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Online Excursions > Proposal in a hot air balloon in Pamukkale

Proposal in a hot air balloon in Pamukkale

If you are lucky enough to meet a person with whom you want to tie the knot in your life, and you are thinking about how to make the most important proposal in your life in an original and romantic way, then Proposal in a hot air balloon in Pamukkale is exactly what you need!

Making a marriage proposal, sailing through the sky alone with your beloved, you will conquer her once again and will certainly hear her consent to connect her life with you. After all, such a beautiful gesture will make it clear to your chosen one what she means to you and the seriousness of your intentions.

The history of the creation of your family will begin with unforgettable impressions and will emerge in your memory with a pleasant wave of quivering feelings about this day throughout your life and evoke romantic feelings in both of you again and again.

Imagine, around only you and the sky, flying in a huge balloon among the clouds, and below the amazing landscapes – the snow-white terraces of Pamukkale, which leave no one indifferent. You will fly towards the beautiful dawn and your dream. And here it is – the most opportune moment to look into your beloved eyes to offer to be together forever. It’s worth it to see tears of happiness, a storm of admiration and hear the cherished Yes. And then, hugging tightly, soar above the ground, admiring the chic expanses of the “cotton castle” and enjoy your happiness.

Don’t miss this unique chance to visit Pamukkale, the Eighth Wonder of the World, to propose to your soulmate above ground. Give your loved one this extraordinarily romantic dawn and an invitation to a new happy life together. This will be only your day, which you will never be able to forget.

How much is Proposal in a hot air balloon in Pamukkale Prices 2024

Pamukkale Proposal in a hot air balloon Tour price varies according to the wishes of our guests.

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Included / Not Included

  • Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
  • Photos & DVD
  • Additional services
  • Breakfast

Days & Time

Tour days: Daily

Tour duration: 2 Hours

Pamukkale Hotels Transfer: Pick up from your hotel

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Pamukkale Marriage Proposal in a Balloon Program

Comfortable transport will pick you up from your hotel at the agreed time and take you to the take-off point. All flights are carried out at dawn, since the launch of the balloon requires suitable wind parameters and air temperature. Therefore, the time of departure from the hotel directly depends on the time of sunrise. For a comfortable walk, do not forget to bring warm clothes with you.

Before the flight, you will have to undergo a detailed briefing, during which an experienced qualified pilot will familiarize you with the rules of the flight. The flight itself awaits you. You will climb thousands of meters above Pamukkale. You will have an hour of time at your disposal in order to seize the right moment for a marriage proposal. From the ground, you will be escorted by a service vehicle that will track your landing point and return you to the take-off point. You will be solemnly awarded a balloonist certificate and the whole team will congratulate you with a delicious cake and a glass of champagne in honor of the engagement.

After that, you can choose to take a walk through the expanses of Pamukkale to take a closer look and enjoy the splendor of this natural wonder. Make a memorable photo session, walk barefoot on the calcium terraces, swim in the healing pool of Cleopatra and just admire this unique landscape, taking memorable photos of your happy day. Or you can immediately return to the hotel after landing.


The entire team will be alerted to the purpose of your flight, which they will keep secret until the very end. Before the flight, you should be briefed by a highly qualified pilot who will familiarize you with the rules of conduct on board.

Your ship will be carefully prepared for takeoff, and in the meantime, you will be able to watch this interesting spectacle, how the balloon gradually gains volume from hot air in order to lift your guests into the air. After that, you will be placed in a balloon and an incredibly interesting and fateful flight will begin.


The balloon will slowly rise up to the blue sky, gradually moving you away from the earth. The expanses of heaven will immediately win your hearts and give you a feeling of happiness and a sense of freedom in the boundless sky.

You will fly over the miraculous miracle of the planet – the amazing and beautiful Pamukkale! A unique natural attraction with geothermal springs, snow-white travertine terraces – reservoirs with azure water, which reflects the sky, and you will understand why Pamukkale is called the eighth wonder of the world, because this place is truly unique and amazing.

Fabulous views will create a unique romantic atmosphere for the most important proposal in your life – a marriage proposal. There is no doubt how many bright emotions from the beloved will follow after – a feeling of tenderness, delight, tears of joy and happiness, and this long-awaited answer Yes!

You will soar over the enchanting area and realize that it was here and now that a real miracle happened for the two of you and life sparkled with new colors from overwhelming feelings. Dawn is coming – a new day begins and a new life for two loving hearts.

You can book a professional photographer to capture these memorable moments. Tell us about your wishes in the chats below, and we will try to make this day the most unforgettable in your life.


Experienced pilots will ensure you a soft landing. You will descend to the ground with an absolute feeling of happiness and, holding hands, go to the take-off point in the escort vehicle. There, a solemn presentation of certificates of aeronauts has been prepared for you, which will testify to your first flight in a balloon. In honor of the engagement, the team will present you with a glass of champagne and a birthday cake as a gift as congratulations.

After this full day of impressions, you will set off on the return journey. You will definitely remember this day for the rest of your life. He will remain in the history of your family and in your hearts.

Additional services

In order to make the event more solemn, you can agree on the decoration of your basket in advance. It can be a poster with an individual inscription, flowers and other decoration attributes.


Pamukkale Balloon Marriage Proposal

Pamukkale Proposal in a hot air balloon Tour price;

Price is varies according to the wishes of our guests.

What is included in the Pamukkale Balloon Marriage Proposal?

The price of the Balloon Marriage Proposal in Pamukkale includes transfer from your hotel and back, insurance, a qualified pilot, a certificate for flying in a hot air balloon, cake, champagne.

How long is a Proposal in a Balloon in Pamukkale?

A balloon proposal in Pamukkale lasts approximately 2 hours.