through the park for a spectacular view of the 40-meter waterfall. You’ll witness the color of the water change as a freshwater river meets a salty sea.

Before immersing yourself in ancient history, enjoy a delicious lunch at a national Turkish restaurant and rest to continue your unforgettable journey.

Then drive to the heart of Antalya – the Old Town (Kaleici). You have time to explore the old town on your own, buy colorful and numerous souvenirs for you and your friends, as well as take stunning photos against the backdrop of various churches, mosques and cozy houses.

And finally, board the cable car to Mount Tunektepe. From a bird’s eye view you can see the surroundings of the city of Antalya and Kemer at a glance. At the end of a fantastic journey, a little tired but very satisfied, you will be comfortably transferred to your hotel.

Duden Waterfalls and Duden Park

Starting from small springs in the Taurus Mountains, the Duden flows on the surface and underground, making its way through the city towards the Mediterranean Sea to fall from above to connect with it. The leisurely flow of the water forms rushing and bubbling cascades and waterfalls in places.

10 km north of the center of Antalya, you will have the opportunity to see the Upper Duden Waterfall from all sides, including from the inside, from a cave carefully hidden by an emerald green rock under the crystal clear streams of falling water streams.

You’ll hike around the waterfall in a truly paradisiacal park, taking unusual photos of bizarre vines, ancient artifacts and tombs carved into the rocks beneath the waterfall. Viewing platforms are provided especially for you, so that you have the most successful perspectives against the backdrop of the picturesque places of the Upper Duden Waterfall as a souvenir.

The Duden River, flowing through the city, reaches another beautiful and picturesque park and, approaching the sea, passes under a graceful bridge. He says goodbye to you quietly with a soothing jet of water and falls from a height of 42 meters, as if freed from the embrace of the rocks that hinder his movement.

You will be lucky enough to see this stunning sight from the Mediterranean side. The Lower Duden Waterfall is the only waterfall, the largest in the world, whose water falls from a cliff directly into the sea.

Tunektepe Cable Car

You will explore the surrounding scenic landscapes of Antalya coast with one of the main attractions of Antalya – Tunektepe Mountain.

The length of the cable car reaches 1706 meters. Your ascent to the top of the mountain takes only 10 minutes. The cable car consists of 36 cabins that are constantly in operation. From the huts with picture windows moving to the top of the mountain, you will admire the breathtaking view that opens before your eyes. The beauty of the landscape of the Taurus foothills and the azure Mediterranean Sea will enchant you. Holding your breath, you will experience amazing feelings of oblivion and admiration at the natural beauty of the planet you saw.

Take a deep breath and breathe in the purest mountain air mixed with the scent of conifers, at the top of the mountain, at an altitude of 605 meters. You will be photographed from the best viewing platforms. Panoramic views of the mountains and the endless Mediterranean Sea will tempt you more than once to visit the amazing, colorful and friendly Antalya.


To recover and recharge your batteries for the continuation of your adventure trip, dine at a national Turkish restaurant and taste delicious traditional Turkish cuisine.

Old Town of Kaleici

You will walk along the beautiful, unusually cozy, narrow streets of the old town, in the places where the “heart” of the very first Antalya is located.

Here you can find architectural elements of different historical epochs in different parts of the country – buildings from the time of the Roman Empire, remains of Byzantine churches, mosques. You will see fairly well-preserved sights: the famous Hadrian’s Gate, symbolizing the entrance to Kaleici, the unusual Yivli Minaret, a museum inside the tower with ancient manuscripts, clothes and decorations of monks.

On the territory of the Old City you can see another of its unchanging symbols – the Hidirlik Tower. And you will also be surprised by the Clock Tower (in Turkish – Saat Kulesi) – this is a young monument compared to other monuments in the Old Antalya area. But after the construction of this bell tower, such buildings began to appear all over Turkey.

A large-scale restoration was carried out in the old town a few years ago and you will be lucky enough to see some buildings that have remained unchanged. Therefore, you seem to plunge into the history of ancient Antalya, which is completely different from the usual resort of Turkey. You will feel warm feelings for this place and every time you visit Antalya you will strive to get to its heart – Kaleici Old Town.


kemer Antalya City Tour price 2024

Adult: 25 €

Child: 20 €

Infant: Free

What is included in the price of Kemer to Antalya city tour day tour?

Kemer Antalya city tour price includes transfer, services of professional English speaking guide, lunch, insurance, cable car to Tunektepe mountain, entrance tickets to Duden waterfalls and boat ride.

How long does an excursion from Kemer to Antalya city tour take?

Excursion from Kemer to Antalya city tour lasts from 08:30 to 17:00. Total tour time is 8 hours.

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