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Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip

Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip is an all-inclusive tour. Cleopatra Island is one of the most popular tourist spots around Marmaris. It is visited by many local and foreign guests. The beach here has a different structure than other beaches. The island is also home to Roman-era structures.

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Marmaris Sedir Island Boat Trip

Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip will take you away from the stress of the whole year. When Cleopatra Beach and Sedir Island Boat Tour are combined, a magnificent tour comes out. You will experience a different boat tour with your loved ones and family than the classic boat tours. Unlike other tours, our tour is organized in an all-inclusive concept and including lunch.

Cleopatra Island Trip from Marmaris

There are many boat trip alternatives in Marmaris, but it is difficult to find a historical boat tour. Sedir Island Trip, also known as Cleopatra Island Tour, stands out from other tours in this context. Even the sand you step on has a historical value. It will also be a pleasure to swim around seeing the Roman-era artifacts. Moreover, our Turkish guiding service is included in our tour.

The tour content we organize includes both a boat tour and the world famous Cleopatra Island full of ancient ruins. It is a tour that will add color to your Marmaris holiday with a program different from classic boat tours. Click on the DETAILS tab for more information about our tour.

What should I bring with me?

  • Suntan cream
  • Sea goggles
  • Sunglasses
  • Your personal towel
  • Power Bank type mobile charger (Please do not leave it under direct sun during the tour. Keep it in your bag as it will get very hot)

Covid-19 Measures

  • Entries to the boat are made with the Hes Code.
  • While each guest is taken to the boat, measurement is made with a thermometer.
  • All social distance measurements were made on the boat.
  • There are disinfectant points in public areas.
  • Enough masks are provided for each guest.
  • All health screenings of all personnel working on the boat are carried out regularly and periodically.

Another magnificent boat tour with historical content is the Hisaronu Boat Tour, famous for its turquoise blue bays.

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Location : Marmaris
Tour Days : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Hour : 10:00
Dönüş Saati : 17:00
Time : 7 HOURS

Cleopatra Island Tour from Marmaris

Sedir Island is 17 km away from Marmaris. Cleopatra Beach, which is the most visited beach by local and foreign guests, is located here. For this reason, it is also known as Cleopatra Island. It is located between Çamlı Village and Karaca. You may want to visit the area alone, but it will be more fun to go with a guided tour. Your guide will give you information about the region in English. Guided tours have always been more advantageous for the guests.

Marmaris Cleopatra Boat Tour Hours

For our boat tour, our hotel shuttle vehicles will pick you up from İçmeler area at 07:30, Siteler area at 07:45 and Marmaris area at 08:00. The reason we picked it up so early is that it does not coincide with the crowded moment of the entrance to Sedir Island. Both our guests will be able to spend time on more islands. After picking you up from your hotels, we will bring you to our boat waiting at Çamlı Village harbor and the Sedir Island Tour will start. We will be at the entrance of Cleopatra Island at 09:00. After the island visit, we will have a swimming break in 4 different bays. The duration of our tour is programmed as 8 hours in total.

Marmaris cleopatra island boat trip

Cedar Island Boat Tour Recommendation

The world famous Sedir Island will fascinate you with its beauty. You will also have the opportunity to see the ruins of the ancient city of Cedrai on Sedir Island. According to the story of the island, Antony brought sands to the island for his lover, since it was the meeting island of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and Antony, one of the Roman commanders of the time. He aimed to turn this island into a paradise on earth for his beloved. It is believed that the sand on the island’s beach was brought from corn. It is forbidden to set foot on the beach, but it is free to enter the sea where the beach is.

Sedir Island Boat Tour Route

For the Sedir Island Boat Trip, we will pick you up from your hotels free of charge. Afterwards, we will bring you to our boat in Çamlı Village harbor. Our boat will be on Cleopatra Island around 09:00 – 09:15. We will stay on the island until lunch and lunch will be served to you on the boat. Afterwards, İncekum National Park, Fenerli Island and Lacivert Bay will be visited. With Cleopatra Boat Tour, one of the best boat tours in Marmaris, you will be full of both swimming and history. Our boat will return to the port where she left in the morning at around 16:00. When we arrive at the port, we will drop off our guests to the hotels we pick up in the morning, free of charge, with our shuttles.

Information About Cleopatra Island

Cleopatra Island beach sand is a type of sand that is not in the region. It is thought that the origin of the sand is the Red Sea and that Roman Commander Antony brought it for his lover. The structure of the sand is estimated to be organic. Another feature of this sand is that it does not get hot even in scorching summer. We take you to the Çamlı pier in Çamlı Village, which is the closest port to the island, with our service vehicles. It takes 25 minutes with our port vehicles from which our boat departs from Marmaris. As you pass through Çamlı locality, you will see a lush green and cute village air with your eyes. It is known that the first settlement on Sedir Island was in the 6th century BC. Cleopatra Beach is named after the queen because it is the secret island of love for Anytony and Queen Cleopatra.

Cleopatra Boat Tour Prices and Reservation

Cleopatra Boat Trip Prices are charged as 125 TL in the summer season of 2021. Important note: Entrance fee is not included in the tour price. Our little guests between the ages of 0 and 6 are free of charge. Our price is 65 TL for our guests between the ages of 12 and 12. We think it will be useful to remind you. In our country, all guests under the age of 18 and over 65 do not pay any fees at the archaeological sites. In addition, all guests with a museum card do not pay an entrance fee. For this reason, if you have your museum card with you, please do not forget to take it with you.

Price Includes:

HOTEL SERVICES - LUNCH - ALL INSURANCES - ALL BEVERAGES ( alcoholic beverages not included )

Price Excludes:


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