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What to do with children in Antalya?


Antalya is a vacationer’s paradise where historical ruins, beautiful nature and beautiful beaches are in close proximity, and is also quite family-friendly. Apart from the children’s activities, there are also many other things for the little ones to do in the city of Antalya.

Antalya – Ideal for families with small children.


Antalya, the ninth largest city in Turkey, is considered a paradise on earth and a pearl of the Mediterranean because it has the status of unique professionalism in appearance, projection of diversity and quality of life. With its cypress clad cliffs drizzling into the sparkling blueWater and the wealth of historical sights or the bountiful waterfalls dotted across the landscape, Antalya is a jewel-colored crown near Turkey . If you go on a tour there, you should know what extensive steps to take and how to best use your time by engaging in several things there.

As Turkey’s largest beach destination and definitely the biggest crowd puller, Antalya offers visitors ample opportunities to immerse themselves in many activities. From beach walks to adventurous activities, or from the trickiest to the most relaxing, you can find all kinds of things to do in Antalya.

Here are some suggestions for activities and some tips for you and your children to take note of.

10 must-see activities and things to do with your kids in Antalya

1. Big Kral Pirate Boat Tour in Antalya
2. Quad Safari Tour in Antalya
3. Aqualand Antalya Aqua Park
4. Diving in Antalya
5. Theme Park Land of Legends of Antalya
6. Antalya Aquarium
7. Horse Safari in Antalya
8. Manavgat River Cruise from Antalya
9. Fishing in Antalya
10. Jeep Safari in Antalya

Excursions in Antalya with children – 10 best tips with small children – activities for families

With its cypress-clad cliffs plunging into jewel-colored waters and its evident ancient history, Antalya is the pearl of Turkey’s glittering Mediterranean coast. It’s Turkey’s largest beach destination and a huge crowd puller. No matter what kind of vacation you want – sitting on the beach, visiting historical ruins, doing extreme sports or going out in the evening – you will find all kinds of activities in Antalya. From the most demanding to the most relaxed. You must see these attractions for children in Antalya. Antalya is an ideal holiday destination because it offers many opportunities for interesting excursions and activities with the whole family.

1. Big Kral Pirate Boat Tour in Antalya


Escape the crowds and explore some beautiful bays around Kemer with a full-day boat trip that combines everything you need. Our Antalya Pirate Boat Tour invites you to sail on a pirate boat and enjoy a day of relaxation, tranquility and excitement. The excursion is ideal for everyone and is one of the access options among travelers.

Make every moment of your Antalya vacation special by participating in an incredibly relaxing yet exhilarating pirate boat cruise. Departing from Antalya, this full-day boat trip sails towards Kemer and gives you the chance to swim at some of the most beautiful and unspoilt spots in the area. Our Antalya pirate boat trip is an excellent option for people of all ages as it combines fun, adventure and relaxation. Explore the magnificent coast and escape the crowds while creating precious memories with your loved ones.

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2. Quad Safari Tour in Antalya

11What to do with children in Antalya?

Upgrade your vacation experiences by adding an adventurous and mesmerizing Quad Bike Safari in Antalya. This full-day excursion promises you fun, excitement and adventure rolled into one! Get to know the surroundings of Antalya and discover the natural beauties of the Taurus Mountains. What could be nicer than experiencing nature with an overdose of adrenaline on vacation!

Antalya Quad Safari Tour starts as soon as you get picked up from your hotel. Our team will drive you to the starting point of quad biking which is not far away. It is at a distance of about 30 minutes from the city. There you will take part in a briefing by the instructors. If this is your first quad experience or you don’t have a license then there is absolutely no need to worry. The professional instructors provide a detailed tutorial on safety equipment and procedures, as well as important driving tips.

In total you can enjoy more than 1 hour and 30 minutes on the quad bike machine. During your route you will have the opportunity to observe the stunning landscape formed by the foothills of the Taurus Mountains. The dusty paths lead through moving mud, a pine forest and valleys.

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3. Water Planet Antalya Aqua Park


Water Planet is the largest aqua park in Antalya region. Spend one day of your vacation to visit this great place, suitable for all ages, and you will have a lot of fun and entertainment. Our driver will pick you up at the hotel around 9am. It doesn’t take long to get to the Water Planet water park. So you have enough time to try all the water slides with 24 in total.

Families can have fun on the various family slides and try to catch a big wave in a wave pool. There is a special animation pool for children with various water slides and toys so they can have fun there all day long. You can get an adrenaline rush sliding down the kamikaze.

Try the Black Hole slide for more action and extremes. If you’re looking for a truly adrenaline-pumping activity, you can go bungee jumping for an additional fee. Then take a break and enjoy a delicious lunch (own expense). Unlimited local non-alcoholic beverages are included throughout the day.

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4. Diving in Antalya


Enhance your vacation and enhance your experience by joining an exceptional diving tour in Antalya. Diving is one of the most popular activities in Antalya due to the pristine beauty of the sea. Learn to scuba dive, make two dives in the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, discover the mysteries and beauty of the underwater world and create memories that will last long.
On this tour you will dive at two different sites in the wider Kemer area. The dive sites are chosen by the professional divers depending on the weather conditions. Both dives take place in locations renowned for their natural beauty and the variety of fish they harbor.

When the boat reaches the first dive sites, you’ll receive another briefing and then jump into the sea accompanied by a professional. The dive lasts about 20 minutes, during which you will experience unique emotions and experience the tranquility of the underwater world. Before heading to the next dive site for your second dive, enjoy an energizing and freshly prepared lunch on the boat. Full of energy you dive down again for 20 minutes and enjoy this incredible experience to the fullest.

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5. Land of Legends Theme Park in Antalya

11What to do with children in Antalya?

The land of legends offers all guests unique experiences where they will discover something new every moment. Offering an exciting atmosphere where everyone can experience their own legends, the Land of Legends allows you to push the boundaries of fun with your children or share exciting and adrenaline-pumping moments with your loved ones. All you have to do is decide which part of the fairy tale you want to experience in the epic atmosphere of The Land of Legends and discover your own legend… Remember, only those who have a dream can see behind the door!

The huge water park has a total of 55 slides and offers fun for young and old. The space rocket lures with the chance to become a “water astronaut”. For those who like it a little less exciting, there is a gentler slide, or maybe you would like to slide in a boat with the whole family on the Family Float?

Everything you can do in the water can be found in the water park. If you are interested, you can also take diving lessons.

You may want to swim with the dolphins, trainers provide information about the life of the dolphins and how they are cared for in the park. Anyone wishing to participate must be at least 8 years old and able to swim.

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6. Antalya Aquarium


Spend a day at Antalya Aquarium and take part in a fun, exciting, adventurous and entertaining excursion. Antalya Aquarium Tour takes you to one of the largest aquarium complexes in the world. Discover sea creatures, explore themed aquariums and take part in unique and unforgettable activities. Our tour is ideal for everyone as it is an interesting and informative activity.

Antalya Aquarium Tour is marked as a kid-friendly excursion. Due to its size, Antalya Aquarium is one of the largest in the world and is home to thousands of marine species. Children can observe and learn information about the different species and create unique memories. In addition, the aquarium is home to a number of sea-themed museums and exhibitions. Among other things, visitors to Antalya Aquarium can visit the Snow World and Ice Museum, where children and adults can play with snow and learn interesting and entertaining facts about snow and the species that live there.

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7. Horse Safari in Antalya

11What to do with children in Antalya?

Escape the crowds and make your vacation in Turkey unforgettable by joining a relaxing and exciting horseback riding tour of Antalya . This alternative outdoor activity is the ideal way to explore the area while reaping the benefits of horseback riding. Enjoy a unique and family-friendly excursion and make new, long-lasting memories.

Antalya horse safari is the perfect excursion for those interested in a relaxing and exciting activity. Escape the crowds and enjoy an unforgettable horseback riding excursion in a spectacular and picturesque landscape. Enjoy the benefits of horseback riding and admire the beauty of nature on this relaxing and adventurous exploration.

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8. Manavgat River Cruise from Antalya

11What to do with children in Antalya?

If you are a nature lover and want to discover the natural beauty of Antalya, this full day excursion is for you. Join our Antalya Manavgat River Cruise and enjoy the serenity of nature while creating special memories. This tour includes a river cruise, swimming in a beautiful place, as well as a visit to the city of Manavgat. Take your chance to escape the crowds and enjoy the best parts of Antalya with this unforgettable tour.

During the river cruise you will have the opportunity to visit one of the most interesting and beautiful places in the area. More specifically, the boat will stop at the point where the river water meets the Mediterranean Sea. During this stop you can swim in the cold and warm water, walk around and discover the amazing scenery and relax in the sandy bay. If you’re lucky, you might spot river turtles too! During this cruise, you’ll also visit the charming town of Manavgat and spend some free time at your leisure. On Mondays and Thursdays there is a local bazaar with lots of interesting things to watch and nice items to buy. During your free time, you can also visit the waterfalls, which are located in the immediate vicinity and can be reached by a bus. If you need more ideas on how to spend your time, you can always ask the tour guide for some recommendations. At the end of this great and extremely relaxing activity, the modern and comfortable bus will take you back to Antalya.

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9. Fishing in Antalya

11What to do with children in Antalya?

Keep us on your hobbies or active lifestyle during your holiday in Antalya. This fishing trip is a great alternative to traditional boat trips. Spend a day exploring the extraordinary beauty and tranquil atmosphere of the Mediterranean Sea while having the opportunity to fish in the blue waters. Antalya Fishing Tour is ideal for both beginners and experienced anglers. Soak up the warmth of the sun, relax your mind, and if you’re lucky, catch some fish on a boat trip that has everything you need.

Once the boat leaves port, find a comfortable spot on the decks and enjoy the incredible views across the coast. While you relax make sure you take some photos as the coastline has some incredible coves ideal for beautiful photos with perfect backdrops. For this fishing trip, the captain will anchor at some famous fishing spots in the area.

If this is your first fishing experience, there is no need to worry. The professional crew will explain you how to use the equipment, what fish you will fish at your place and of course help you throughout the experience. When you receive the instructions they will provide you with the necessary equipment, the bait and fishing lines and prepare you for this incredible experience.

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10. Jeep Safari in Antalya


Make the most of your Antalya vacation by taking part in an exciting adventure in the Taurus Mountains. Our Antalya Jeep Safari promises you some of the most exciting experiences, an alternative perspective of Antalya and of course lots of laughter and fun. Jeep Safari is an excellent option for everyone as it covers different interests and has all the elements you need for a great day in nature. Off-road rides, charming villages, exceptional views and lots of excitement are some of the things to expect during the day.

As the jeeps drive you along the off-road tracks, you will start to get your excitement high. Along the way you will see many quaint villages and beautiful patches of unblemished natural beauty. A stop takes place in the village of Yumaklar, located at an altitude of 920 meters above sea level. During your time there you will learn a lot of interesting information about the culture of the village and the way of life of the locals. After visiting the village you will have lunch at a local restaurant. During the lunch break you will taste some delicious local recipes and relax in a cozy environment.

The jeep will again follow a dusty off-road path, so once again get ready for some adrenaline rushes. During the off-road experience, you can borrow water guns and have a fun water fight with the people in other jeeps. The excursion also includes a visit to Ucansu Waterfall. The spotless natural beauty of the place will take your breath away. Better still, the waterfall is an excellent photo spot as it ends in a naturally formed pool. If you feel like it, you can swim and have fun.

Antalya Jeep Safari ends in the afternoon. At the end of the last stop, the jeep will take you back to Antalya. The return trip is perfect to enjoy a few last views of the beautiful Taurus Mountains. With a feeling of sweet tiredness but full of excitement and great emotions, you will return to your hotel during the afternoon.

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Here are also some excursions & activities you can do with your kids in Antalya

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top attractions for children in Antalya?

Is it safe to visit Antalya?

Yes, it’s quite safe with a low crime rate and a safety index of 85%.

What is the hottest month in Antalya?

July is the hottest month, January is the coldest month in Antalya

What are the best things to do with kids in Antalya?

What to do in Antalya at night?

As the sun goes down, the city shimmers with dazzling lights, offering visitors a variety of activities to enjoy.

1. Enjoy a delicious dinner at Kaleici

2. A boat trip

3. Clubbing and partying

4. Visit Duden Park

What are the most romantic things to do for couples in Antalya?

  • With waterfalls, beaches and parks, there is a surprising amount of romantic things to do in Antalya.

What are the best places to shop in Antalya?

Aside from plenty of things to do in Antalya, there is also plenty of room for shopaholics to have their fair share of fun.

1. Surrounded in Kaleiçi

2. Bazaar of Çaglayan Visit

3. Iki Kapili Han

4. Lara Street Market

What is the best time to travel to Antalya?

If you really want to enjoy Antalya’s Mediterranean climate and get the most out of your vacation, visiting the place between the months of March and May (spring season) and September and November (autumn season) is an excellent option.

Between these months, mild rain and temperatures around 21°C can be observed, allowing visitors to enjoy a soothing tour and activities in the city. Various adventures such as trekking, canoeing and rafting can also be comfortably enjoyed in these seasons.

How many days do you need in Antalya?

If you are visiting Antalya for the first time, you need to spend at least three to four days in the city to fully discover it. From exploring the ancient ruined cities to a range of water sports on the beach, there is plenty to do in the city of Antalya.

You can start your first day in Antalya by studying various historical places such as Phaselis, the archaeological site of Olympus and the ancient city of Termessos. Spend your second day at the beach before shopping and exploring the city streets on the final day.

Is Antalya worth a trip?

Absolutely. Antalya can be classified as a perfect destination for family vacationers, solo travelers or couples. From the historical remains of the Roman city to the 18th-century style houses that surround the city, Antalya offers its visitors the perfect option for adventure and exploration.