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Online Excursions > Antalya Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Tour
  • Adult210 €
  • Child (10+)210 €
  • Delux BasketsYes
  • Morning FlightYes
  • Available DaysEvery Day
  • Hotel TransferFree for Pamukkale Hotels

Antalya Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Tour

Would you like to see a unique natural wonder that has no analogues anywhere else in the world from a bird’s eye view? Feeling like an old traveler traveling around the world in a hot air balloon? Do you feel weightless and floating in the clouds? Antalya Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Tour offers you such an opportunity!

You will go to a natural phenomenon, Pamukkale Hot Springs and take on the sky in a hot air balloon. This flight gives you the opportunity to see a unique natural wonder inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List – snow-white travertines.


From a bird’s eye view, the famous “Cotton Castle” appears in front of you at a glance. From a hot air balloon, you will seem as if you are flying over cotton fields descending from the hills with countless terraces of azure waters.

During the flight you will also see the beautiful ancient city of Hieropolis with its incredible ancient structures that have been preserved to this day. You will be amazed to see the buildings of genius for their time and imagine how beautiful and powerful this city was during its heyday.

Your breathtaking flight lasts approximately one hour. The height of the balloon depends on the weather conditions. Therefore, you can not only look at everything on earth, but also enjoy the heavenly expanse to the fullest. As you slowly sail across the sky, you will feel the tranquility and true pleasure of flying.

After your wonderful flight you will be greeted with a personal balloon flight certificate and a glass of chilled sparkling wine.

Antalya to Pamukkale hot air balloon flight will be the most memorable event of your life. Excited emotions and crazy adrenaline that you will experience during the flight will remind you of a holiday in sunny Turkey for a long time!

Included / Not Included

  • Hotel pick up / drop off
  • Balloon Flight
  • English Guiding
  • Full Insurance
  • Qualified Pilot
  • Champagne
  • Entrance Fee
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Flight Certificate
  • photo and video films
  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks

Antalya Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Tour Price 2022

Price List for Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Tour from Antalya 2022

Age Standard Price Online Price
Adult (≥ 12) 220 € 210 €
Child (3 — 11) 220 € 210 €

Days & Time

Antalya Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Tour Days – Times:

Daily – From 01:00 to 18:00

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Antalya Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Tour

Early in the morning, around 3:00 a.m., you will be picked up from your hotel by a comfortable bus and drive to the unique thermal complex – Pamukkale.

In Pamukkale, you will be driven to a landing site selected by a qualified pilot. Here you will receive the necessary safety briefing and start your flight.


The average flight time is about one hour. After your exciting flight, enjoy a delicious and hearty breakfast at one of the local restaurants.

After breakfast, if you wish, you can take a sightseeing tour of a unique natural phenomenon – Pamukkale, as well as visit the ancient city of Ephesus, which is not far from Pamukkale.

After the tour, your bus will be waiting for you to take you back to your hotel around 6:00 PM. If you want to spend the night in Pamukkale or go to another city, you can let us know in the chats below and we will help you organize it.


Before embarking on your breathtaking flight, receive pre-flight instruction from experienced flight instructors. They will inform you in detail about safety precautions and rules of conduct in a balloon and in flight in general.

The pilots and the balloon itself are certified by the Turkish Aviation Authority and fully meet all safety requirements. The balloons are pre-checked and prepared, so you don’t have to worry about flight safety.

A qualified pilot assigned to the balloon you are flying in will assist you in boarding the basket.

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Ride

The Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Ride is conducted from the launch site chosen by a qualified pilot based on the wind direction and speed. Definitely, you will discover the incredible landscapes of Pamukkale from every place where your amazing journey starts.

Once you are informed and the pilot helps you to take your seat in the balloon basket, your glorious flight into the sky begins.

The takeoff is so smooth and gentle that you don’t even notice it, slowly ascending toward the clouds. The maximum height to which the balloon rises is 1,000 meters. During flight, the altitude is constantly changing, since it directly depends on the strength and direction of the wind. Sometimes your ball sinks so low that you feel like you can easily touch the top of the “cotton castle”.

The total flight time in the Pamukkale hot air balloon is approximately one hour. The carrying capacity of the ball is about 10-25 people. The basket is large enough for you to be comfortable during the flight.

The hot air balloon flight takes place at dawn, at a time when the scenery around Pamukkale is particularly beautiful. You float across the sky surrounded by air clouds and many other colorful balloons. You will feel like you are on the edge of the rainbow and slowly being understood along its multicolored arc.

The incredible landscapes of snow-white calcium travertine with turquoise lakes of Pamukkale will soar beneath you. Flying over the ancient city of Hierapolis, you can see the incredible ancient monuments: fountains, Roman baths, agora, temple of Apollo, Roman gate, necropolis and a huge and beautiful ancient amphitheater.

You will be amazed by the unique landscapes created by nature itself and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List


Landing after a hot air balloon flight always takes place in different places as it depends on the wind direction. Therefore, on the ground, you will be accompanied by a car that will follow the ball. The driver stays in contact with the balloon pilot. He will be ready to meet you at the landing site and take you to the launch site.

After landing softly on the ground and returning to your launch location, a grand event awaits, where you’ll receive personalized balloon flight certificates and be traditionally treated to a glass of chilled champagne.

Sightseeing Tour in Pamukkale

After your fascinating journey and delicious breakfast, you will have free time to spend wisely on your own and take a sightseeing tour of Pamukkale. Please let us know in advance if you would like to join this excursion.

During this excursion you will visit the famous “Cotton Castle”, which has been created by nature itself for several millennia and is a snow-white terrace of calcium travertine descending from the hills. These terraces are filled with clear and warm turquoise thermal water.

In addition, you will visit the ancient city of Hieropolis, which still preserves the atmosphere of antiquity. You will see many structures built by different cultures during the rule of the city. Their age is more than 2,000 years.

Joining a sightseeing tour of Pamukkale combined with a hot air balloon flight is a wonderful decision. In one day you can experience a tremendous amount of positive emotions and learn a lot about ancient civilizations.


Your fantastic flight through the sky will consume a lot of energy. Upon landing, a delicious, rich breakfast awaits you, prepared by Turkish chefs. The breakfast menu includes healthy traditional Turkish dishes. In addition, you will surely enjoy a cup of freshly brewed aromatic Turkish coffee or natural traditional tea.

At the end of the bird’s eye view of the Pamukkale region and, if desired, with a walk in the area, you will be comfortably transferred to your place of residence. If you want to go to the nearby ancient city of Ephesus or any other excursion, please let us know in the chats below.


How much does a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Pamukkale from Antalya cost?

The price for a hot air balloon ride in Pamukkale from Antalya is 210 euros per person.

What is included in the price of a hot air balloon flight from Antalya to Pamukkale?

Antalya to Pamukkale hot air balloon flight cost includes transfer from your hotel and back, insurance, breakfast, hot air balloon flight, qualified pilot, champagne and personal balloon flight certificate.

How long does a hot air balloon flight from Antalya to Pamukkale take?

Hot air balloon flight from Alanya to Pamukkale is from 02:00 to 15:00. Total tour time is approximately 13 hours.

How long are hot air balloon rides in Pamukkale?

The average commercial hot air balloon flight in Pamukkale lasts between 1 and 2 hours. Of course, the longer you want to be in the air, the more money it will cost you. There are a handful of options that fly under an hour. There are many more options for longer hot air balloon rides.

Antalya Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Tour Reviews