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Online Excursions > Cappadocia Quad Safari

Cappadocia Quad Safari

Do you like extreme vacations? Do you like speed and freedom? Then the Cappadocia Quad Safari is just right for you! A two-hour exhilarating quad bike ride through the incredible space landscapes of Cappadocia will give you a powerful boost of energy and drive. You will feel like a movie hero as you drive through the extraordinary volcanic structures of Cappadocia’s magical valleys.

The exciting quad safari tour in Cappadocia takes you through the most interesting places in Cappadocia. Near the old rocky village of Chavushin, you will have the opportunity to experience the charm of off-road driving. You can enjoy the wonderful view of the Valley of Swords, where there are many ancient rocky premises – churches, dwelling houses, dovecotes, carved into soft volcanic rock many centuries ago. Frescoes with images of saints and Maltese crosses carved in stone can still be seen on the walls of many churches. As you drive down the Valley of Love, huge mushroom-shaped boulders, also known as “fairy chimneys”, will create a truly breathtaking effect. And the amazing Pink Valley will especially charm you with its pink hues of space rocks at sunset.

If you want to feel the drive and adrenaline, ride a four-wheeled vehicle through the mystical landscapes of Cappadocia and plunge into another reality of ancient civilizations, then the Cappadocia Quad Safari will not leave you indifferent and will give you unforgettable positive emotions!

How much is Cappadocia Quad Safari Prices 2024

Cappadocia Quad Safari price is 30 Euro for a single Quad vehicle, 35 Euro for a double Quad vehicle. 

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Included / Not Included

  • Hotel pick up / Drop Off
  • Quad Guide
  • Atv rental
  • Insurance
  • Helmet
  • Personal Expenses
  • Photos and Videos
  • Drinks

Don't forget to take it with you

  • Money for Personal Expenses
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Protective Shell
  • Sunglasses

Days & Time

Tour days: Daily

Tour duration: 2 Hours

Cappadocia Hotels Transfer: Pick up from your hotel

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Cappadocia Quad Safari Tour Program

The exciting quad biking tour in Cappadocia takes place every day throughout the year. You can choose the most suitable time for your fantastic arrival. Tours operate at dawn, during the day, and at sunset. And every time of day is incredibly beautiful in its own way. No matter what time of day you choose, you will be satisfied.

You get a powerful Quad, but it is very easy to operate and absolutely no problem if you have never operated such a device before. Before the trip, a qualified instructor will give you a detailed briefing on the safety rules and driving this vehicle. You will learn all the necessary points of quad driving. In practice, you will then master the technology and techniques for controlling your four-wheeled vehicle. You have the opportunity to test the handling of your vehicle in an open field. Professional instructors will accompany you on your fantastic journey and choose the most interesting routes for you.

Cavusin: Your breathtaking journey begins in the ancient cave city of Chavushin. This city was carved into a volcanic rock. Thousands of years ago, a complex and multi-level system of living quarters was created in it. The most interesting of the rooms carved into the rock are old churches and monasteries. One of the most famous churches, which has three floors and was built in the 10th century, is called Guvercinlik (Dovecote) or Guvergin Kilise (Pigeon Church). And the oldest church, built in the 5th century, is called the Church of John the Baptist. This church is also decorated with a large number of frescoes, but not all of them are well preserved to this day.

Just 68 years ago this town was uninhabited due to the frequent falling rocks. But until that time, people continued to live in it. The fusion of modern cultures and the era of antiquity is noticeable as you step inside and walk through the mysterious premises of this rocky city.

You will feel an adrenaline rush driving through the off-road environment of the ancient stone town of Chavushin , which looks like Dutch cheese from the outside due to significant rock falls.

Rose Valley: You will surely visit the beautiful Valley of Roses during the Quad Tour in Cappadocia. This extraordinary valley takes its name from the pink color of the rocks and rock formations, which look particularly attractive at sunset. From the outside, they resemble an Italian meringue or a fluffy pink dessert.

In addition to the enchanting landscapes, there are many interesting cave churches and houses in the Rosental. The Rosental actually consists of several valleys that are connected in different places. It will take you about five hours to trek alone through the valley and look into the valley’s churches and dwellings. The route is designed for you so that you can see the most beautiful parts of these valleys in a short time.

Valley of the Swords: Cappadocia Quad Safari Tour also takes you to Valley of Swords. The Valley of Swords got its name from the jagged shape of the rocks. It lies between Cavushin and the city of Goreme. This valley is also home to many rocky chambers that were cut down many centuries ago. A large number of dwellings and churches. Beautiful frescoes with images of saints are still clearly visible in some churches, and Maltese crosses are carved in stone on the walls.

Some rocky premises are still used by local residents for their own purposes. At the moment they raise cattle, store grain and are equipped with stables for horses. At the beginning of the valley there are stables for horses, and there is also a platform from which balloons with tourists take off every morning.

The Valley of Swords also has ancient dovecotes carved into the rock itself.

Valley of Love: Driving through these fantastic valleys, you can observe how the visual images of the unusual landscapes characteristic of this area will change. See stunning alien stone structures forming volcanic tuff sculptures.

One of the most unusual and at the same time popular tourists in the world is the Valley of Love. It stretches about four kilometers. Once you get to Love Valley you will realize that this is some kind of unearthly area that looks so extraordinary.

The entire valley is dotted with stone pillars with one or more cone-shaped tops, resembling giant porcini mushrooms in their resemblance. They are also called “fairy chimneys”. The height of these incredible columns reaches 30 meters, but there are also 40-meter giants.

Millions of years ago, volcanoes raged here spewing tons of ash and lava that blanketed rocks and valleys. Under the influence of various natural factors, the softer rocks were eroded and eroded, and those that were more durable appeared on the surface. This is how interesting mountain formations arose throughout Cappadocia, and each area is unique in its own way.

At the wheel of your Quad, you will move between giant porcini mushrooms of different colors. They will surely impress you indelibly.


Cappadocia Quad Biking price 2024

  • 1 Hour Quad Biking:

Single Quad: 30 €

Double Quad: 35 €

  • 2 Hours Quad Biking:

Single Quad: 35 €

Double Quad: 40 €

  • 3.5 Hours Quad Biking:

Single Quad: 60 €

Double Quad: 70 €


From what age can a Quad Safari Tour In Cappadocia be driven?

People over the age of 16 are allowed to drive the quad.

Do I need a driver's license to do quad bike tours in Cappadocia?

No, you do not need a driver’s license Quad Tour in Cappadocia.

What is included in Cappadocia Quad Safari Tour?

In an incredible extreme ATV safari tour in Cappadocia, ATV rental, a group of instructors to accompany you during the trip, your safety insurance, a safety helmet.

Can children be taken on a quad bike ride?

Yes, kids can sit behind their parents or side by side on a two seater quad.

How long is the quad tour in Cappadocia?

Dynamic Cappadocia Quad Safari Tour lasts two hours.

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4 Reviews
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Piedad Santos

Group Traveller

I recently went on the quad bike tour and it was an amazing experience. Our group had a great time and the sunset we watched was spectacular. The pick up was on time and the tour was well organized. I highly recommend this tour and give it 5 stars.

Máxima Bonifacio

Group Traveller

Great service ! Great offer. Thank you guys

Adam Leopoldo

Family Traveller

We had a quad bike tour! The driver picked us up from our hotel and we went to the starting point. The guides were knowledgeable and helped us feel comfortable with the bikes. Once I got the hang of it, the adrenaline rush was incredible and the views were breathtaking. I highly recommend this tour to anyone looking for a fun and exciting activity

Ovidia Zorica

Group Traveller

I found the prices for the quad bike tour to be very reasonable and it’s better to buy it from here than on the street. The guides provided us with helmets and instructions and the track was suitable