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Online Excursions > Side Dolphin Show

Side Dolphin Show

Would you like to add bright colors to your vacation and spend an unforgettable and interesting day? Want to get a little closer to the local marine life? Then a trip to the Side Dolphin Show is just the right thing for you!

A visit to the dolphinarium will bring you a sea of ​​positive emotions, a storm of admiration and sincere joy! You will see a great show, learn interesting facts about sea creatures and receive positive energy for a long time. It will be interesting for everyone, both adults and children, so you can spend this unforgettable day with the whole family.

You will take part in an amazing show specially prepared for you by marine artists. During the show you will see good-natured dolphins, funny fur seals, lions and walruses. The sea creatures will surprise you with various tricks, frolic in the water, dance gracefully, play with balls, jump over a hoop and even sing along to the rhythm of the music.

Side Dolphin Show is a great opportunity to have a great time with your family at an interesting show and an ideal complement to your beach vacation. These are unforgettable emotions that you will keep for a lifetime!

How much is Side Dolphin Show Entrance Ticket Price 2024

Side Dolphin Show Entrance Ticket price is 35 Euro. Child Price is 30 Euro ( 3 – 10 Ages ). Under 2 years old.

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Included / Not Included

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Dolphinarium Entrance Fee
  • Full Insurance
  • Swimming with Dolphins
  • Personal Expenses
  • Photo and Video
  • Food & Drinks

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Side Dolphin Show Program

Your mesmerizing journey to one of Turkey’s best dolphinariums begins with comfortable transportation that will pick you up from your hotel around 12:00 PM and take you to the start of an amazing show where inhabitants of the deep sea perform like dolphins. walruses, seals and lions. After visiting the Dolphinarium, you’ll return to your hotel in comfort with a transfer at around 5:30 PM.


Dolphins have long been the cutest aquatic animal for humans. And that’s not surprising, because they are the smartest and friendliest creatures on the planet! Legends, poems and tales have been written about them and sculptures have been made since ancient times. There are many legends about these sea creatures. They tell how they helped the sailors and saved the drowning.

Dolphins are amazing animals – they emit sound signals at different frequencies that they use in different situations and express a whole range of emotions. In addition, they differ greatly in their characteristics – each dolphin has its own special speaking style.

Their brain is more convoluted than that of humans. There are many facts about the intelligence of these mammals. The most extraordinary fact is communication in their own language among themselves, they transmit a variety of information to each other. And if a person learned to understand their language, then perhaps it would be possible to reveal all kinds of mysteries of the ocean. Dolphins always help each other.

Hearing dolphins is also unique and is based on the principle of an echolocator. They determine the distance of an object, its size and shape by the reflected sounds. In the aquatic environment, therefore, they are guided by hearing rather than sight.

They eat up to 30 kilograms of fish a day to get the energy they need to maintain a normal body temperature.

Replenishment in dolphin families occurs every two years. Dolphins are very empathetic parents who care for their young for about five years.

You will also be amazed at their phenomenal speed of movement in water, and this is still a mystery to scientists.

Walruses are inhabitants of the Arctic Ocean. The largest finned mammal that leads a sociable lifestyle. Despite its unpleasant appearance, it swims quite dexterously and quickly, and moves nimbly on land. The body of this giant can reach 5 m, and its weight is 2 tons. A distinctive feature of the walrus is its powerful fangs, each weighing 2-4 kg, which are a formidable weapon in the fight against the enemy. This marine animal doesn’t see well, but it has a good sense of smell, thanks to which it senses approaching danger. In the event of an alarm, the entire herd panics and falls into the water.

Seals are pinnipeds in the eared seal family . And despite their name, they have nothing to do with cats. Their closest relatives are animals that also have a cat name – sea lions.

They are cute, harmless creatures that are ideal for training. They are clumsy on land, but can develop tremendous speed in water. And they can dive up to 150-200 meters deep.

Seals have whiskers (vibrissae) that help them pick up the slightest vibration in the water. Thanks to them, they are perfectly aligned even in complete darkness. The weight of the smallest representative of this species of animals is about 30 kg, and the largest representative reaches 10 times more. These funny animals will delight you and cause a sincere smile.

Show Program

A bright and rich show program awaits you. Dolphinarium marine artists have a fairly high level of education. They will perform very difficult and interesting tricks for you – high jumps and hoops, ball games, swimming competitions. Dolphins will cheer you up with lively and cheerful music with a real sea disco. They will also surprise you with their ability to master musical notation, knowledge of painting and paint an unusual picture.

The show program is long enough and therefore divided into two parts for you to relax.

Come to Side Dolphinarium with the whole family, because everyone will definitely like this place – children will plunge into the atmosphere of a miracle, and adults will experience sincere and friendly feelings, like in childhood.

At the end of the show, a comfortable transfer awaits you to take you to your hotel around 5:30 p.m.



Side Dolphinland Entrance Ticket Price 2024

Side Dolphinland Entrance Ticket Prices are:

Adult: 35 €

Child: 30 €

Infant: Free

What is included in the price of Dolphinarium dolphin park in Side?

The cost of Dolphinarium dolphin park in Side includes transfer from your hotel and back, insurance and entrance ticket.

How long does the Dolphinarium dolphin park in Side last?

The Dolphinarium dolphin park in Side takes place from 12.00 to 17.30. The total tour time is approximately 5.5 hours.

Are dolphins friendly to people in Side?

dolphins The most popular of all marine species on the Gulf Coast is the bottlenose dolphin! Not only are dolphins one of the smartest and happiest creatures in the world, and dolphins in Side are very friendly to humans

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