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Online Excursions > Altinbesik Cave Tour from Alanya

Altinbesik Cave Tour from Alanya

Do you love mountains and do you squint with pleasure every time your gaze meets majestic peaks? They are drawn to mysterious dungeons and admired by people who live in the power of the vast and mighty power of the mountains. Then you must take a trip to Altinbesik Cave Tour from Alanya.

You will visit amazing mysterious and incredibly beautiful places in Turkey, dizzying landscapes, cliffs, cliffs, rocks, mountain rivers, villages lost in the mountains and of course the mysterious beauty – Altınbesik Cave – “golden cradle” will appear before your eyes. You will visit a real underground kingdom with its rivers and lakes.

You will see places that to this day arouse genuine interest from speleologists striving uncontrollably for sensational scientific discoveries. You will visit old mountain villages where the locals will welcome you, increase your knowledge and have a lot of fun.

Be sure to take a trip to Altinbeshik Cave Tour from Alanya, open new horizons and find out what you didn’t know before. You will definitely enjoy this amazing excursion.

Included / Not Included

  • Bus with Full A/C
  • English Guiding
  • Entrance Fees
  • Hotel Transfer
  • Lunch
  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks

How much is Altinbesik Cave Tour from Alanya Price 2024

Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour price is 40 Euro for adults, 20 Euro for children from 7 to 11 years old and for children under 6 years old free.

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Days & Time

Tour days: Daily

Tour duration: From 08:00 to 18:00

Alanya Hotels Transfer: Pick up from your hotel

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Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour Program

Your tour begins at 8:00 AM when a comfortable coach will pick you up from your hotel. Drive inland and in about 2 hours make your first stop at Omer Duruk recreation center where you can stretch out after the journey and breathe in the freshest air of the Taurus Mountains. Next, drive to Sarı Hacilar village. There, accompanied by a guide, you will walk through the beautiful streets of the village. Afterwards, move to Akseki village , where you will also have a trip to the main attractions and a visit to the ethnographic museum.

This will imperceptibly approach noon, and lunch will be waiting for you in one of the cafes. After the meal, go to the National Park and Altinbeshik Cave, take a boat inside the cave and pass under the stone arches. And then the way back is ahead of us. And around 18.00 return to your hotel for dinner.

Recreation Center Omer Duruk

All the road on this excursion is great. Your bus climbs higher and higher into the mountains and around every bend, more and more breathtaking views open up. Any photo taken in this place will make a great desktop wallpaper on a PC or smartphone. Your first stop is Omer Duruk Recreation Center. The viewing platform offers a breathtaking view. There you will bring your photo dreams to life and take hundreds of great pictures.

Sara Hacilar Village

Then drive to the most interesting Sarı hacilar village, where the architectural structures were created according to the “inchyevler” technology, which is characteristic only of these places. The uniqueness of the building lies in the fact that the houses were built without connecting mortar and represent a wooden frame lined with stones. Externally, the walls resemble the quilts carefully wrapped around the apartments. The sight is very comfortable. The beams protruding from the stones appear to be rivets or buttons. The houses are residential and well maintained, the windows are framed with shutters and all the streets look amazing.

Akseki Village

The next point of your trip is a visit to Akseki village. The history of this nomadic village, like that of the previous one, is very rich and lasts 800 years. Once upon a time there was a line of caravans along the Silk Road. Today, thousands of tourists roam its streets. All the secrets of different epochs of the life of these countries are carefully kept in the Akseki Ethnographic Museum. This is where you will go.

A complicated picture of the past opens before you on museum showcases. You will learn who and when inhabited the earth, how people, times and customs have changed. The museum will tell you about modern life, how the pearl of these places was found – the Altinbesik cave and its underground lake, the third largest in the world. You’ll learn about the research and heated debate of scientists unceasing for 55 years. How the decision to establish a national park was made in 1994 and about the first tourists visiting the protected areas.


After a long walk along the magnificent streets of ancient settlements, you need to refresh yourself. Enjoy a delicious, hearty lunch at one of the cafes: chicken kebab, rice and salad. Drinks are not included in the tour price but can be purchased at the cafe.

Altinbesik Cave

About half a century ago, nobody knew anything about this amazing place, but today hundreds of tourists admire the magnificent underground and wonder of the lake. The cave is huge and fascinating. You can only access it by boat through a wonderful, impressive grotto. Inside you will find a breathtaking picture: a deep blue lake with an uneven, mottled bottom, a large stone bridge and a firmament dotted with thousands of bizarre stalactites. You’ve probably never seen a cave like this before. In the underworld, pigeons and bats live peacefully together, finding shelter there from bad weather and burning up sunlight, but because of the excessively salty water, there are no fish in the lake.

And now imagine that after this lake the next one starts, then another and so about 20 lakes. Nature connected them with a river, which in some places even overcomes rapids, turns into a waterfall and falls loudly. So far, curious cavers are trying to determine the real length of Altynbeshik. They have already explored 2.5 km, but believe that its length is several times greater, and the field for scientific and research activities is immense.

In the rainy season, the water fills the entire space up to the stone bridge, only the upper level of the underground remains dry, the cave is dormant from tourists and slowly grows stalactites and stalagmites so that one day they will meet. For safety reasons, the pedestrian zone for tourists is limited to an area of ​​200 m from the entrance. But even from this side, the views are second to none.

For you, a trip to the Altinbeshik Cave will be unforgettable. You will turn around more than once and take dozens of photos for memory. Afterward, hop on the bus and head back to contemplate the magnificent landscapes painted by Mother Nature.


Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour price 2024

Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour prices are:

Adult: 40 Euro

Child: 20 Euro

Infant: Free

What is included in the price of Excursion to Altinbesik Cave from Alanya?

Alanya Altinbeshik Cave Excursion price includes transfer from your hotel, insurance, English speaking guide, lunch and entrance tickets to Altinbeshik Cave and Museum.

How long is the trip to Altinbesik Cave from Alanya?

A trip to Altinbesik Cave from Alanya lasts from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Total tour time is approximately 10 hours.

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