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Online Excursions > Kemer Yacht Charter Boat Tour ( Relax Boat )

Kemer Yacht Charter Boat Tour

Would you like to listen to calm and light music, relax and unwind on a yacht, sway on light waves and look at the picturesque landscape of the Mediterranean coast? Relaxation cruise on a Kemer Yacht Charter Boat Tour is a great opportunity to relax your body and soul! On a comfortable yacht with a maximum capacity of 40 people, you will take a leisurely cruise along the coast of Kemer.

You will visit 3 of the most amazing and extraordinary bays of beauty: Phaselis Bay, on whose shores is located the ancient city of the same name, Aladzhasu Bay or Paradise Bay and Kirish Bay. Take your time sunbathing and swimming in the turquoise crystal clear waters of truly heavenly oases, or travel back in time to explore the ruins and artifacts of the ancient city of Phaselis.

A relaxation Kemer Yacht Charter Boat Tour will give you serene oblivion, peaceful rest, tranquility and the pleasure of admiring the extraordinary nature of the Mediterranean Sea around you.

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Included / Not Included

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Lunch (15 types of dishes)
  • Boat trip on a yacht
  • Full insurance
  • Soft Drinks
  • Personel Expenditures
  • Alcoholic Drinks

Days & Time

Tour days: Daily

Tour duration: From 10:30 to 17:30

Kemer Hotels Transfer: Pick up from your hotel

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Kemer Yacht Charter Boat Trip Program

Your secluded journey starts from your hotel, around 10:00 a.m., a comfortable, comfortable, air-conditioned bus will pick you up and take you to Kemer port. A small, cozy yacht, designed for a maximum of 40 people, awaits you in the harbor. For a more comfortable stay, bring towels, bathing supplies, and sunscreen. You need them for sunbathing and swimming in the azure crystal clear waters of the most beautiful bays of the Kemer coast.

The first stop is Phaselis Bay, where, if you wish, you can explore the history of the ancient city while walking among the wonderful scents of cedar and laurel trees. The second bay of your visit will be Aladzhasu Bay or Paradise Bay. This place, as if hidden by the Creator, so that you can escape from the hustle and bustle, let your soul dangle and unite with nature.

To properly relax and recharge your batteries, dine on a variety of national delicious Turkish dishes in the fresh sea air. And finally, visit the third bay with the interesting name Kirish. You will enjoy the view from the yacht and remember how the rocky, terracotta colored shore that embraces the gentle emerald sea as if dancing with each other gave you peace and tranquility. With light and pleasant music, you will reach Kemer port around 18:00 and be transferred back to your hotel.

Yacht Charter

Your peaceful and relaxing holiday will take place on a small, modern and comfortable yacht. The maximum number of people is 40, so you have a separate comfortable sun lounger where you can sunbathe comfortably and enjoy your vacation in the hospitable Mediterranean Sea.

Mediterranean Bays

After a relaxing yacht cruise along the beautiful Kemer coast, you will visit three amazing and truly unforgettable bays. You can enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean lagoons in peace and quiet without any rush.

The first to hit you, historically significant in antiquity, is the Bay of Phaselis . The bay is in the foothills of Takhtaly. You will see breathtaking mountain landscapes covered with ancient cedars. Swimming in the purest turquoise waters of the sea will bring you joy and energy. And the ruins of the eponymous ancient city of Phaselis, revealing images from the past, will make you travel back in time.

The next stop will be a stop at Aladzhasu Bay. The second name is Paradise Bay. Terracotta rocks holding cedars on their shoulders carefully conceal a truly heavenly and cozy shoreline. In this beautiful place you seem to reunite with nature, get to know the local flora and fauna, relax your body and soul. Pure air nourishes your lungs with an ethereal blend of cedarwood and sea scents and soothes your body.

At the end of your relaxation cruise, you will reach the third bay – Kirish Bay. Here you can enjoy the breathtaking landscape of the majestic Taurus Mountains from the sea side. The turquoise to azure sea and the lush green of the coniferous forest growing on the rocks will bring you serene calm and visual satisfaction. You will remember these places for a long time.
The entire journey is accompanied by light, pleasant and unobtrusive music that will not disturb you while enjoying the sounds of nature.


Phaselis is an ancient city founded in the 7th century BC. was founded by the Lycians. A city that surprises with its location: it is located on a small peninsula jutting out into the sea and is not “hiding” in a gorge or on rocks. Residents of about Rhodes founded Phaselis with the aim of supplying the cities of the Mediterranean with wood. The city developed very quickly and was famous for its trade. The city was often attacked and the “owners” changed one after the other. In the 13th century the city had lost its economic importance.

Over time it was completely empty. But you have a unique opportunity to visit the well-preserved ruins. Aqueduct is a wall with arches through which water was brought into the city. You will be amazed by the Roman baths, where the remains of the mosaic on the floor are well preserved. You will experience a special feeling when you visit the amazing necropolis with unusual tombs. From the steps of the theater built by the Romans, which looks nothing like ordinary amphitheaters in Turkey, there is a fantastic view of the Taurus foothills and Tahtali’s highest mountain.

Endless expanses will rest your eyes and your thoughts will dissolve so you can rest and contemplate the natural beauty that the Creator has created on earth. one has a fantastic view of the Taurus foothills and the highest mountain of Tahtali. Endless expanses will rest your eyes and your thoughts will dissolve so you can rest and contemplate the natural beauty that the Creator has created on earth. one has a fantastic view of the Taurus foothills and the highest mountain of Tahtali. Endless expanses will rest your eyes and your thoughts will dissolve so you can rest and contemplate the natural beauty that the Creator has created on earth.


You need to freshen up as a relaxation – the cruise lasts all day. A hearty, delicious buffet lunch featuring 16 traditional Turkish dishes is provided on board the yacht. You’ll taste grilled fish or chicken, your choice of salads, cigar börek – delicious Turkish pies with filling, dolma and sarma – stuffed vegetables, as well as a variety of succulent seasonal fruits.

You can also buy various drinks, delicious ice cream and snacks at the bar. Bringing your own food and drinks onto the yacht is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your understanding.

Additional Entertainment

If you like a relaxing holiday, but sometimes you still want a drop of adrenaline and a charge of vivid emotions, more extreme types of entertainment are provided for you at an additional cost: a banana and a jet ski, on which With a breeze you can ride on the waves of the Mediterranean Sea with a Parachute ride that allows you to explore the scenic beauty of Kemer coast from a bird’s eye view.

At the end of your relaxation cruise, you will be transferred to the port of Kemer feeling rested body and soul and then return to your hotel with a comfortable transfer.


What is included in the price of a yacht charter boat tour in Kemer?

The price of a yacht charter boat tour in Kemer includes: transfer from your hotel and back, insurance, lunch, boat trip.

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