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Online Excursions > Alanya Cappadocia Tour with Hot Air Balloon Flight

Alanya Cappadocia Tour with Hot Air Balloon Flight

Whether you are dreaming of incredible romance, enjoying Alanya Cappadocia Tour with Hot Air Balloon Flight over stunning Cappadocia or want to surprise your soul mate, we will turn your fantasies into reality and make your vacation unforgettable.

For many centuries, humans have tried unsuccessfully to conquer the skies, correcting their wings behind their backs, jumping off cliffs, each time suffering a fiasco. But one day, at the end of the 18th century, two brothers managed to take possession of heaven.

They invented the balloon. The balloon was designed so successfully that its design has not changed to this day. And today, thanks to these two entertainers, you can also get up and see the world from above. You will not see a simple world, but a wondrous, enchanting, magnificent Cappadocia – a fabulous planet in the middle of the earth. Stunning mountains and valleys, landscapes without analogues will soar below you. And if Cappadocia looks amazing from the ground then imagine what it would be like.

Magnificent pink flowers, endless horizon, ringing silence and fresh air give you a wonderful feeling of freedom. Easy flight and landscapes that caress the eye will make your trip dizzying.

Included / Not Included

  • Hotel pick up / drop off
  • Hotel accommodation
  • English Guiding
  • Entrance Fees
  • Full Insurance
  • 2 Breakfast
  • 1 Dinner
  • 2 Lunch
  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks
  • Balloon Flight

Alanya Cappadocia Tour with Hot Air Balloon Flight Price 2024

Alanya Cappadocia Tour with Hot Air Balloon Flight price  210 Euro

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Days & Time

Tour days: Monday – Thursday – Saturday

Tour duration: Ask For The Times

Alanya Hotels Transfer: Pick up from your hotel

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Alanya Cappadocia Tour with Hot Air Balloon Flight Tour Program

There is a peculiarity of hot air balloon flights in Turkey, they take place only at dawn. This is due to the air currents changing direction during the day. Therefore, the departure time from the hotel depends on the sunrise time. Around 11pm (you will be warned of the exact time in advance) a bus will pick you up and take you to magnificent Cappadocia. You need to bring warm clothes, sunglasses and a hat. You arrive at the launch site, have breakfast, and the pre-flight briefing begins.

Next you will have a flight over an amazing area. After landing, the car will pick you up and take you to the starting point. There will be a small celebration of the flight as well as the presentation of the aviation certificates. The flight itself lasts 1 hour while the total time including pre and post flight preparation is around 3 hours. After that, return to the hotel and you will be there around 1:00 p.m.

If you wish, you can postpone the departure to Alanya and, for an additional fee, take an express tour of Cappadocia to see up close what you like from the air. Write us in the chats below and we will tell you the most interesting tour of the valleys.


From your hotel in Alanya, take a comfortable bus to Cappadocia. The journey takes an average of 6 hours. As you snooze and anticipate the flight along the way, the plane’s takeoff location becomes known, which is updated each morning depending on weather conditions. The bus takes you right to the starting point. Back from there a few hours later. During the flight you will move to an unknown distance from the starting point, but you do not have to worry because you will be accompanied on the entire ground by a car that after landing will take you to the assembly point.


A delicious breakfast buffet awaits you before boarding. You’ll sip a cup of coffee or tea with a light snack while watching the balloons take off.


In order to board the balloon, you must undergo a thorough briefing. A highly qualified pilot will explain you the rules of conduct during the flight, incidents on the road and the correct reactions to unexpected incidents such as a strong gust of wind, a bird flying into a basket, etc. During the briefing, your balloon is fully prepared for takeoff.

The final preparation step is to fill the balloon with hot air. After the hot air balloon is full, the ship is ready for shipment and you will be asked to sit in the basket. A balloon can accommodate up to 25 people at a time. On average, a company consists of 10 to 20 travelers. However, for an additional fee, you can agree on a reduced number of participants if, for example, you dream of proposing marriage during a flight over Cappadocia.

Hot Air Balloon

Hot air ballooning is an exciting adventure, and flying over the expanses of Cappadocia is incredibly beautiful too! Completely imperceptibly to you, your basket will take off from the ground and an experienced pilot will guide it in the direction of beauty. From the first minutes you will see extraordinary landscapes, sharp mountain peaks, red Martian rocks, snowy slopes and magnificent canyons.

The volcanic nature of these places is beyond the realm. Just remember that fabulous natural landscapes will appear before your eyes, where you will not see people, but the whole sky nearby will be littered with balloons with travelers like you. As if suddenly everyone who roamed the hills and valleys rose.

Your plane, depending on the strength of the wind, will rise to a height of tens of meters to a kilometer, sometimes it will lower and you will begin to look closely at the chimneys of the wonderful houses where fairies live. sometimes they soar so high that everything below seems tiny and the air is filled with a ringing stillness. We don’t often manage to find ourselves in complete silence, and this is also a very pleasant feeling, neither the sound of cars nor the sounds of the big city, just a rare flash of a burner filling your balloon with hot air.

The photos taken during this flight are inimitable. Hundreds of balloons against a pink sky, a glorious view of the earth at dawn, happiness in your eyes – are captured by your camera lens. Such a morning will be really good.


Skillful and experienced pilots always ensure smooth and soft landings. You soar across the sky, carried by air currents, and where your balloon lands determines the strength and direction of the wind. You will be followed by a support car that will take you to the starting point. At the place where it all began a few hours ago, you will receive a real aviation certificate and celebrate your unforgettable flight with champagne.

Upon your return to Alanya, you will look at it in a new way and note what was seen that day from a bird’s eye view. And sometime around noon you will be back at the hotel. But only this time you will return there with documentary evidence of your conquest of the air element.


Alanya Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Ride 2024

The price of a hot air balloon flight from Alanya to Cappadocia is 210 euros per person.

How much does a tour from Alanya to Cappadocia cost?

Alanya Cappadocia hot air balloon flight cost includes transfer from your hotel and back, insurance, qualified pilot, balloon flight certificate, champagne and breakfast.

How long is a Cappadocia hot air balloon flight from Alanya?

A hot air balloon flight from Alanya to Cappadocia lasts from 23:00 to 13:00. The total tour time is approximately 14 hours.

How far is Cappadocia from Alanya?

The driving distance between Cappadocia and Alanya is 450 km. Driving from Cappadocia to Alanya takes about 6 hours.

Where is Cappadocia in Turkey?

Cappadocia, an ancient district in east-central Anatolia, lies on the rugged plateau north of the Taurus Mountains in central modern-day Turkey. The boundaries of the region have changed throughout history.

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