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Online Excursions > Alanya Manavgat River Boat Trip

Alanya Manavgat River Boat Trip

Alanya Manavgat River Boat Trip is a perfect combination of relaxation, soaking up nature and retail therapy! Kick back and relax as you travel in style down one of the longest rivers in Türkiye, enjoying the spacious and traditional trip as you make your way down the river, which is framed by beautiful, lush green forest; absorb the flawless scent of pine as the gentle breeze blows the fragrance through the warm air. As you travel down the natural reservoir you will have the stunning opportunity to feast your eyes on the magnificent flora and fauna: keep your eyes open for the natural wildlife that inhabits here such as turtles and see the breathtaking plants.

Manavgat waterfall is popularly known as “The Little Falls” amongst locals and is a famous image on many postcards that you can send back home to loved ones from Alanya; keep your eyes peeled next time you are in a shop, and you just might spot some! Perhaps you could make your own postcards as you will be at the wonderful waterfall in person and will be able to take some truly incredible photos. Another fantastic photo opportunity is in Manavgat City where you will experience the magical cultural atmosphere surrounding the ancient mosque or perhaps a unique experience shopping in the Grand Bazaar! Be prepared to have your senses enlightened as you experience lots of vivid colours and smells, just tempting you with their luring effects and freshness. 

Alanya Manavgat River Boat Trip is not only provides opportunity for some frankly gorgeous photos, but also gives a chance to soak up the Turkish culture and admire some beautiful scenery. So, if this sounds like a bit of you, then pack away your pool towel for the day and hop aboard!

📅 Tour Days: Every day
⏱️ Tour Hours: Between 08:30 to 17:30
✔️ Tour Includes: Alanya Hotels Transfer, English Speaking Guide, Entrance Fee, Lunch
📌 Tour Highlights:   Fabulous shopping experience, Combine sightseeing and shopping, See the true nature of Türkiye, Relaxing cruise down river, Budget friendly

How Much is Alanya Manavgat River Boat Trip Price 2024

Alanya Manavgat River Boat Trip price is 30 Euro. Children price is 15 Euro ( 7 – 12 Ages ) under 6 years old free.

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Included / Not Included

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Bus with Full A/C
  • Full insurance
  • Entrance Fee
  • Lunch
  • Personel Expenditures
  • DVD And Photos
  • Drinks

Alanya Hotels – 08:30 / 17:30

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Alanya Manavgat River Boat Trip Program

This excursion starts with a pickup from your hotel at around 08.30 in the morning where you will be met by a sensible and friendly team member. First of all, you will be taken to see the magnificent Manavgat Waterfall which whilst it is only 2 meters high, it is 40 meters in length and makes for an impressive image. The sound of the water crashing down into the river will give you a real tranquil feeling. There are observation platforms where you can take a good look at the waterfall and also take some really attractive photos. The sound of the crashing water combined with the beautiful scenery and backdrop will fill you with contentment and peace. 

From here the driver will take you to Manavgat Town. This town is full to the brim with culture, and you can feel the atmosphere as soon as you step out of the vehicle. The ancient mosque is a must see whilst you are in the area: with its four towering minarets and delicate decorations inside, you are welcome to explore, take photos and simply enjoy soaking up the historical and cultural atmosphere. After you have relished in feelings given off by the mosque, then you can move on to the Grand Bazaar in Manavgat. 

This ultimate shopping experience will heighten your senses as you take in the scents and sights. Bright, vividly coloured foods and spices will grab your attention and lure you inside as your mind will crave to see what else there is that this beautiful country has to offer. There are lots of choices for you to choose from, including spices, dried fruits, nuts, fresh fruit and vegetables. Having had your shopping and sightseeing fill, it will be time to hop back on board the boat and start the Manavgat River Cruise!

The river is a lovely shade of blue and it contrasts beautifully against the luxurious green pine forest that lines the river. Admire the sandy beaches that are home to some delightful reed beds. As you make your way down the river, you will see many fishing farms. Locals use these fishing farms mainly to catch trout, but there are also many other species of fish living in this clean river that include: carp, mullet and seabass as well as trout. 

Once you make it to the end of the river you will have a chance to swim. This swimming experience is special because it is where the fresh river water meets the salty Mediterranean Sea, so you will be able to swim in both at the same time!! Whilst swimming, the crew back onboard will begin to cook your grilled lunch; freshly prepared and cooked, this nutritious and filling meal will have you feeling content and refueled. After lunch you will make your way back on the boat to where a team member will be waiting, and you will be taken back to your hotel in Alanya where you will arrive at around 17.00 ready to spend the rest of your day/evening as you wish.


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Alanya Manavgat River Boat Trip Price 2024

Alanya Manavgat Boat Trip prices are:

Adult: 30 Euro

Child: 15 Euro

Infant: Free

When I have bought my ticket, what will I have that's included in the ticket price?

Included in your ticket price is your return transfer to your hotel in Alanya. A guide is also on hand to help you with any queries. The entrance to the waterfall and river cruise are all included in the ticket price along with your lunch.

Will I need some pocket money with me?

You should bring along some extra money for your drinks whilst on the trip. Also, something may catch your eye in the Grand Bazaar, so it is a good idea to bring along a few extra pennies.

Can we swim in the waterfall?

Although you cannot swim in the waterfall, there are observation areas where you can get a good look at it from many angles.

What sea life, apart from fish, should we keep our eyes open for?

If you’re lucky you will be able to spot giant loggerhead turtles resting on the soft shores.

Can we/should we haggle at the Bazaar?

Absolutely! It is a great experience to haggle whilst you are shopping, and don’t worry because the vendors are expecting a good haggle!

Is it safe to swim in the river?

A suitable swimming spot has been chosen for you all to enjoy the clean waters. If you decide you don’t want to swim, then the golden sandy beach just next to the swimming spot is perfect for sunbathing or building some sandcastles.

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