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Boat Tours in Alanya

11Boat Tours in Alanya

Long sandy beaches, a magnificent coastline, secluded and unspoiled bays accessible only by sea, and many small islands within close proximity are some of the things that can drive your enthusiasm high. Boat Tours in Alanya are popular because of these attractions.

When one discusses the highlights of Alanya, it is important to note the blue shades of the sea and the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. Alanya forms one of Turkey’s most popular summer destinations, as it combines different elements and makes your holidays unforgettable. Among many things we can say about Alanya, it is surely a heaven on earth for those who love the sea.

Boat Tours in Alanya are great for all. They offer a flawless sense of relaxation and can increase your adrenaline levels. Make your holidays in Alanya special by joining a boat trip that meets your expectations and satisfies your interests. The options are many and there is definitely one that combines everything you might be wishing for. Below, we present some of the most frequently chosen boat trips.

Alanya Boat Trip Price 2022

Alanya Boat Trips Adult Price Child Price Infant Price
Alanya Boat Trip 20 € 15 € Free
Alanya Pirate Boat Trip 25 € 15 € Free
Alanya Big Kral Pirate Boat Trip 30€ 20€ Free
SunSet Boat Trip in Alanya 25 € 15 € Free
Alanya Green Canyon Boat Trip 35 € 20 € Free
Alanya Scuba Diving 35 € 20 € Free
Manavgat Boat Trip from Alanya 25 € 15 € Free
Starcraft Boat Trip in Alanya  30 € 20 € Free
Alanya Fishing Tour 50 € 50 € Free

Alanya Boat Trip

Alanya Boat Trip offers daily bay cruises, during which you can see the mysterious caves and swim in the turquoise bays of the Mediterranean Sea. The boat trip takes you to an area that is rich in vegetation and beautiful mountain scenery. The blue waves will crash against the rocks, while different fish swim past you under clear blue skies with no clouds. If you are lucky, you can see playful dolphins or wonderful turtles on Alanya’s shores.

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Alanya Pirate Boat Trip

The Alanya Pirate Boat Trip takes you on a journey to mysterious caves and turquoise bays. You will experience the spirit of piracy as you sail across the Mediterranean Sea.

On our daily boat trips you will see the beautiful landscapes of Alanya’s coast. The mountain slopes are covered with lush green vegetation; blue waves crash against the rocks and the sea of ​​unimaginably beautiful turquoise color will fill you with a feeling of indescribable joy. You have the opportunity to swim in crystal clear waters. Various fish swim past you and if you’re lucky, you can see playful dolphins or wonderful turtles that live on the shores of Alanya.

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Alanya Big Kral Pirate Boat Trip

If you want to feel like a real pirate, conquering the Mediterranean Sea, consider taking a sea adventure on the Alanya Big Kral Pirate Boat Trip.

On your boat trip, you will visit the caves where, according to rumors, real pirates once lived, Cleopatra beach, a cable car, and an ancient fortress. You will enjoy all-inclusive service and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea; the program from animators will include games, sports activities and other fun events. In addition there will be a foam party!

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Alanya Sunset Boat Trip

Alanya Sunset Boat Trip will offer you the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic evening on board a luxury yacht. The boat will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and with its pleasant coolness, it will make you feel as if you’ve escaped to paradise itself!

You will spend a day on a yacht touring the seas around Alanya, seeing its most famous sights.

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Alanya Green Canyon Boat Trip

The Alanya Green Canyon Tour gives visitors the opportunity to explore the diverse Turkish landscape and see what locals admire and live with on a daily basis.

You travel to a stunning place hidden from prying eyes by a mountain range. The lake of exceptional beauty appears before your eyes as you crest the last hill and suddenly see the view before you. Eagles soar over the lake in search of gullible fish, and the rocky shore is overgrown with trees. Wildlife has taken the reins of this amazing place.

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Alanya Scuba Diving

Alanya Diving Tours is a popular summer activity. It is one of the most popular Alanya tours in the summer heat. If you come to Alanya on vacation to relax and make memories, this tour will be ideal for you. We pick you up from your hotel free of charge, then drop you off at your hotel again after the tour. No experience is required to join this tour.

Professional instructors will help you explore the unique underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea. You will discover its wonders and become a scuba diver!

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Manavgat Boat Trip from Alanya

Alanya Manavgat River Boat Trip is a relaxing nature and sightseeing tour, admiring the local waterfalls before gently sailing down the Manavgar River. Stunning landscapes on either side of the boat guarantee peace and serenity as you watch the world go by. On this tour you will also have the opportunity to discover the Manavgat Marketplace with its huge mosque and bazaar where you can find everything from dried fruits and spices to clothes and souvenirs. Don’t forget your wallet—the shopping opportunities here are endless!

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Starcraft Boat Trip

Alanya Starcraft Boat Tour offers an unforgettable day of excitement and entertainment. You will feel like a great traveller, conqueror of the seas, as you view Turkey’s beautiful seascapes from the board of a luxury yacht.

The Starcraft, the largest and most luxurious yacht on the Alanya coast, is a delightful modern ship offering an unforgettable sea adventure. The vessel can accommodate a large number of guests and offers two lounges, a dance area, a restaurant and bar.

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Alanya Fishing Tour

Our fishing tour in Alanya is a great way to get up close and personal with the rich aquatic life in the Mediterranean. Join your skipper on board our luxury fishing boat and set out on the deep blue sea for an adrenaline-filled day of Alanya Fishing Tour. Whether you are an avid fisherman or just embarking on your first fishing trip, you will be glad to come aboard our fishing vessel. Our experienced crew knows exactly where the best fishing spots are in the area and the equipment on board is all of the highest quality.

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