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Marmaris Boat Trips

11Marmaris Boat Trips

If you have come to Marmaris on holiday, we recommend you to take a boat tour. There are many boat tours in and around Marmaris. Marmaris Boat Tours are very enjoyable and entertaining tours. You can both enjoy the beautiful nature and swim as much as you want in the cool waters. As each bay has its own beauty, each boat tour has its own beauty.

Marmaris is in the Aegean region. The coastline in the Aegean region consists of many beautiful bays. You will see turquoise blue bays on each boat tour. In some bays, you will see dense pine forests reaching the sea shore. You will both relax and have fun while swimming in the bays. Below we have prepared a list of Marmaris Boat Tours for you. You can examine each of them and find the most suitable boat tour for you.

Marmaris Boat Trip Price 2022

Marmaris Boat Trips Adult Price Child Price Infant Price
Marmaris Boat Trip 15 € 8 € Free
Marmaris Pirate Boat Trip 15 € 8 € Free
Marmaris All Inclusive Boat Trip 15 € 8 € Free
Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip 30 € 15 € Free
Marmaris Aegean Island Boat Trip 20 € 10 € Free
Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trıp 25 € 15 € Free
Marmaris Diving Tour 25 € 15 € Free
Marmaris Rhodes Trip 52 € 32 € 5 €
Marmaris Rafting Tour 50 € 50 € Free

Marmaris Boat Trip

11Marmaris Boat Trip

 Marmaris Boat Trip is one of our entertaining day tours that also offers a peaceful and pleasant day. You’ll spend the day with your loved ones, swimming or taking photos in beautiful bays. You can enjoy the sun in our sun beds, which are enough for everyone on board the large and comfortable boat that will accompany you all day long. If you’re planning a wonderful day with your loved ones, we’d be happy to be a part of it!

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Marmaris Pirate Boat Trip

 You can spend an unforgettable day on the Marmaris Pirate Ship Tour with your kids during your holiday in Turkey. The Pirate Boat, or the “floating entertainment center”, is a boat that attracts everyone from 7 to 70. It’s designed like a pirate ship, complete with cannons, skulls and crossbones and eye patches. You’ll find traces of the world of pirates in all of its design, concept and activities.

Our boat is one of the biggest concept boats in Europe. It’s a tour boat that domestic and foreign tourists show a lot of interest in. There are various entertainment activities on its large deck, sunbathing areas, and a special area reserved for animation. This boat is especially ideal for families and children because it has foam parties, dance performances, DJ performances, an open buffet lunch, and unlimited beverage service.

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Marmaris All Inclusive Boat Trip

11marmaris all inclusive boat trip

 Marmaris All Inclusive Boat Trip or Marmaris Boat Tour is often chosen by local and foreign guests as one of their favorite activities in Marmaris. It will allow you to see the beautiful scenery of Marmaris from the sea, which can help you get rid of the stress and worries of the whole year. The harmony of blue and green will give you peace of mind.

During the Marmaris All Inclusive Boat Trip, you’ll sail past dense pine forests that descend to the sea. For the coasts of the Aegean region, and indeed Muğla province, this is known as “the place where green and blue meet”. You’ll see this with your own eyes on your tour with us. Now let’s get started on our itinerary:

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Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip

11marmaris dalyan boat trip

 Dalyan Boat Trip is a popular Marmaris tour for both local and foreign tourists. This boat trip includes natural beauties, such as the Dalyan Rock Tombs from ancient times, as well as historical visuals such as the Caretta Caretta turtles. In addition, natural mud baths are also very popular with local and foreign tourists.

Our boat leaves at nine in the morning. At Paradise Island Aquarium Bay, you can take a 30-minute break for swimming. Afterwards, we will move to Delikli Island opposite Dalyan Iztuzu beach. Upon arrival on the island, we will board 25-person boats locally called infantry. Afterwards, you’ll have one and a half hours free time at Iztuzu beach. The beach is the spawning area of turtles that are famous throughout the world called Caretta Caretta Turtles. It is possible to see these cute turtles on the beach in the harbor where the boats dock. Watching these turtles, which are extremely harmless to humans, will be a different experience.

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Marmaris Aegean Island Boat Trip

11marmaris aegean island boat trip

The Alanya Green Canyon Tour gives visitors the opportunity to explore the diverse Turkish landscape and see what locals admire and live with on a daily basis.

You travel to a stunning place hidden from prying eyes by a mountain range. The lake of exceptional beauty appears before your eyes as you crest the last hill and suddenly see the view before you. Eagles soar over the lake in search of gullible fish, and the rocky shore is overgrown with trees. Wildlife has taken the reins of this amazing place.

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Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trıp

11marmaris cleopatra island boat trip

 Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip is an all-inclusive tour that departs from Marmaris. The stopover at Cleopatra Island is one of the highlights of this trip, as it is one of the most popular tourist spots around Marmaris. It attracts many local and foreign guests. The beach has a different structure than other beaches does not bring tourists just to swim in the sea or sunbathe but also to visit Roman structures that are located on the island.

Cleopatra Beach, Sedir Island Boat Tour will take you away from the stress of the whole year. When it is combined with Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Trip, a magnificent tour comes out. You will experience a different boat trip with your loved ones than the classic boat trips. Unlike other tours, our tours are organized in an all-inclusive concept and including lunch.

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Marmaris Diving Tour

11Marmaris Diving Tour

 Marmaris Diving Tour is a great opportunity for adventure seekers to experience the thrill of scuba diving in Marmaris.

Scuba Diving is one of the most popular water sports in Marmaris. The climate, beautiful underwater environment and crystal clear waters of the Aegean offer diving enthusiasts an unforgettable holiday experience in Marmaris. Our professional crew will select for you the most colorful dive sites near Marmaris.

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Marmaris Rhodes Trip

11Marmaris Rhodes Tour

A day trip Marmaris Rhodes Tour is a unique opportunity to visit Greece during a holiday in Turkey. Only 50 minutes high-speed ferry ride separates you from the legendary Greek island, loved by tourists all over the world. Picturesque landscapes, vivid photos, new impressions – all this you will bring with you from your one-day trip to Greece.

The Marmaris Rhodes ferry takes passengers to the island of sun for a wonderful day in the atmosphere of ancient romance. Stunning examples of architecture and amazing natural resources become the subject of a large number of tourists every year. Numerous historical upheavals have shaped the modern look of Rhodes, which is interesting and unique.

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Marmaris Rafting Tour

11Marmaris Rafting Tour

 Marmaris Rafting Tour offers an experience of extreme and adrenaline rushes while enjoying the beautiful natural landscape in Marmaris. You will experience one of the most extreme trips of your life, a whitewater rafting excursion through Dalaman city’s beautiful surroundings.

The length of the route is 12-14 km. The difficulty level ranges from 1 to 3. Even if rafting is your first time, you’ll be able to cope with it. You will get not only enormous pleasure from active pastime but also aesthetic pleasure from enjoying breathtaking views of nature.

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